The Light of Kirpal

Have We Forgotten the Kernel?
Morning darshan, Rajpur, September 20, 1970

I've been re-reading the introduction to Jap Ji which suggests that one should not talk too much.

    In my introduction to Jap Ji, you will find a digest of the whole Sikh scriptures. By referring to parallel thoughts and other things, the basic teachings are the same. We are too much given up to rituals and outer performances. They help to a certain extent, but if man is stuck fast in them, there's no way out.
That is why Ruhani Satsang was meant for spiritual gathering. Man Center means the whole thing is in man. You see? Macrocosm is in the microcosm: unravel it, you'll find the mystery of life solved. Nobody cares for that. They spend hours and hours in outer performances, but never put in time to go within. At most, I would say now, one out of a hundred might have a view to do this, ninety-nine percent don't. Well, that's a social sin, excuse me if I say so.
    Outer symbols were made to make people understand what is what. So for want of right understanding--true company of the Saints--they are stuck fast in the casing and have forgotten the kernel. People come and ask me what temple have You made? I tell them there is no temple. Here we have the earth below and the sky overhead and the true temple is the body--a miniature symbolic temple.
Once the owls sat together and had a big conference. They decided once and for all there is no sun whatsoever. Somebody went to them and said, "There is sun outside and also within too." "How can we believe it?" He told them, "I will pray God to give you eyes..."
    If any man is going to assert that, "I am the Son of God," then they put him on the gallows. Christ said, "I and my Father are One." Guru Arjan said the same thing in His own language, and so many others, too. Guru Arjan was made to sit on burning iron pans, red hot. Christ was put on the gallows. Shamez Tabrez' skin was taken off. This is the fate of these people.

Do You think this modern successor group will ever have to undergo such persecution as that?

    Times have changed. The way is different; now it's the polite way. That was a drastic way, by killing... Gold is gold, and silver is silver, and copper is copper, and iron is iron. The true worth of man is in knowing himself, his soul and God.

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