The Light of Kirpal

  RECEPTIVITY -  Let Your Instrument Be Free of Dust
  February 14, 1971

Master, if the sound is heard from the side without putting the thumbs into the ears, should we still put the thumbs into the ears?

    The sound which is heard without plugging the ears is a gift to simply keep your attention engaged,  the hearing of which would not allow any foreign effects to enter therein. But unless you close your ears and sit for hearing, that sound won't come from above and drag you into the beyond. That's the difference. Both have their own value. The first is to keep your attention, "Some power is over your head." If you turn your attention to that sound you will do all your work and not be affected by outward influences. It will act as a sheet anchor against negative effects--you will be air-conditioned. Do you follow? That will be the effect of the sound which is heard without closing the ears. This will come in due course. Even if you are working that will go on within. That is a sort of protection extended. That is God Power. But unless you withdraw here by sitting, that sound won't be able to drag you into the beyond. That is the difference.

But sometimes if we hear the Sound, it is much stronger without putting the thumbs into the ears...

    This comes because of, the charging from the atmosphere where the Master lives. You cannot underrate this charging. You get it free without any effort, without any payment whatsoever. The physical presence of the Master at the soul level cannot be underrated. You can have, that charging even at a distance, if you have developed receptivity.  If you have developed receptivity, it will be just as if you are here. Where those are who have  developed receptivity, the atmosphere will be charged with the sweet remembrance of the Master. There "where more than one man sits, He is there" and you can enjoy at a distance. If you have developed receptivity you will become the mouthpiece of the Master; you will be talking and the charging will be there. Because in the atmosphere the words are then and there. Thought in the atmosphere will give you a boost. Now you see in the case of your television, from hundreds and thousands of miles you will have sound. Sound is there already, is it not? You simply catch it. If you catch it, you will have that very boost by receptivity. It is all there; you simply need an instrument to receive it from here, there, everywhere, do you not? If one wave of thought is there, that exists in the atmosphere, you can catch it. But if you do not have that developed instrument, it is difficult. So you can catch this like a radio instrument in your area. That thought wave exists there. You simply operate the instrument and receive. So, how wonderful it is to develop receptivity! You become one with the Master, you see. The same question may be put to the Master and the same question put to the one who is receptive: They will answer in the same words. Do you follow the theory in the right perspective? You have to develop receptivity and receptivity develops when nothing remains between you and the Master. No other thought. If there is some dirt in your instrument, do you think that it will receive the message? All the same, even with difficulty there, the message is still going on. It is there. Master says, "Sit down" and you are entuned.
    Sometimes because of reactions of the past, some people do hear the sound and they don't know what to do further. They think they have disease with their ears and have them treated medically.
    There are messages at different levels. The more you are entuned strongly (let me explain in that way) the more finer things you can receive. Master speaks messages from the most high. God speaks through Him. But He is conscious of that lower level too, so He will also explain to others from their level. Do you think these things are given in books? No... I am only telling you from the common sense point of view. You can develop receptivity, have the same thought which occurs to the Master occur to you.  I think I explained to you by parables, examples given to you to bring home these things. There were some portrait painters who came to another country and asked the ruler in charge for permission to paint a mural. One wall of a hall was given to them to do their work. The people from the same country came up to the king and requested permission to also paint a mural. So they put up a long curtain along the big hall, so that they would not see each other's work. Those foreign painters were working hard painting. The other side was doing nothing. When the painting was ready the curtain was drawn, and to the great astonishment of the ruler, the same, the very same painting that the foreigners had painted was on the other wall, even clearer without blemishes. "What have you done?" "We have done nothing, we have simply been rubbing the wall so that it may reflect." So if you develop receptivity, Master speaks through you. But only when nothing remains between you and Him. That is being receptive. Just as an instrument which remains free from all dust, quite clean, will catch... This is spirituality. To influence others, invading others, reading others' minds, is no spirituality.  Developing receptivity is a first step. Go on doing  . . live, transcend the three planes. This is not accomplished in one day. Regularity pays. Go on doing so that you become receptive, so that there remains nothing: no secret, no reservation between you and the Master. When you have love for somebody do you have any reservations left?

Should I show a letter I have with the charged names written in it to anyone else?

