The Light of Kirpal

The Master's Message of Love
December 21, 1970
(Recorded in Dehra Dun, on the occasion of an American disciple's departure for home.)
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    Convey my love to each one of them. My only message is: That we are all laborers in the same field. The harvest is rich, laborers are wanted. There is no otherness, but the Negative Power intervenes and tries to spoil the whole show.
    If we all work as laborers in the field with equal rights, you see, to be guided by some laborer who is a little bit ahead of you, if I may say so. My only message is to love Him. If one man can do so, let others do so; both should put shoulders to the wheel. "My shoulder is better than the other shoulder" is wrong.
    Moreover, if any good goes out of us, we should not be aware of it, because it is His Grace that is working. We are mere pipes.
    Some forty years ago, our Master went to Lahore where I was conducting Satsang (there was a big gathering there, sometimes five to ten thousand people.) Once He gave Initiation to so many. Then He told me, "Look here, I have planted the saplings; you give water--water them." I told Him, "Master, whatever water You will send, that will be given."
    You see, we are mere pipes. So pipes remain cold as long as the water is running through them--if no water, then? So this is the true position. If any good goes out of us, that is His Grace. We should never dream that we are doing. If we are doing, then the whole thing is retarded. And if whatever water in a small pond is drained out, then what will remain?--all mud. This is one lesson we have to learn, you see. If that is learned, then there is peace.
    I am digging; you also dig; we all go on digging; then the work will be finished in no time. So there should be no otherness, I tell you. And this is the last shortcoming that even the so-called saints have got. Sometimes group leaders think they are bosses. They should realize they are the means. That is why I told you: all are spiritually connected with me. They are there to conduct, to arrange, to help you; to bring together for other facilities; sometimes they can help by words of solace. And that's all.
    So love God, that's all. Have respect for others. And those who are co-workers: put shoulders to the wheel--both together. If you drag a wagon and you have ten men to drag it, dragging it becomes easier, does it not? So this is the only message that I have to give you.
    But I have pity because all are not Saints. They have to be persuaded. My way is persuasion; to bring them to know what is what, to stand on their own legs.
    I see all of you can become ambassadors. Very humble--simply live up to it. Live up to Them, that's all.
    God made men with all equal privileges; no high or low. Simply, One has regained His Godhead, that's all. I am using the word "regained." You have forgotten, that's all.
    So convey my love to each one of them. These very words--you can repeat them.
    I have got appreciation for all. Those who are group leaders and representatives and others also who are there. They are all on the Way; so help each other. You have to help the Master's work, not any individual man. It is God's work. Master's work is God's work, not his personal work.
    The best way to serve is to do meditation; progress in the inner Way. Then everything will come up.
    My wishes are with each one of them... They are the shareholders of the Father's belongings. So you are all dear to me. Father has love for all, and He has keys to the Room; so it is quite worth living up to the Master.
    So it is not a matter of show to others. It is to be sincere to one's own self. God is within you, Master is within you--if you are true to Him, then? So that is why I always say, "Be true to your own self." The God in you is more near than the God in the Master, I tell you. He is One. So many vibrations, that's all. The very God is within you too. The same vibration is going on there. We simply have to invert--withdraw from outside.
[Master gives everyone His loving glance.]
    There is the love of the parents, you see--the love of the Master is hundreds and thousands of parents' together. So love cannot be expressed in words.
    Rest assured you are dear to me--that's all I can say, you see. Now your part is just: Live up to what I say.
[Tears well up in the eyes of the Master and of many of the dear ones present. The Master gives the departing disciple a present for his wife and addresses the next few words to him:] Now I wish you to be one in two and two in one, from this day onward. So convey my love to her. I wish you both to be one in two and two in one. In very few words: God has united you and it is your first duty to help each other to know God; both should put their shoulders to the wheel to reach God. That's companionship-true companionship. And God has given you a companion; it is not man who has given you. Does she send her report, her self-introspection diary?--Yes--convey my love to her and accept the same for yourself.
    Sometimes tears roll down from the eyes; that is the loving tears for you all. You don't know how much love I have for you. Perhaps if you knew, you would be dancing all around.
    So, convey my love to each one of them. They are near to me--not away. I wish all of you to be progressing on the Way.
    We should be all honest, truthful, chaste, so that if any man comes: "Oh, he's going to such and such a Saint, he can't tell a lie." We should prove worthy of our connection with the Satsang. This is outer; the inner you have got, fortunately.
    So what I have mentioned, don't forget, that's all. If any good is going out of us, it is the Grace of the Master.
    All our differences should be sunk down, you see, in the waves of love --surging. Any questions? You understand what I have said already? You follow? I am not a speaker or lecturer, that's the pity. Otherwise I would be bombarding you with words ... Heart to heart talks...
    God bless you.

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