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1959 Birthday Message

Dear Ones,

On this day of my physical birthday I wish you all happiness.

Human birth is the highest rung of all creation. It is really a rare blessing which you have got. This has been given to you for attaining Divine Realisation and spiritual Perfection. It is a supreme opportunity for striving and obtaining a sublime experience of All-Consciousness, It is to be utilised for this great purpose. The various religions and faiths are so many methods evolved for fulfilling this great purpose of human life. This is the one common basis of all religions.

You have been put on the way and given a conscious contact with God-Power residing within you. You have to develop it by regular practice from day to day.

To attain this Goal purify your nature by living a good life. Manifest truth, purity, love, selflessness and righteousness in your life and activity. Give up all hatred, eradicate egoism and anger. Eschew violence, pledge yourself to love, sincerity, humility, forgiveness and non-violence. Abandon war. Abandon lust for Power. Fill thy heart with compassion, mercy and universal love. Let the Law of Love prevail amongst you, which should be radiated to all nations and races. Let true religions of heart be ruling factor of your lives. Love God, Love all, serve all and have respect for all as God is immanent in every form. Preach the Gospel of oneness. Spread the message of oneness and live a life of oneness. There will be peace on earth. This is the mission of my life and I pray it may be fulfilled.

With fondest love to all,

1960 Birthday Message

Time is an interminable eternity with no beginning and no end except as man has for his own convenience, in his own limitations, tried to limit it and make separate divisions out of it. With all these ruthless vivisections, eternity remains ever in love with the products of time and is willing to unfold the secrets of heaven and earth to him who reposes his trust and faith in her benignity.

Birthdays are but arbitrary milestones of life's journey on earth, but they do serve a very useful purpose, all the same. As one crosses each division of time and steps into the other, he is reminded of a stage left behind and finds himself a step nearer to the journey's end. Each birthday, therefore, offers a splendid opportunity to the traveler to know where he stands, how he has fared on the path of life, what progress he has made, and what he intends to do next with new hopes, new aspirations, and new resolutions for the new year that lies ahead of him. It is an occasion for taking a comprehensive view of the stock-in-life gathered already to be garnered thereafter, and it can, as such, be profitably made use of to the best advantage.

On a day like this, I can only ask you who have been put on the Path Godwards to turn within and see, each one for himself or herself, as to the measure of advance made in the spiritual field. Blessed indeed are those who have done so and to them my message is that they should persevere in full faith and confidence in the Master-Power overhead and work hard to regain all the inheritance which is theirs and of which they have a foretaste. To those who are yet standing still for one reason or another, I would commend some sort of active striving with a will and a purpose. After all, each one has to make an experiment on his own and no one can vicariously do it for another. Again, there is no ill without a remedy, and this sovereign and potent remedy is to be applied, whether we will it or not, by oneself if we desire a cure; or else the disease of ignorance shall continue to persist and persist endlessly as it has done through ages upon ages.

Last but not least, the door of Salvation is open to all. It is not a prerogative for any one sect, caste, or creed or even a religious order. Whosoever may run, can reach it. "Knock and it shall be opened unto thee" has been the message of saints and seers since the beginning of time. God is the God of all mankind and His Grace shines equally on all, but they alone who turn towards Him derive the greatest benefit. 'Love' is the master key that unlocks the door leading to the 'Kingdom of Light.' "Love and all things shall be added unto thee" is an axiomatic truth that has stood the test of time. It is, therefore, said - "Love God with all thy mind, with all thy heart, with all thy strength, and with all thy soul."

My message today is none other than that of Love. Learn ye, therefore, to love all creatures as yourself. Live in and for the love of all and the Lord of Love shall reward you manifold in return for the sake of His own Divine Love. That is His Law, eternal and immutable. Try to cultivate a loving and a living faith in His Goodness and nothing shall stand in your way on the Path.

This is the only message that you can have from me on this occasion. I extend to you all my loving greetings with a Soulful Love and Benediction. May you all arise and awaken in His Consciousness.

