The Light of Kirpal

Sweet Remembrance
March 16, 1971

How can I develop love for you, Master?

Love for me, or the God in me? For whom would you like?

For the God in you.

    That's all right. That's good. That is within you too. The more you come in contact with him, love will overflow. You see, love will overflow. Constant remembrance or sweet remembrance also helps. The God in me is also the God in you. Only here it is a little more, what do you say, exorbitant. Simply turn your face there; you will find. The more you come in contact within, you will overflow with love; and outwardly, have sweet remembrance. When you remain in contact with the God-into-Expression Power within you--(that very Power which is Word-made-Flesh); naturally love will flow. Outwardly have sweet remembrance, you see. The Diary is for that purpose. Every time confession is there: Every time you do "Oh," you remember. So He is there, your true friend who will never leave you until the end of the world. There should be some excuse to remember, that's all: Maybe in anyway.
    I told you the other day that an old lady at the Ashram, who was unlearned also asked to keep, maintain the diary form, and, every morning, bowed down.* (*She simply offered flowers to the diary form and bowed down.) So after seven or eight days, I asked, "How do you find?" She replied, "Master is within me, walking with me." So it is some excuse for sweet remembrance. May be anything.
    There was once one Radha who was very fond of spirituality. Radha also loved Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna also loved her. Once Krishna's nails made a scratch on her hand. After a year, Radha was keeping that alive; always scratching so that it may not be healed, you see. When it healed a little, she would scratch it again. After a year, Krishna asked her, "What is that? .... Oh, this is the remembrance of your scratch. I have been keeping it always alive." Some, some excuse for remembrance. After a year--little scratch--ordinary thing. So some, some excuse for remembrance. Photos are only for remembrance.
    When one disciple meets with another disciple, that remembrance has a boost. Does it not? When one disciple meets with another disciple, then his gurubhakti devotion to the Master is developed, because both are of the same idea, remembering the same thing. When they are both together, then? They remember something. When two married women, who enjoy the worldly life, sit together, they speak excitedly, in high tones, you see. Something like that, it is a bad example of course but still . . . When they sit together and have the sweet remembrance of the Master, they talk of that sweetness, this and that thing . . . Love will overflow· Do you follow?
    It is a matter of the heart, not of the head, mind that. So spirituality is not of the head, not of the intellect, although intellect may be able to explain so many things. Years and years ago I read the event just given of Lord Krishna's life. That scratch was an excuse for sweet remembrance. Once my Master gave me a kashmiri cloak: a very valuable cloak. He also gave some very good bedding: very well decorated. Once He sent for me and called me into His room. When I was there, he wore the cloak himself first, then took it off and gave it to me. I have kept that cloak with me still. Then another time, he gave me very good bedding, very ornamental. But before he gave them to me, he kept them over his head. These are tokens of love, you see. Love knows no law.
    In Ghandi's time, people loved him. Once there was one handkerchief, a very ordinary handkerchief. He said, "All right, who will have it?" At an auction that small handkerchief sold for about 5,000 rupees. So it was a very costly handkerchief. A token of love.

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