IN scriptures we read that God is Formless. He sees without eyes and does His work without hands, moves about without feet and hears without ears.
    He pervades everywhere, but cannot be seen. He is beyond all thought, comprehension and apprehension. Man with his limited intellect and finite understanding cannot reach Him. How then can we see God and love Him? Love and longing always exist between creatures of the same class at one level. Birds of the air fly together in flocks; and there is love between animals of the same type, and they move about in herds. Man by nature is gregarious and cannot but live in society with his fellow beings.
    Contemplation means concentration of human faculties at one center or focus. But if the center and the focus are not apparent and visible, how can there be any contemplation at all? To satisfy this fundamental need of mankind, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna (the manifestations of Kal or the Negative Power [The same Power manifests in different ways to maintain life at various levels, just like electricity which produces fire at one place and ice at another.]) had to come in the garb of man and so did Master Saints who manifest Sat Purush (the Positive Power) - Truth - the substratum of all that is visible and invisible, the entire universe with its grand divisions and subdivisions; right from Sach  Khand or Muqam-i-Haq to Kal Desh, the physical world,  which is subject to decay and death. A Muslim divine has beautifully described Him:

        If He is Khud-aa (Self-Moving God),
        let Him come by Himself (to teach us).

In fact, He has to come down to the level of man for  then alone can man know of Him.
    In the garb of a Master Saint, He works His Will by giving instructions to the souls that long for Him but cannot reach Him.
    He tells them that He is not a physical body and He instructs all the embodied spirits how to transcend the limitations of the physical body, and by a gradual transmission of His power, He pulls them out of the physical raiment and becomes their friend and guide.
    Thus the Formless has to assume a form, adopt a pole for the manifestation of His Godhead, for the suffering and helpless humanity; He tells us of our native worth and how to regain the lost Kingdom, the Garden of Eden, from which we have been exiled since the beginning of time.
    God's power in fullness works at the pole of a Master Soul and he may therefore be truly described as polarized God come into the world with happy tidings to announce  God and God's Kingdom, both of which he says are near at hand and can easily be gained by a little practice in the right direction.
    He who has known Truth is Satguru. In fact, Satguru is Sat (Truth) personified. Word really becomes flesh and dwells among us, and by his instruction and guidance takes us along with him, until we, like him, become Word, a conscious principle working in harmony with the Divine Will on the Divine Plan.

        Know ye for certain that Guru is not apart from God.
        Whatever his wishes, they are acceptable to God.

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