1961 Birthday Message

Dear Ones,

I cross this day into sixty-seventh year of my earthly pilgrimage. I am moving on to the Goal of my life, just a puppet in the hands of the Almighty--My Guru. My life has been woven in this one thought that there is no East and no West, the whole creation is the House of our Father. The various countries are so many rooms therein. The aeroplanes having annihilated all distance, all the so called East and West are brothers and are children of the same Father. We are members of one World-Brotherhood, of one Cosmic community. The whole creation is sustained by God who is not a distant Deity but closer is He than anything else.

The Naam, the Sat Naam, the Eternal Word is immanent in every form. He is in the poor, the rich and the outcast. We are all brothers-in-God. World-brotherhood is the crying need of the day. True Religion is the expression of Divinity already existing in man. It is not rites or ceremonies, creeds or forms. It is Life. It is the mingling of the soul with the Great Life. It is not shut up in the temples, but in love for all. Love knows service and sacrifice. There is no place where God is not. You will not find Him in gorgeous temples made of marble and stone. You will find Him in the tears of the poor and the lost. True happiness lies in giving to others, not in self-seeking. We should not be worships of the God of conventions. We should raise our moral aspirations to the highest extent and realise in our own self--God, who pervades throughout the universe, by transcending limitation of the senses. Try to study the Book of Life--our very self. Let us be careful not to confound religions with creeds and forms. We should realise that the things which are seen are temporal but the things which are unseen are eternal and that is the underlying unity of all religions.

I see the waking ones are not awake. They are asleep inside on account of the outgoing faculties.

With open eyes, are many blind. They have eyes and see not the Light of God which ever shines, which filleth all, in the Heavens, earth, the waters and the air--the source and strength of all that is. If thou develop the power of seeing, be one-eyed, lose the sight of the senses --if thine eye be single thy whole body Shall be full of Light.

They have ears but hear not, the enchanting sweet Melody of Life reverberating throughout all creation. If thou grow in power of hearing then be deaf to the world. You will hear when thine ear is closed to the noises of the world, thou will hear the Music of the Spheres--the Flute of the Lord.

If thou would like to have True Knowledge, transcend the sense-knowledge. Enter the inner silence and the same will become vocal.

With longing in thine eyes enter thou within from without. It is in truth the central Message of every True Master. In thy own House you will see Him.

Therefore, I would request you to gaze and gaze with longing in your heart, with silence in your soul and with no thought of this world or the next. The grace of God will descend on you and the gaze will grow into a glimpse and He will reveal Himself to you and you will find, nay see Him within yourself.

O Thou, the Immaculate Naam
Thou Illuminateth my life and
Thy love overfloweth my frail Physical life.
May Thou accept me.

The Mission of my life is to help others to rise above body-consciousness and have a glimpse of the Lord, with the grace of my Master.

Those who have been put on the Way, should go on in all earnestness to reach their Goal and others who will be led by God to come up to me will be put on the Way.

With all the love and best wishes to each one of you.

February 6, 1961

1962 Birthday Message

On my sixty-eighth physical birth anniversary day, with all blessings of my heart, I send love to you all and request that you cultivate inner life shunning all madness of outer show. Sit daily in silence until it sprouts forth into light and sweet music of the spheres. Develop innocent love which knows only service and sacrifice. The only way back to God and to win the love of God is to become humble. All scriptures speak of impermanence of all and unchangeable permanence of God. Renounce love of the former and enjoy communion with the latter. For this, rise above body consciousness to be born into a new life of oneness and harmony.

1963 Birthday Message

On this day of my 69th physical birthday, I convey my love to you and all best wishes for your spiritual welfare.

With the grace of my Master, I have come to reveal the Life's richest treasure -- the Holy Naam -- the Word, which is found only within you. The Master takes many steps to meet you even if you can take no step to Him. You need only to listen and to pay attention. Let your meditations flower into action and service.

