The Light of Kirpal

The House Is On Fire
February 24, 1971

In some of the writings, You talk about the still point in meditation where one is still, and today I felt some power pull me up.

    Yes. That is all right. Don't be afraid of it. Astral body will leave body.

No, it felt good.

    Yes, of course. It is bliss-giving. Now at the time of leaving the body you will go jolly if you go daily. When you know how to leave your body at will, then there is no fear of death. By regular practice you will come up to that.

Why have we made it so that we are now in such a great delusion?

    Delusion? When the house is on fire, what should you do? Should you inquire while sitting there, why was this house put on fire? It is better first to get out of the burning house and then inquire. First thing. The second is that we should go to God who made the world and ask why He made all this. I think if it is possible, He would reply correctly. Others will give only assumptions. Why do we give birth to a child? You know? It is our will. All Masters say that He wished it. He was One and wished to be many. This is His Will. Why did He? We should go and ask Him further, and if, God willing, with great fortune we reach Him, then we know Him too, and there will be no questions left.
    Kabir says, "I have not seen anyone who has taken birth and is happy.'' So ask anybody, you see. He'll say he has something against his wishes. Saint Tulsi Das who was a Saint and Guru Nanak both say the same--"The world is all maya." Tulsi Das says, "All are unhappy on account of either physical body, illness, or for want of money. Or by the cruelty of mind--all complain against mind." Then He says, "Is there any remedy for this?" He says, "Yes, there is one remedy. Just sit at the Feet of a Saint." He lets you know why you are unhappy. We are conscious entities. So we can become happy only when we come into contact with the Higher Consciousness, you see. Our soul is all wisdom, eternal, all joy, all bliss. If our soul comes in contact with the Oversoul or God, only then is there happiness.
    So long as our attention is imbued with the world, we are constantly in touch with the worldly things. These things will either be taken away in due course or we will have to withdraw from them at the time of death, so you then feel unhappy. If we continue living with that Higher Consciousness all along, then there is no unhappiness. So that is why the Saints say, "Come in contact with that which never dies, which is eternal." Our soul is eternal. If he comes to it, that part which is eternal, then there is no suffering, no separation.
    In all outer things we are sometimes attached. Sometimes we drown with the reactions of the past. Take the example of a dog who eats bones. There is no sweetness in the bones, but he eats the bones and tastes his own blood. He thinks it is very, very tasty, but the real taste was within him. So all happiness and bliss is within our own selves. So long as we are absorbed in something, we feel happy. But these things are not eternal, are changing panorama of life. Sometimes we are attached. Sometimes we are withdrawn. So long as we remain attached, it is all right, we are happy, but when that is withdrawn from us, or we are made to withdraw; when we withdraw, we feel unhappy. So the Saints have given that solace, "All are unhappy." Guru Nanak says, "Who is happy there?" Those who come in contact with the God-into-expression Power, which is called Naam or Word. That will never die; you will never be withdrawn--that is why. You will feel happiness all along. So those who want continuous bliss without any break, that overflowing bliss, should be in tune with that God Power which is pervading all creation. And that is within you. So this is the real salvation, the solution to the whole problem. When we have great profits and get money, we are very pleased. But when the bank fails or some dacoit comes and takes away all our money, we are not happy then. Do you feel happy?--no more. So come into contact with something which will never leave you, and that is God or God-in-man. Did Christ not say, "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee, until the end of the world?" Did He not? So Christ was the Power which manifested at the human pole of Jesus. That lived even before Jesus and shall remain forever. That is called God Power, Master Power, or Guru Power.
    You are given a contact with That, the outer expression of which is Light and Sound. You are just to entune yourself with It. When that is developed, you'll hear the Music of the Spheres, without any payment all along, twenty-four hours of the day and night. And this has been the
basic teachings given by all Saints who came in the East or West. Location makes no difference.

Master, You've mentioned that the Bible hasn't been translated accurately at all.

    Naturally, when one thing has been translated from one language to the other, first of all you won't find suitable words. The other thing, translators who are not well conversant with the theory, practically, cannot give the right interpretation. Bible gives reference to some things that Christ said. Christ was Word made Flesh; the right interpretation can only be given by Him who is Word made Flesh. Emotions or feelings or drawing inferences are all subject to error. Seeing is above all. Those who saw gave out something in words which can only be rightly interpreted by one who Sees.

I was wondering though, is there any particular translation which is better than others?

    The original Bible was written in some other language. [Aramaic] That language I don't know. This was then translated into another language, then into Latin, and from Latin further into English. There have been so many versions, one, two, three, like that, and ultimately...? The result is before you.
    Only such things can be relied on are those which have been given out by the Master directly written in His own hand. You may hear something, but you may not catch fully what Master says; you will give it in your own version. Even the versions given by those who had met Christ would not be as totally reliable as given out by Christ Himself. So these scriptures can be correctly interpreted only by those who See.
    When I went to the West, and gave a talk in the Jewish Temple, I spoke to them referring to their own Books and gave references from other scriptures too. And in the churches I spoke referring to their Bible. At one church I asked Dr. ---- after my speech, "How do you find this now?" He answered, "What you have interpreted is true." He was a professor. So it is a matter of Seeing. Those who See will give the same interpretation because they've seen. Others interpret at the level of intellect or feelings, that's all. Some say God is Light. They interpret that as intellectual light. They have never seen Light.
    When the tenth Guru's 300 years anniversary was celebrated in India, I was also invited to give a talk over there. His life was a very wonderful life. At the age of 36, He did wonders in the literary way as well as in all other ways. Last of all I said, "We are proud of Him; He was a great personality, a great Saint. But is He proud of us?" He turned out Khalsas. Khalsa is one in whom the Light of God is manifested, who sees the Light of God within in full effulgence. There are many people who were Sikhs going on in an ordinary religious way, very devout, who came up to me and asked, "Is there any Light within?" These things are handed down from time to time, and are enshrouded, unexplained. Thank God there have been no additions to the Granth Sahib. Most other Holy Books are not all original. So the original real thing is only what is written by the Saint Himself. For that, two scriptures are very valid. One: Koran of Mohammedans. There has not been a change, of jot or tittle, with the very words. The other is a Sikh scripture (Adi Granth) which was compiled by Guru Arjan Himself. That has been very strictly guarded. Nothing has been added or left out. He has collected the sayings of so many Saints and put them all together in one place like a feast, a banquet hall of spirituality. If a man is in one ism or the other, when he has Seen that God Power, he considers all are one. Guru Arjan has collected the sayings of more than fifty Saints. All other Books are additions and subtractions. So these two scriptures are very valid. We are thankful for the social religions for they have kept them quite safe without any amalgamation.

Then even if we get those two--the Koran and the Granth Sahib--they have been translated.

    Yes. Yes, that is why.
    Oh. You have to go. It is a quarter to ten. All right. Go jolly!

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