Web publishing notes for "GODMAN"

The source documents for this version of "GODMAN" were posted by James Shannon (jamesjs@unixg.ubc.ca) on the internet. The Ruhani Satsang printing of the second edition was used as a reference for editing, layout, etc.

"GODMAN" has been published several times and the book's preface/introduction varied with the edition. This web edition does not include either. An introduction by William Beidler is included with James Shannon's postings and is available with the rest of those documents [GODMAN] at this website's Usenet Archive .

GODMAN does not include a glossary. Most words which are in italics can be found in "The Wheel of Life's" glossary.

The latest edition of GODMAN published by Ruhani Satsang USA can be found here.

This file requires the Adobe Acrobat reader or one of the other free tools for the W9x, Linux, Mac, etc which can view/print/edit .pdf files.

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