SATGURU is the fountainhead of grace. Strange are the ways in which he works his grace. With just a single kindly look he may bless a jiva forever. He showers  Naam in abundance. Should he in his pleasure place his blessed hand on the head of a jiva, the latter wishes for no other blessing.
    In the twinkling of an eye, the jiva penetrates through the dark veil of ignorance and experiences the power of his grace - the Divine Light and the Divine Music - both of which become manifest to him. The contact with these at once wipes off the otherwise indelible karmic impressions of many ages, and the jiva attains life eternal, full of grace and peace.

        My Friend has blessed me with peace, for he has manifested
          the Sound Current within;
        My Friend has shown God to me by a touch of his hand.

         With the touch of the Guru's hand, God has blessed me with
            the pearl of Naam;
          The sins of ages have vanished - such is the power of Naam.

    Rare indeed are the jivas who are fortunate enough to be blessed like this by the Master's hand.

        Worship one who has the treasure of God with him;
        Blessed is the jiva who has the Master's hand on him.
        Blessed indeed is the touch of the Master's hand,
        Which one in millions is fortunate enough to get.

In all the wide world the touch of the Master's hand helps the jiva in his trials and tribulations, and he becomes free from care. The entire world bows and bends at his feet in silent adoration. He can freely go to the various divisions of the creation at his sweet will and pleasure, for the grace of the perfect Master makes him perfect as well.

        With his hand over one's head, his power extends on all sides;
        His grace opens the way to the spiritual realms, ending all ills.

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