I wish you to 'simplify,' 'simplify,' 'simplify.' To be simple in all aspects of life is to accept Life.

Try to help all others with a spirit of self denial. Your self will expand to cover all humanity and other creation. Such an enterprise will lead your soul on to God.

Be pure in thought, word, and deed and love all. Love is the panacea for all evils of life.

Be good and do good. These five words contain in them the essence of all religions of the world. My work shall be amply repaid if you live up to them.

This was the Master's Birthday Message for 1964.


Dear Ones,

May the grace of God be on you all.

We are seekers after Truth and for that purpose we have joined various religions, which are our schools of thought. Truth is not the exclusive right of any particular creed, or place, or age. It is a man's birthright. Just as every man has the right to breathe the air, and absorb the rays of the sun, we are all privileged to draw from the Unseen Source of Life, Strength, and Wisdom, which is within each of us. That infinite supply cannot be exhausted. Anyone belonging to any religion can delve it out from within with the help of somebody who is competent - call him by any name you like. Take all that you can. Not only will it suffice for you, but through it you will become instrumental in helping your fellows. Your smile will inspire another to smile. Your strength will impel another to be strong. A noble soul always draws forth the noble quality in others.

God is love, and our souls are also love and it is through love alone that we can know God. Love knows true renunciation, service, and sacrifice for the good of others without any consideration. A true man is one who is truthful, leads a life of continence, radiates love to all others for the sake of God residing in them, and knows "giving," "giving," and always "giving." We never lose anything when we give. When you give love, do you find that you have less love in your heart? On the contrary, you are conscious of an ever greater power of loving, but no one can be convinced of these things till he has applied them in a practical way. An ounce of practice is worth tons of theories.

It is a practical age - therefore, it is for us to make our idealism more practical. Believe in God, Who is Spirit; Love - the principle of all things; Who is in me and I am in Him; Who resides in every heart. We should therefore love all mankind and others. If one cannot love those whom he sees, how can he love God whom he does not see?

There is a Religion above all religions which teach rituals, dogmas, and doctrines. That is Truth. Religion truly means "re" - back, and "ligio" which comes from "ligore" - to bind; i.e., to bind our soul back to Truth - God. You have to be born into the Truth. All Masters who come from time to time speak of the same Truth. We are lovers of Truth. That is the True Religion, on the basis of which the whole world can sit together and the East and West could be united.

The purpose before me is to bring together all children of God (now forming part of various religions) to understand each other and find a way back to God. I am glad that I found a great response to this Message of Love, with the grace of my Master - the Man-in-God.

My hearty thanks and best wishes go to all who have been helpers in this Noble Cause of Humanity.

Yours affectionately,

1965 Birthday Message

On the seventy-second year of my physical birth anniversary, I convey my hearty love to each one of you.

My wish is that you live in harmony and peace with all amongst you, and with whomsoever you come in contact, high or low -- with animals and birds who also belong to the great family of God, the Creator of all.

In fulfilling this wish, others will know that you are of God and are in conscious union with the Light of the World.

A flower is known by the fragrance it emits. So let your mind, words, and deeds be saturated with the perfume of Love.

Love and all things shall be added unto you.

Master Power is always with you.

1966 Birthday Message

On February 6, I enter the seventy third year of my earthly pilgrimage. I love and respect all communities, all countries, all religions, and all races. I am a servant of the poor, the lowly, and the lost. I still continue to labor in the Vineyard of the Lord. In all humility, I lay before you the one program of life: 1. Simplicity; 2. Love of humanity; 3. Service of the poor.

Learn to offer all your work unto God and grow in humility. Such banks of worshipers are needed for the service of mankind. What is needed is not numbers, but quality and character of the workers. I want group Satsangs of individuals who become centers of life--the new life of the spirit and not organization of power which imprisons the fundamental values and stifles the living inspiration. Be ye lamps to yourself, and reform yourself in order to serve the people.

