The Light of Kirpal


Evening darshan, Rajpur
September 23, 1970


Do scientists find it difficult to become initiates?

    No, no. When I first went to America a scientist came up - He gave long talks, followed by long discussions - it took him over five hours. Then I questioned him - I had heard all that he said - I asked him, "You have been able to create energy, but have you been able to create an ounce of consciousness?"
     "He said, "No." He was right.
     Then I told him, "Well look here, two halves of a loaf can make one whole loaf; can a hundred fools together make one wise man?"
     He said, "No."
     In the field of energy you have made so many inventions but nothing in the way of consciousness." Then I further questioned him, "Have you analyzed matter? What did you find?"
     "There were elements," he replied.
     Then I asked him, "Have you analyzed the elements?"
     "What did you find?"
     He said, "We found atoms."
     Then I further questioned him, "Have you been able to analyze an atom?
     "What did you find?"
     He said, "One circle was revolving, something going in a very fast way, round and round."
     "What did you find there?"
     "Some sound."
     You see? Now they have found light too. Then he came round, you see. The people who were attending this discussion said he would never turn up the next day for initiation. He was the first man to turn up, and he got the highest experience. Then he invited me to his scientific association. I had to give a talk. These things commonly appeal to them, you see. In the field of energy there's wonderful progress. Atom bombs, but all for the destruction of man. Railway engines run at a very fast speed but they have no consciousness; they are directed by some conscious man. There's no consciousness in trains. Airplanes have no consciousness; they are guided by some conscious man. They can dash against anything; they go where directed.

     Have you read "The Mystery of Death?"


    How did you like it?

Very much, except I did not think I could pass it on to certain people - it would scare them too much.

    I think there is no imposition - common sense talk, some spoken by others; quite practical.

How could we make ourselves more humble?

    More humble? I think there's a very easy answer. You tell us, please. By going out and sorting grain and carrying rocks on your head? (The Master laughs.) This is one of the things. Of course, that will give you some humility, not everything. Real humility comes up of itself when you see a Grander Work working. By becoming a conscious co-worker of the Divine Plan, you become conscious of a very Grand Power working, and that you are a mere puppet in His hands. The means to that end is coming in contact with the Light and Sound Principle. Humility is the ornament of a real Saint. That requires no acting or posing. People act and pose. They are humble, they are this and that, but at heart of hearts they feel, "Oh, I know so much." You see? Real humility will only arise when we see some higher Power working, and we know we are a mere puppet in His hands. I issued one circular on humility, two or three pages I think; did you read it?  Some people do say they are humble but at heart of hearts they feel, "There is nobody like me." By sitting at the feet of a Master, you come in contact with the
God-into-Expression Power. The more you come in contact, the more you will be filled with that Light.
     (Master is counting the days left for a disciple's stay in India.) Seven days. May the days and nights be prolonged. There was one Mohammedan King in India who was enjoying the company of his Master. He said, "O people, just put iron chains on the feet of night so that the night would not pass. There should be no disturbance of this enjoyment. Let the enjoyment be prolonged.
     Yes, how did you find today?

It was hard meditating.

    You come along with me tomorrow. I won't leave you. (All chuckle.) It means you don't sit accurately, that's all.

I don't.

    You should! If you don't, you should. Why do you waste your money by coming here? How much time did you put in so far?

About a half hour or so.

    And what were you doing the rest of the time?

I was reading some of Master's books.

    And what do the Master's books say?

They all say to meditate. (All chuckle.)

    Then why don't you meditate?

My mind.

    Is mind your servant or are you the servant of mind? Would you like somebody who lives in your house to drag you here, there, everywhere by the nose, the neck, the ears? If not ... You are the Master of this body. It is on account of you this body is working. Would you like for mind to come drag you here, there? It is not honorable, mind you. (There is a long period of silence.)
     The very silence sprouts forth into Light and Music of the Spheres. Silence is golden. So, all is Nirvana now, is it not? All is Nirvana now.

Well, I think this is the closest we will be to Nirvana for a while.

    Yes, be thankful. If you go into the silence for a while, then I think that will result in progress. To go into the silence of the heart, maybe for a while, well that means progress.

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