Welcome! The following talks and letters are suggested reading
as an introduction to the teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh:

"Man, Know Thyself!" - a concise introduction to spirituality and 'Sant Mat', the teachings of the Masters. This booklet was issued in 1955 prior to Kirpal Singh's first tour of the West and was recommended reading before initiation so that one would have a basic understanding of the teachings. Also available as an MP3 recording (MP3 player required).

"Instructions for Seekers after Truth" "Before the living Master gives initiation, he wishes that every prospective initiate abide by the following instructions: ... " Circular Letter # 2 issued in 1956.

From the book: "The Night is a Jungle" - A series of 14 public talks
selected to serve as an introduction to His Teachings.

The first, entitled "God and Man" begins:

"Let me introduce myself, I have come to you as a man to man. I am just as
any of you are. Of course, each man has got the same privileges from God. I
developed in a way that concerns my own Self. What I learned at the feet of
my Master about my own Self, the real Self, I will put before you so that
those who are seeking after Truth may find some guidance."

Also: "The Higher Values of Life", "The Kingdom of God", "The Most Natural Way", "Guru, Gurudev, and Satguru", "Let Us Reform Ourselves", "Oh Mind! Listen for Once", "Thief of Your Life's Breath", "Chastity and Forgiveness", "Change Your Habits Now", "Gurubhakti: A Lesson in Love", "Protector and Protection" and "The Night is a Jungle".

"True Master and His Mission"

Collected quotes of Kirpal Singh regarding the necessity of a Living Master, His Mission, and how to recognize Him

And the books: "GODMAN" (also as PDF)- an extensive study of the purpose, nature, and need of a living spiritual Teacher.

"SPIRITUALITY - What It is" (also as PDF) - A straightforward explanation of man's ultimate opportunity ...  an  exploration of the Science of Spirituality

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