The Light of Kirpal

Faith in the Master

Some people...

    No. Don't talk of anyone else please, don't be the spokesman for other people. Speak on your own part.

(My own part is:) I can't feel perfectly sure in the Master.

    That's all right.

Whereas other people seem to be able to.

    Others who seem to be sure in the Master might have had some inkling of who He is if they are devoted. Naturally the devoted have got more. Some gift has been given even to those who are not devoted, but they have not utilized it. Those who have become receptive, can say more. Those who have not become receptive, will surely not talk in the same words as those who have developed receptivity.
    You see, one third of Master's teachings is given by word of mouth, a gift given, and two thirds comes by receptivity. You are wanting there. Some have more experience than others; the same Christ darshan was given to Judas Iscariot and other disciples, yet Judas Iscariot betrayed Him. That was the difference between their receptivity. When He asked, "Do you know who I am?" Some said, "You are the son of a carpenter, such and such, such and such." And Simon said, "You are the living Son of God." Then Christ said, "It is not you who has said this, it is my Father in you who has revealed these things to you." It is in the opening of awareness on the inner level where the difference is made. Some see He is God, walking on earth in man-body, because they have developed receptivity. Others say "no", but there's.., no... doubt about it. Do you see some light? [Questioner affirms. ]
    You may not, recognize Him fully as Master (Maybe half, quarter, but more than you.) But in this line He knows more than you. You may not be 100 percent sure that He is Master, maybe only ten percent, but at least He knows more than you about this Way. You got something. Then develop receptivity to know more, that's all. Hafiz says, "If you want to meet God... leave everything and go to the wilderness." But there was another imbued with the Lord who said, "Why do you run away? God is standing before you." His inner receptivity was developed. He said God is standing before him in the man-body. The difference remains in receptivity. Simon said, "You're the living Son of God." Is it not so? He was receptive, he knew. From here in the man-body he could see that it was God who was manifest in Jesus. Yet another disciple, Iscariot, betrayed Him. So that difference will yet remain. Even if others speak with surety don't take it 100 percent; develop yourself--you'll see for your own self. Live up to what you're told to do. Keep your diary. Put in regular time and you'll develop. You might then see more than others, if you are regular. There's hope for everybody. Always come with an open mind, everything can be said, you see. One who knows better, sees better, and is more receptive .... then . . . naturally, there's a vast difference between his statements and statements from one who doesn't see. Always bring your thoughts to me. Never be afraid of me. I am a man like you. Come with any difficulty, with no reservations. Man learns and unlearns all through life. You must at least take Him as your elder brother, knowing more than you. Take Him as a father, elder brother, a friend at least, and nothing more, and live up to what He says. I never told you to take me as God. Did I tell anyone? Not even in my books. You people defame me, I would say, if you tell others I said I am God-in-man. When you see, you may say. Even then, I say, it is not due to me; it is but my Master within me. It is His Grace working.
    Whenever you do something, don't do it half-heartedly. Do it whole-heartedly, then you'll succeed. One thing as I have told you before, we have got no definite ideal before us. Most of us have decided nothing so far. It took me more than ten days, day and night, to decide: God first and world next. You decide. If you decide world first, all right, you'll progress in the worldly way. Do it. But don't be like a pendulum of a watch: sometimes here, sometimes there. Oscillating won't do. There's hope for everybody. Those who have reached, say so. They have seen God is there.
    So Simon said, "You are the living Son of God." That was due to his receptivity. Develop more and more. He never tells you to take Him as more than a son of man. He comes to you, man to man, as a son of man first. When you go within, He comes to you as a Radiant Man. Still further as a Word Man. These are stages. When we have to talk to the primary man, we are to talk from his level, not from the college level. So be regular in your meditations, keep your diary, develop more and more from day to day.
    Once somebody asked me about my Master when I first went to Him. "How do you take your Master? How high is He?" I told him, "I don't know how high He is, but that much I do know, He is MORE than I wanted." Truthful things you see. "He is far more than I wanted."
That's how you can take Him in the beginning, can you not? And I now see it is God working within him and that is His Grace. Start from the level of man, God will help you.
    This is something explained only up to the eye level, a little beyond. What to speak of astral, causal and beyond? Those things that are now explained to the college man, such as trigonometry, if taught to the third primary child, would not be understood. As you grow more and more, you begin to understand more and more. But ABC starts only when you rise above body consciousness. Take Him as a man, a senior man, as a brother, as a father, as anybody who knows a little bit more than you. Can you not take Him as that much? Shamas Tabriz at one place says, "O people, you are going for a pilgrimage. Where are you going? Pilgrimage is here (eye centre)." You see? "Where are you going? Come up, pilgrimage is here." True pilgrimage is to go to God and See. Unless you have seen Him, it is not real pilgrimage. Until you have seen Him the pilgrimage is to go somewhere, where He is manifest. So the real pilgrimage is within you. The company of Someone who has developed will help to give you a boost, to go within, have your first hand pilgrimage, and to come in contact with Him. So regularity pays, God will bless you. God will bless everybody. Please try. God will help you.

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