The Light of Kirpal

Sin and Religion
Darshan at Dehra Dun, February, 1971

What are the sins of omission and commission?

    Sins of omission? Commission is all right. What about omission? Where do you find this?

In some religious terminology, when there's a duty that you should have done, that's a sin of omission. And when you commit an actual sin, that's a sin of commission.

    This is wrong. Christ said that if you think of adultery, it is the same as though you had committed it [Matthew 5:28]. How can you change this? While the act does not actually come to commission you have been poisoned, have you not? So to me, there's no sin of omission, you see. This is not what I say, this is what Christ said. His words should be taken as law. If you have thought of adultery, it is as though you have committed it. And further, in the Law of Moses, one of the ten commandments states that if a wife leaves her husband or husband leaves his wife, and if they remarry, that is adultery. What more do you want? Does that not mean failure in chastity? Chastity, as I have told you, is in thought, word, and deed. Even if you have controlled your organs not to do it but nevertheless you have committed in thought, the poison is there. So this word I have never used in my talks so far to the best of my knowledge. Saints go further; they say, "Oh man, be afraid of the sins you have committed unconsciously." This goes a step further. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. This applies also at the government level. The heart is pure only if it is devoid of desire--even in thought, you see. These things come up. Religions are made and unmade. One of the first branches of Protestantism was started by Luther. Luther wanted to marry a nun. He could not because of the rules. So he made new rules and married, but the Catholic Church would not legalize this act. Henry VIII wanted to divorce and remarry. So Henry VIII married, made new laws, and later married six times. Out of this a new religion started. Adultery, you see. Every man is very strong, happy in his own religion. The word "woman" is translated in the original Bible as "lust." Now they have changed this. Translations are made incorrectly. The King James version of Bible is taken to be accurate, but it is wrong according to other religions. We have never gone deep down into this subject. That is why all these new sects come up. One man says he has got something, "My way is like that..." There will be hundreds who follow him and a new cult is formed. There is only one God. Man is made with equal privileges; he's embodied soul. Soul is of the same essence as that of God. Man is the highest in all creation, in which he can regain his Godhead. There is One Controlling Power, call it by any name; this is the only God. All other religions came into being according to man's personal wishes, I would say. Is it not strange to find out how Lutherism and Protestantism came into being--only to meet the wishes of Henry VIII and Luther? It is similarly so with all religions. I'm not indicating that this applies to only Protestantism--all other religions came about like that. Pure Sikhism is to find the "Light that is within the body." Khalsa is one in whom that Light is refulgent, the Light of God. Now, how many are there who are true Sikhs? They simply speak--read certain passages. It has become a social formation. There are so many. There are Khuklas, there are Naam Dharis, and many more. These things came up only for want of practical people. Excuse me now, I may go even further. Reforms, unauthorized reforms, have been made quite lawful by their new religion, you see. Yes?

Why did Guru Gobind Singh say that the Guru Granth Sahib would be the Guru?

    Well, He never wanted to say so, but people pressed that issue; society demanded that there should be some law. First He refused. The second time, He refused. The third time, He said, "All right, what the scriptures say, do. This is Bible truth; go by the scriptures." The scriptures say to go to somebody where the Light is effulgent within. That is what they say. Even if you take the living example of Guru Gobind Singh, and I take the living example of God, should I not obey you? He said, "Do what the scriptures say. Further, you may have your outer customs, rituals made according to your own convenience." This is what Guru Gobind Singh says. "But for Inner things, go to the Master." We people do not know what we are our own selves. We don't know our own scriptures. The only difficulty is that for want of practical people, all this started. But again, Somebody comes up, with the Grace of God. He does not want them to break what they have formed, and He says, "Well, dear friends, you are going amiss. All right, live as I tell you. Review your life daily..." There are now over seven hundred religions and cults. How can you break away and form a new one? So our Master used to say, "What is the use of digging up a new well if so many wells already exist? Truth is there; we have forgotten. They're after me to form a new religion. I said, "No." Maybe after me, someone not up to the mark, a foolish man may come up and form a religion. I have made no temples, no cathedrals, nothing of the sort. We have the earth below and the sky overhead, and man body is the Temple of God. Some impractical man after me may be after starting a new religion. I am telling you how the trend goes, you see. Some people, whom God sends, or who come with the Grace of God, say, "Oh, you are going amiss. Why? This is the right way." And that right way appeals to everybody. No exaggeration; no underrating. "There is one man, one soul of the same essence as that of God, a child of God, you see, and there is one God on which all superstructures are made."
When I went to America, I said, "Unity already exists, but we have forgotten." This is how I started my talks. "That school is all right which turns out many perfect men." This Man Center I have started is now breaking the ice. It is set up at the outer level of man for the people to use in order to help themselves to become perfect men. You are all men, whether Jews, Mohammedans, Christians. Those are labels with which you are strutting. Most of the people are spiritually blind. A spiritually blind person is one whose inner eye is not open to see the Light. Kabir says, referring to the people around Him, "Well, all are blind. If there were one or two, I could have given them eyes, but wherever I look, I see all are blind." I am speaking strongly, but it is a fact; most are blind. Saints define a blind man as one whose inner eye is not open, not one who has no visibility from his eyes on the face. But even those who are blind (outer) can also be given the gift of Inner Light, with the Grace of the Master. When I went to Louisville, Kentucky, one blind doctor who came up had a sitting. He saw Light and said, "Christ has come to my eyes." Light is there whether you have got eyesight or not. Yesterday, I went to an old man who cannot see or hear outside and put him into meditation. He sees that Light. A blind man! So those are the facts. A building may be very magnificent, but if there's no light within, then...? Do we go to the very core of things? At least here no inferences are required to be drawn for what I am telling you. Facts remain facts. These are plain Truths--simple--no high sounding words. Those who have awakened will appreciate this Man Center. When I tell them, "Oh, yes," they agree--it's all right.
    But this has been taught by all Masters. Christ was sitting in the multitude and His mother came up from behind. People told Him, "Your mother has come." He said, "Who is my mother? These are alt my brethren who do the Will of God." So you have been united in the real relationship, as joined by God--all brothers and sisters in God. That's the true relationship in which the Master joins you, unites you. This has been shorn of all rituals, customs. Yes?

Why was creation made? Why did we lose our Godhead?

    Let me explain to you: God plus desires is man. Why did He make it? I think you should go to Him and then ask. When I go to the United States, I have to abide by the laws there, do I not? Whether I am Indian, Christian, or Chinese, or Japanese. So when you came down to this earth plane, you have to abide by the laws here. Why He made it? I think it is not wise when you're in a house which is on fire to enquire while sitting inside, "Why was a fire started in this house? Who started it? What was the reason?" Just get out! I think you will find the answer. Get out, rise above, enter within, then you'll know yourself. When you come out, you will know so many things. Or better still, since God made all these things, why do you not go to Him directly and ask Him, "Why did You make all of this?" All Masters say it was His Wish. He wanted to, that's all. Why do we beget children? Because we wish to, is it not? So it was His Will. So first get out of this house you are in, enter within, then ask. There are so many walls within walls. There is the physical wall, there is the astral wall, there is the causal wall. First at least get out of this physical body. Then you may know something, maybe not fully, but something. We're very much stuck fast in walls within walls. We're imprisoned in walls within walls, and walls within walls. Shake off this physical body and you'll come to know your True Self, and then you can know your Overself.

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