The Light of Kirpal

March 1, 1971

How can a Satsangi who has never met the physical Master develop deep love for the Master?

    Do you know the definition of a Master? Do you know what He is? Do you understand what a Master is?

God in the flesh.

    That's all right, or Word made flesh. He has got another aspect, as son of man. So if He's Word made flesh and you are given a contact with the Word within you, the outer expression of which is Light and Sound, the more you come in contact with that, Master will appear of itself, because He is Word made flesh. Do you follow? So the only difficulty is that we are not fully devoted to meditation. The Light and Sound principle are the two outward aspects of Word. "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet," is it not? The longer you come in contact with That, naturally love will overflow, and even manifest, even if you have not seen Him. Do you follow? And moreover you people are in contact through correspondence.
    Here in India we find, sometimes in the West also, initiates have the form of the Master the very first day. Some have the form of the Master after regular practice for some time, even those who have not seen me.
    And further, sweet remembrance develops receptivity. When nothing remains between the Master and the disciple, he becomes the mouthpiece. Like wireless telegraphy, they tick here and the very ticking goes across the ocean.
    Yes, anybody else? [tape cut off]

At night time, sometimes when you are sleeping you lose semen and he wants to know if this retards progress, although he is not aware of it.

Why not? Just as a lamp, if the oil oozes out. That affects. And that's a reaction of impressions we received the day before.

I have heard that it is a healthy process that sometimes semen is eliminated at night.

    No. That's a lame excuse for people. There's something wrong somewhere. That is always the result, you see, of impressions we receive, knowingly or unknowingly, coming in contact with the society or company of others. No. That's not right.
    You see, semen is formed from diet, diet is changed to chyle [chyle is defined in the dictionary as "lymph that is milky from emulsified fats], chyle into blood, flesh, bones, and the marrow. Sufficiently more than marrow turns into semen, and when semen is abundant in the body, there'll be Ojas. That's the power which takes you from the finite to infinity. You see? Ojas.
    Involuntary discharge is apparently the result of impressions we receive through others. This naturally does affect health as well as your meditations. As you have now brought up this point, I must explain more. Those who have had such a discharge like that are not jolly the day following. They're pensive. They won't like to do any work. Kabir says about a dog, generally considered to be more lusty, "even when he has that occasion, he remains pensive for 30 days." What to speak of men who are indulging daily!
    Now in the old days, there were three classes of celibacy, chastity. Celibacy means chastity. The lowest was 25 years. Second class was of 36 years; no loss of semen. And the first class was 48 years. This is a very valuable thing. The more you have got surplus in your body, that will change into Ojas.

How does this Ojas help us, Master?

    You have that Power to rise into infinity... I tell you, God is Ojas. God is Ojas.
    Nowadays the worst condition is everywhere. Even students are the victims of that. Most of them are. Once they started in the West. I got a letter you see. They began, children loving each other. Children loving each other. Girls and boys. So I stopped it. It comes to the same thing. Nowadays very rarely will you find chastity there. Even most students, in India and abroad, are not chaste. You'll find very few chaste anywhere. So chastity is life, and sexuality is death. Two things are required for success in any line you like. First, chastity, and second, perseverance. You'll work wonders anywhere. If you read biographies of famous heroes who won many battles, you will discover the battles they lost were due to failure in this regard the night before.
    Even very brilliant students sometimes fail their examinations. When going into it, it was found that their lives were not chaste in the days preceding.
    That's very valuable fluid, you see. When you have got it, you stand all alone in hundreds and thousands; you don't feel like a manikin. You have got longer lives.
    Famous wrestlers observe complete chastity. If you're chaste, you read something once and remember for years. Chastity is life, you see.
    So in order to work wonders in any line you are in or in any pursuit you would like, two things are required: chastity and perseverance. Guru Nanak has given an example. There's a goldsmith who makes gold ornaments. If the goldsmith is there but that particular instrument in which he melts the gold is not there, then what can the gold do? If that machine is there in which he melts the gold and there's no goldsmith? So he has given an example in that way. So the goldsmith's work is chastity, and that very pot in which he melts it is perseverance. He has given an example of that quality in that way. Have you read Jap Ji? Didn't you find that given in a straight way there? All the teachings of Jap Ji were given. Last of all He was asked how to be successful in that. It's given in the last portion. Read Jap Ji; you'll find it there. You read books only in the cursory way. That won't help.
    Chastity is a qualification for success in any line. One outward symbol or criterion of such a man who has fully conserved this vital power is that he will never get angry. He would not. In anger we become all full of wrath, having no control over our selves. If that anger is there, sure and certain he is not fully chaste. He cannot have forbearance even for minutes. These are criterions. In all provocations, one who is chaste, I mean, reserves that power, is not perturbed. He is serene, doesn't lose his head. Is it not good? That is why chastity is called life.
    Some consider that is natural when a man has any desire, he must fulfill it. That's wrong. These are teachings to be lived. Man who is strong enough never feels like a manikin, I tell you. And it applies equally to men and women.
    I do not exaggerate. About eighty to ninety per cent women or men are all with this disease. Because you have touched upon this point, I must explain what I have found.
    And student life is very much spoiled. Most remain pensive, sad. They do not want to meet anybody. They want some excuse in life. Ninety nine per cent of the cause is due to that. One per cent may be different; there might be some other cause. But ninety nine per cent... These things are not very clearly borne out in scriptures, just given in brevity. Chastity is life--is one word they used.
    You have touched upon a very important point. Any building which has got a strong foundation can stand longer. How long will the foundation based on sand stand? Can it stand? Your body, your bones, your flesh, everything is made of that. So right use of everything is good. Married life is no bar to spirituality if conducted according to scriptures. And scriptures tell us, marriage means taking a companion in life who will be with you in weal or woe and both should meet God. One duty may be of begetting children; but not always that. We have considered wrongly. We have considered it a machinery of enjoyment. That is wrong. Definitely wrong. And those who have been given up to that cannot remain loving, in a loving way; they become weak. And weakness is the basis of all things going amiss.

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