I wish you to lead a life of absolute unselfishness, simplicity, true judgment, and love of the poor and needy; for love is the root--love is the fruit of the tree of life.

Guru Nanak says:

"O, Man, love God as the fish loves water. The more water, the more joyous is the fish. As without water, the fish liveth not for a moment. God knoweth its heartaches. May I be a fish, and living in the water know the secret of love."

"In My Heart I Have a Vision"
The Master's 1967 Birthday Message



Dear Children of Light:

I send my hearty love and blessings to you — one and all — on this, my 74th physical birthday.

I am a man (ensouled body) like each of you. All are men first, bearing the badges of one or the other religion. All mankind is one, with the same privileges from God; viz., born the same way, having the same construction of their bodies (outer and inner) and the same conscious entity (a drop of the Ocean of All Consciousness) enlivening the body. To be born in a temple is good, as it works as a casing of the kernel of Truth alive; but to die while congealed to the casing and forgetting the kernel of Truth within is debarring one from the Truth which is a heinous sin.

In my heart I have a vision of fraternity of spirit. Organized religion with too much emphasis on outer forms and rituals becomes fortified compartments of egoistic power more than instruments of service or aids of self-realization. These inevitably result in quarrels with one another.

We need a simple movement of the spirit, with harmony and brotherhood of humanity and love for man, bird, and beast. I take religion as a Yoga of life with love—Yoga means the control of mind and of desires vitiated with egoism. This will lead to real happiness if we renounce the fruits of our actions and work as instruments or puppets of the Lord. Let our actions be an offering to the Lord. Mind that spirituality is non-egoism. May our selfless work for spreading this Message of the Master, which is God's work, draw many unto Thee, O Lord, and may our name be forgotten.

Let us belong to the Kingdom of the Master, the Word made flesh, and dedicate our life to the service of the Master, Who is the beauty of the simple life and selfless service. Let us follow the Master and make His noble teachings a part and parcel of our lives and attune ourselves with Jyoti (Divine Light) and Music of all harmonies reverberating in all creation which will open our inner eye and will leave no room in our hearts for spite or hate for others: what to speak of brothers and sisters who are united in unbreakable bonds of spirit by the Master.

Your heart will be filled with love and compassion for all that lives sentient or insentient; viz., man, beast, bird and all nature. We should lead and teach a life of compassion and love to all beings on earth.

"He really knoweth who loveth and serveth all," is the Message of the wise ones of Humanity like Buddha, Christ and Nanak. It is the Message which our daily life and modern world so piteously needs.

I wish you to progress spiritually and to lead a life of righteousness; viz., good thoughts, good words and good actions.

With all love,

Your own,

1969 Birthday Message
(Webnote: This text is taken from an early copy of Spiritual Elixir and it appears there may have been some typographical errors or omissions. Unfortunately, at present there is no other source to refer to.)

I am entering into the evening of my physical life after passing through the seventy-five years of age with the grace of my Master (the Word made flesh) and find that the Word--Holy Naam--is the stake of my life here and here-after, and so far each one of you whom God has sent to me. That is the Bread of Life and Water of Life, which nourishes the soul. On spiritual health depends the life of mind and body both. Without that our lives have no worth as an elephant which has no ivory teeth; a well which has no water to give; a fruit tree which bears no fruit; the earth which gives no vegetation without rain or water; or the night which is without moonlight. This is the most important aspect of our lives. "What does it profit a man if he gains the possessions of the whole world and loses one's own soul."

While enjoying the bliss of Holy Naam, the mind--an agent of Negative Power-- creeps in stealthily to devoid us of the bliss of God-intoxication, considering that one is indispensable in whatever line he/she is placed. We are fortunate to have been selected to do certain jobs in the setup of God's work, and each of such ones should feel thankful to God and put shoulder to the wheel. The devoted children live in harmony with each other in the noble cause of God. The Master is fully aware and has appreciation of each one's loving devotion and sacrifice and doles out to him/her the loving intoxication to the capacity of each one of them. Big and small wheels in a machinery have to play their own part, to keep the machinery agoing smoothly by oiling with the fragrant oil of loving devotion. You must be careful not to be deceived by the crafty machinations of mind by turning your face to the Master Power, which resides in each one of you at the time of initiation and never leaves you here and hereafter. This can be done lovingly by keeping his Commandments.

