The Light of Kirpal

Table of Contents


 1. He Gives His Hand to Everybody
 2. The Ultimate: Full Surrender
 3. On Doing Your Work: Sow the Big Seed of God
 4. Become His Channel
 5. Who Are You? Where Are You? Where Are You Going?
 6. Very Few Really Want to Go Home
 7. True Temple Is The Man Body
 8. Ungratefulness Is A Heinous Crime  52
 9. On Sleeping, Dreams and Visions
 10. To Him Who Is Obedient, The Keys Are Given
 11. On Bhajan: Do One Practice At A Time
 12. What Epithets Can We Give God?
 13. Have We Forgotten the Kernel?
 14. Mind: A Good Servant But A Bad Master
 15. Are You The Servant of Your Mind?
 16. Within the Atom: Light and Sound
 17. Some World Problems Beyond the Solution of Man
 18. Hunger After God
 19. Look Only into Master's Eyes
 20. Love Beautifies Everything
 21. Avoid Nature's Bill and Don't Worry About Past or Future
 22. On Controlling Our Thoughts/Living Up to The Teachings
 23. Keep Your Mind Occupied
 24. Rise Above--Come Out of This Delusion
 25. When We Are In Control, There Is No World
 26. Five Charged Names
 27. Privacy
 28. Humility
 29. On Selfless Service
 30. Purity of Heart
 31. Develop All Around
 32. True Meditation and The Virtues To Be Developed
 33. The Master's Message of Love
 34. Be In Charge of Your Machinery
 35. Be The Master of Your Self
 36. Remember the God In Him
 37. World or God
 38. First See, Then Say
 39. Rise Above Consciousness of This World
 40. Nature of Thought--Right Understanding
 41. Permanent Happiness
 42. Ojas: The Power of Chastity
 43. Consciousness, Reincarnation and Free Will
 44. Death and Protection
 45. True Meditation
 46. Sin and Religion
 47. Attitude for Spreading the Teachings
 48. Faith in the Master
 49. Have You Heard Me?
 50. Keep A Vigilant Watch
 51. The Story of a Camel
 52. Recollections From Master's Military Life
 53. Receptivity: Let Your Instrument Be Free of Dust
 54. The Role of Women
 55. The Physical Body After Death
 56. Prevention is Better Than Cure
 57. Spiritual Healing and Other Psychic Powers
 58. God's Complaint
 59. Removing the Weeds--Little by Little
 60. Darshan at Rajpur On Meditation
 61. Finish Something Daily
 62. A Seed Has Been Sown
 63. Absorb Your Attention
 64. The House Is On Fire
 65. Love and Surrender, One Pointed Attention
 66. Criticism
 67. Prayer
 68. A Wonderful Concession
 69. Obedience--If You Love Me, Keep My Commandments
 70. Clutching--There Must Be Some Definite Purpose
 71. Ojas
 72. Be True to Yourself and Live For Others
 73. Birds of the Flock Fly Together
 74. The Worshippers of Mammon
 75. That Music Goes On Until The World Is Ended
 76. Sweet Remembrance
 77. The Best Virtue
 78. On Parents and Gratitude
 79. Woo Them By Persuasion
 80. Subjective and Objective
 81. Stick to Your Principles--Sweetly
 82. God Has Entered My House
 83. Wait, Satan, Wait
 84. Ego Trouble
 85. It Is All His Grace--God Is The Doer
 86. U-Turn On The Path
 87. Don't Forget Him