The Light of Kirpal

Subjective and Objective
March 20, 1971, Afternoon Darshan

It says in Spiritual Elixir that meditation is first objective to start with and later on it becomes subjective. I don't understand that.

    The word "Ram" means permeating all. So the word "Ram" is first objective. Then, once related, it becomes subjective. Water, this word water is objective outside but that liquid [when drunk] is subjective. Objective means outward; subjective is something that is experienced.

The actual experience?

    Yes, contact. God is pervading all. The word "Ram" means that Power which is pervading all. So the word "Ram" is the objective outward; what it represents, however, is subjective. To say "Ram" only directs your attention towards that Power but it is not that Power. There are so many names for the liquid water, agua. These are the objective words you might say, representing something which is to be had by drinking. By saying 'water' your thirst cannot be appeased. It is only appeased by drinking the water, you see. This is so.
    So Master gives you a contact with that actual Power into expression, not the Absolute, and that Power is related to by words, denoting something. So words are the directive, the experience the subjective. The Power with which you have to come in contact is subjective. It is residing in Water of Life; It is the Bread of Life. When that Samaritan lady was carrying a bucket of water over her head and Christ asked her for water, out of inferiority complex she wondered, "He belongs to a higher class. Why is He asking water from me?" So she did not give Him water. Then Christ said, "Had she given me this water, that would have appeased my thirst only for a while, but had she come to me, I would have given her the Water of Life by having which thirst would have been appeased forever. So the very thing which the words convey is' 'the Bread of Life" and "Water of Life." Words are mere directives.

The words are the means to the goal?

    Not the means, the directive I would say. It is not the means. 'Means' means carrying something there. Directive is the better word. You may have a directory here which says the train leaves at such and such a time, from such and such a place. If you go to the station and board--then ride the train, only then you'Il reach your destination. Words are only directive, not the means. So all this spiritual literature is directive, speaking of those things which are already within you and with which you can be given a contact from where that Power is manifest. It is just like, to give an example, of the almonds or walnuts which have strong shells, shells to cover the kernels. If you break the shell you will have the kernel. So subjective is eating the kernel and objective is the outward shell. Another example: If you put a needle through a green walnut, it will penetrate easily, but when it is ripe, the needle won't penetrate. Similarly, when you have a contact with this Bread of Life, Water of Life within you, that is the breaking, shaking off of, the outer shell. When you have full contact, then outward things won't affect you.
    So saying that this road leads to such and such a place, that's a directive, nothing more. But you must have some conveyance--either by car, by foot or by some other means. That conveyance which will lead you to that Goal is your contact within you. When God said He is One and wished to be many, that Power came into expression. That God-into-expression Power has two phases, Light and Sound. When you are given a contact with It that will lead you to the source from whence it emanates. It is just like an elevator lift, you simply sit on it and it will carry you to whatever story, one, two, three, or four. But because there are so many stories, there must be somebody on that lift to guide you. The lift will carry you, but you need somebody to guide you to where you are earmarked. It is something like that. So you have been given a contact with that Power, and that Power is in the Hands of Whom it is fully manifest, call It by any name you like. Is it now clear?
    So first somebody is required who will give you a contact and can also guide you further. Maulana Rumi was given very strict instructions to guard against entering within without the guidance of a Master. Without the Guide, without the Master, there are many mishaps, many delusions inside. There must be someone to carry you through. Just today I was explaining why you must ride on a plane with only an expert pilot who will even carry you through the storms and hurricanes. But you must stay in the plane! Even if, unfortunately, somehow or other, you fall out, you have got that lifebelt. Use it. In the storm of life you might sometimes fall. Have that lifebelt on you, and that lifebelt is the Contact within you. That's the sheet anchor against all dangers of the world. The same thing explained in so many ways, you see. But ultimately you come to--it boils down to the realization that that Power is within you. That Power resides within you. You reside in this manbody. Pity it is you don't talk to Him. If, fortunately, with the Grace of God Manifest, you are given a Contact, then try to remain in contact with that Power. The more you lose your attachment outside, the more you will progress.
    Then you might question: Well, if we are not attached to the world, how will the world go on? That's right--you are developing a very clear angle of vision [when you come to that realization.] You see, these relations have been given to you by the flowing pen of God to clear off all give and take. Attend to them properly, lovingly, because it is God who has united you. This you are duty bound to do just for the love of God, you see, because He has united you. Suppose you love me and I say, "All right, attend to this garden, look after it." You do it because I have ordered you, not because you are attached to it, is it not so? You're in the world yet out of it. So this human birth is a very golden opportunity we have got to wind up all give and take under the guidance of Master. You have got something to stand on. If a mother is there and a lion comes up towards the child, the child runs to the mother. So stick with the mother: She will sacrifice herself to save her child. So fortunate you are, you have been given contact with that Power within you. That is extending all feasible help, protection, without asking for it.
    So that's the underlying meaning of the question subjective--objective you referred to. Read something, digest, go deep, deep down into it. Don't read for reading sake, or for a cursory view or ruminate over it. Even a small question, everything is clarified. You are not to leave the world to do it. You have been given contact with people who have come by the flowing pen of God which runs according to our actions.
    One Saint says, if you are in a hell and therein comes some sweet scent of the God or Master, that is a heaven. That is heaven. But if you are in a heaven and you have no scent of God within you, then that is a hell.
    When one is devoted to some Power, he sees that that Power is over his head. He sees and bears testimony to it. Many have experienced this Power during operations. That Power never leaves you, mind that. You may leave Him, He won't let you go. Would it not be better if you would obey His commandments? Just remain within the hedge which he has laid down for you. That hedge is: if you love Him, keep His commandments. If you transcend them unknowingly, that is excusable, but not always, you see.

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