    You may show it to the initiates. Five names are given at initiation. You will find others will ask, "What is in there? Why?" Even if people know the five names (these are given in books) they are not charged. They are not charged. Charging helps. A further explanation of the five names already exists. This explanation of the five names is only for those who are initiated, not for others. God is explained in a scientific way as the One Power which is working in all planes, called by different names according to their position. Just as the power house is working here, the factory is there. The very connection is to the same One. That God Power is One, called by different names on different planes according to those planes. The power that works on the first plane, highest plane, is Truth, never dies away, never changes through dissolution or grand dissolution. That is called Truth -- Sat. Sat means Truth. The same power which works in the second plane is devoid of cover--physical, astral, causal. He [the disciple] comes to see that "He is within me and I am in Him." That is the meaning of that name. But merely feeling that way is a different thing; saying it is a different thing. Similarly the third is beyond physical, astral and causal planes. Other planes will go around in dissolution and grand dissolution. This is an explanation but anyhow this explanation will not help anybody outside.
    There is no imposition, I am simply putting before you a common sense way so that at least everybody will have something to grasp. Even if you know the meanings of the five names, how will it help you? Only the charging will help. These are words which are charged. But there is nothing lost in nature. Any word Master uses has its effect of course. They work as a sheet anchor against any negative effects inside. They will combat them. You ask: "Why do you use these and not others?" Charging will help you.
    So these gifts come up of themselves, naturally, in due course. Having the man body gives you the hereditary right to have God's gifts. They are all for you. So as I told you, a strong man revels in his strength and a weaker man wonders how he got it. Did he get it in one day? No. These practices are to bring you up to that level in due course. Even if intellectually you know everything, can it help you? If you know in the House of our Father there are great stores of this and that, this and that; everything is all right; there are so many workers there, . . .; but still with all that, how will it help you? These explanations are only for those who are entered into the intellectual plane, otherwise the same thing has to be done by everyone. Go and see for yourself if there is light or not; that's all right. In the beginning, you get a little boost there which appeals to you. But that's not the end-all. Make it a part and parcel of your life, you see. Most important, very personal work for which we cannot estimate value. I don't mean to say leave all work. Earn your livelihood, pay off those who have been connected with you by God, and work for It. Out of 24 hours give some time convenient to you--make it convenient. You have developed intellectually, have you not? But what about your spiritual development? You have understood the necessity of it. How much time do you put in?
    Long yarns have been cut down by the Master, I would say. You used to have to spend hundreds of years to come up above body consciousness by controlling the breath, by passing from one chakra to another and then finally coming up to earn That. Now the very first day you get something from Master. Is it not a great concession? He asks you to maintain it by self-introspection. Masters used to give only when the vessel was ready, first trying to make the vessel clean which took years, and then . . . So you have got a great concession, you see. Sonship is there and we have forgotten, that's all I can say.
    Further, when you go to your meditations, go jolly, fresh, buoyant. Not brooding, with long face, very sad as though burdens have been laid on your head. He is already within you. You are simply to turn your attention from outside, that's all. Nothing more. This is not to be put into you from outside; it is already there. How fond you become of one another. If you become as fond of That within you already existing...  Just see to all sides--physical, intellectual and spiritual. The spiritual side is not well attended, I would say. In a few words: not well attended, fully attended as it should be. How much time do you put in for physical things? You have been made fit for earning your
livelihood, working long hours, here, there, everywhere. Intellectually you have read through books at the feet of teachers, etc., and you have come to wonderful inventions. But how much time have you put in? If any well develops in there, you have to dig it and go on digging. If money is deposited in your name in the bank, you will have to go to the window. You will have more as you daily withdraw. So this is to explain to you, that's all. Just
withdraw from outside, see It; no philosophy required. No inferences to be drawn--SEE IT. Of at least that much you are sure: There is Light.
    Now you see that what the scriptures say is all right. There is Light. If you believe only that much (there is Light within you), then I think we should also believe what further things they have to say. [Master chuckles.] So seeing is believing. Only believe as much as you see. When you see further, you will believe further. Just hear what He says. If the first thing has become true, then the other things will also become true. These are being explained to you in a very scientific, very common sense point of view. I think that at least appeals to everyone with your background. Let your instrument be without any dust, any foreign dust on it so that it can receive. So that's all I have to say. You come here, don't have a long face, go jolly, you see. To be jolly does not cost you anything, does it? To have kind words and to be buoyant and fresh and open. All right, God bless you all.

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