The Light of Kirpal

U-Turn on The Path
March 28, 1971, Dera Dun

May I say a word. Master?

    Yes . . . Two.

You've been teaching me that we're dealing with streams of divinity in the Ocean of Love, and that good taste, kindness and consideration and respect for the feelings of others would count for a very great deal on the Holy Path, so that when we were developed, whatever we did in the body of man, whatever little deed we performed, whatever our profession, whatever we did in the sweetness and remembrance of the Lord, of the Master, would be taken up and add to the radiance above by Master Power. It's a beautiful thought, and perhaps the more learned a man were, the more meek and humble he would be out of thankfulness and gratitude for what had been taught to him by the Master Power. Now, those who get a little increment of knowledge and begin to stand up and order others around and tell them what to do, forgive me, do they not make a U-turn on the Path of the Masters and start to come back down? They should be quiet and patient, and see what kind of flower the Master Power is bringing out of the others. They may think it's a rose, but it's a violet or a nasturtium or something. Utmost patience, you see, the concern is if you're dealing with these streams of divinity deep within the Ocean of Love, your uppermost thought is good taste, kindness and consideration, and respect for the feelings of others. Then you would shape those currents into the most magnificent song without words in praise to the Living Master. Franz Schubert and many others have written songs without words. But what are you doing, you're so intent in whatever your little assignment, in respect and reverence for the Master, that you free yourself from the clutches of what others have been hooked on, you see. And whatever you do would be taken up and added to the radiance around your head. That will take your soul up to very high planes.

    These things of which you have spoken follow naturally.

They're unfolded by the Power within.

    Naturally. These are the outer aspects of a man's inner life. When you develop inner life, these things follow automatically. You are not to strive for it. They follow of themselves. These are the outer aspects by which you can see how far man has progressed. Suppose a man says he goes to heaven every day but scorpions come out of his mouth, biting everybody all around, can it be true? So that develops. Why have I prescribed this diary of self-introspection? Only to weed out all these imperfections. The more you come in contact with that Power within you, the more you will be helped. The outer self-introspection will also help. Just like when a tree is to be cut down, the branches are shorn first, then the stem is cut later. If you come in contact with that Power continuously, everything will follow. This is the outer aspect from which you can judge how far man has progressed. If we think ill of others, we are crowing over others. In him who becomes the boss everywhere, naturally that progress is not there. He may say, "I am very advanced... God speaks through me," this and that thing. This is surely not true: it is also a U-turn, you see. So from that behavior you can judge how far he has progressed. Sweetness, humility and love will follow. Guru Nanak says in the Jap Ji, a very favorite subject of yours, that just as a crop is cut and the seeds are taken out at one place, similarly, when you come in contact with that God-into-Expression Power, which is Light and Sound, you'll become the abode of all virtues, naturally, of itself. I quite endorse what you have said.

You've given me a beautiful understanding of the energy fields of nature and their relationship to the wisdom of the Far East. One loving heart knows another.

By radiation.

That's the difference, yes.

    Do you follow what he has said? The flower should not say, "l have got perfume." The flowers need not speak, "I've got very good scent." You can smell what scent comes out of it, you see. It may be very beautiful and colorful, but there are some very beautiful flowers which have got no scent. There are flowers made of paper that look very beautiful, but they have no scent. Do you follow me? But you can sense, you can come to know by the scent coming from it; its crown may be black or red or any other color. A tree is known by the fruit it bears. Is it not so? If that tree carries no fruit, then? It is only fit for firewood to be cut down and put into the oven. If you have no water from underneath, it will become quite dry and barren from the roots to the highest branches, but even such a barren tree can become green and can bear forth fruit with the loving glances of a Master Power radiating. That's coming in contact with that God Power. There's a living example: we have got a tree here that was to be cut down. [Master points to a healthy looking tree.] It was altogether barren from roots to the highest branches and they were going to cut it down in its entirety. "You need not cut it." And that tree is green now. You see? Here it is standing. So in Company, by radiation, even suchlike barren things which are fit for cutting and being burned can become alive. So man is known by the society he keeps, by the radiation you have from them.
    But there is still one thing more. If a man is sitting by the Master, his body is with the Master but his mind is somewhere else, then naturally that radiation cannot be sensed. There were two friends, each strong in his own way. One wanted to go to the church, the other went to the playground. The man sitting in the church was saying, "Oh, my friend must be kicking very hard." And the man in the field was thinking, "My friend is sitting, praying now." Which is the better of the two? In such a case there is no scent. If you are there, mind and soul both, then It can be sensed. Man is known by his outward behavior, way of living. Such people who become bosses, crow over others, are cut off from within when they behave like that. Their stream stops. They might have had some little water with them but that will be finished. Man must be in contact with the perennial source, coming through, never exhausting. So that has to be developed. Time factor is necessary, of course.
    That is why I say, all are not perfect. They're on the way to perfection. I receive letters: such and such is behaving like that, doing this and that, this way. I tell them they're on the way to perfection. They are growing better of course but are not yet perfect. They are on the way to perfection. So people can sense only by company, by their behavior.
    You will become humble, sweet, loving, saturated through and through with love and sympathy to all others. This will come only when you come in contact with that God Power; when you attribute all to the God Power. If you take up something, take the credit to your ownself, your progress is stopped. And whatever little water you have had will be exhausted. You won't feel at peace in your heart. This happens to those who have been preaching here, there and everywhere. I am not talking of group leaders; others as well. They have had something at one time and they behave in such manner to attribute all to their ownself. They're cut off from within and naturally are now getting no water from within. The result is that the little water they have got will be exhausted. They may not be able to speak, "I have gone barren now. I am barren now." They are ashamed to tell all that. This is what we find, is it not so? Live by what the Master says. You can live on an icy mountain; even the cobra, thousand headed cobra and dragon will also become calm.

Part of the power lies in knowing that the Master Power is absolutely unlimited.

    That is God Power.

And whatever we feel in our heart He will fulfill.

    That is only the opening, you see. A spring is there and a little wave will be open--you'll go and take a swim up. It is just like that. But He is not all of the spring. He is the mouthpiece of the spring. Water is coming from where it appears to be working or from where it appears to be emitting. After all, the water is coming from the spring, from the perennial source. So there are books in rivulets and sermons in stones, are there not? All right then, why should you waste your time. You want to go in There--then try. That's all right.

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