The Light of Kirpal

A Wonderful Concession
February 27, 1971

In the book Prayer, it says in order to remove mental difficulties one should think of the Form of the Master and the question is, is there a difference between thinking of and visualizing the Form of the Master. Is it not the same?

    Well, it's the same. If you are thinking of the Form of the Master and visualizing, it comes to the same thing.

It says think of the Form.

    There's no question of form. You may sweetly remember Master, then everything follows without tension, without anything.

Is group meditation more powerful than meditating alone? Is there more benefit that way or not? "When there are two gathered in my Name, then I am there."

    More than one, more than one. When two men sit in the name of the Master, I am there. That Power radiates. But if you come in direct contact with the Master within, God-into-Expression Power, then? Sitting together is a helping factor of course; you're surrounding yourself, you form an atmosphere in which you can remember God; your atmosphere. But to come in direct contact with God-into-Expression Power within is the aim--ultimate aim. One helps the other, you see. So just create an atmosphere. When both men are there having the same thought, of the same Master, radiation works to the extent they can radiate. But inside one is coming in direct contact with God-into-Expression Power. Sitting together is a helping factor, you see, that's all. Go on with meditation-everything will be solved.
    The Upanishads say "What is that by knowing which there remains nothing more to be known?" And that is coming into direct contact with the God-into-Expression Power, Light and Sound. No more questions will arise. All questions will be solved of themselves. When you sit by the fire all thinking about blankets and quilts and air-conditioned rooms will end once and for all, will it not? It is something like that.

She has heard that parents of an initiate can come under the protection of the Master, and she has also heard that those who have died also come under the protection of the Master, is this correct?

    Those who are related to the initiates whether dead or alive, have concession. They are looked after, even those who are dead. When a man initiated that effect also goes to them; to those who have left the body. The initiates as well as anyone else who is related to the initiate or who loves the initiate, are looked after. Even those who have left the body are also helped.
    I will tell you about my uncle's daughter who was sick at her native place, 300 miles from Lahore where I was. She was dangerously sick. My uncle sent me a letter. "You please come as early as possible as she's very ill, dangerously ill." I left Lahore by train that very night. I reached there the next day at about two o'clock or three o'clock. That night, [while was on the train], my uncle's daughter said, "Kirpal Singh has come here. Along with him is an old man." She said I told the old man, "Here's the sick person," and then went away. She said, "Call, call Kirpal Singh. He is going away, call him, call him, call him." This is what happened, you see. She began to recover the day following that vision. When I reached her home at two o'clock during the day, she said, "You came last night, there was an old man with you, who was he?" She never heard of or saw my Master. Sometime later my Master visited Rawalpindi which is about one hundred miles from her home there. I asked her she could recognize that old man if she saw him again somewhere? She said, "Yes, surely." When my Master went to Rawalpindi I sent for rn uncle's daughter. "Well, could you recognize the man when he comes here? .... Yes." When the Master was coming, "Oh, he was this man.' You see, she was not initiated. So help is extended to those who love you--maybe friends, maybe relations, even those who are dead are also helped, especially blood relations. It's a wonderful concession you have got, you see. What more do you want?

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