I wish to see you progress on the spiritual way and become ambassadors of Truth during the evening of my life--sooner the better as time and tide wait for no man. Let us unite, one and all, to loving embrace of the Master, forgiving and forgetting petty differences created by the mind to retard progress and bring the blessings of the Master Power working overhead.

I wish each one of you to join with me in the prayer in the words of Guru Ram Dass Ji and Guru Arjan Dev Ji as under:

O Lord forsake not me, Thy slave.
Take me in Thy loving embrace: O Lord out of Thy old love.
It is Thy innate nature to purify the sinners;
So heed not Thou my errors and sins.
Thou art the life of my life, my peace, my riches;
So burn down Thou, in Thy mercy, the curtain of ego that screens me off from Thee.
Without water how can the fish abide?
Without milk how can the child live?
Slave Nanak craves for the Lotus Feet of Thee,
O Lord, seeing Thy vision doth he gather the Essence of joy
As a last resort I go to surrender myself to Thee O Lord;
As I have come to Thy refuge, it is up to Thee to accept or kill me.
The clever sycophancy of the world, this I have cast all to the fire.
Now say the good or evil of me, I have surrendered myself (to Thee my God)
He who cometh, to seek Thy refuge, O Lord, him Thou protecteth in Thy mercy.
Nanak hath come to Thy refuge; O Lord, now keep Thou my honour.
O Thou Fount of Mercy, abide ever in my heart;
And awaken that intuition in me that I begin to Love Thee.
Always keep me in the holy dust of the saints' Feet that I apply it to my forehead.
Though most sinful, I may become purest of the Pure, by tuning with
  the Music of all Harmonies and ever sing Thy praises.
That Thy will be sweet to me, and I be pleased with whatever Thou doest;
And whatever Thou givest I be satisfied and I wonder not about to knock another's door.
I may know Thee always nearer me and be the Dust of all in all humility.
In the company of saints all this can be achieved and we can have a Vision of God.
We are ever Thy children, O Lord, Thou art our Master and King
Nanak is Thy child, O Father and Mother, and in his is the Milk of Thy Name.

    Yours affectionately,

1970 Birthday Message

Dear Ones,

Through the grace of my Master, another year of my Mission has been completed, and my 76th birthday marks the beginning of a new one. It is my wish that the birthday of the Master be celebrated by all of you as befits the occasion, which is by living up to my words: "Let my words abide in you— and you will abide in me." The result will be that your minds become pure and the gracious Master can then release your soul from the bondage of mind and matter and take it up to meet His Radiant Form within you. You will then have achieved your second birth, the true one into the Beyond. How wonderful it would be if the Master and His children could thus celebrate the coming 77th year of my physical life in this way.

For this, the ground has been prepared for you. You have been put on the Way and given some experience of the God-into-Expression Power of Light and Sound Principle within you, which can be developed from day to day by right living and devoted meditations. The cause of the Master is the cause of God, and it is for each one of you to make it your cause by being an example of the Master's teachings, His Light and Love.

Spirituality is a living and practical subject. The right understanding of this has been made clear to you in my Circular Letters of June 13 and November 5, 1969, which should be read again and again, so that you may compare how your day-to-day living is matching up to them. You will receive further help and encouragement when you read my latest book, entitled "Morning Talks", which is now in the final stages of publication. These talks, which were given by me in the mornings at the time a number of dear ones from the West were staying here at the Ashram, cover almost every facet of what is required to progress on the Way back to God, and succeed one another in such a way as to form a God-given spiritual textbook.

God willing, I hope to be amongst you all sometime this year. If you make earnest efforts to change your lives in accordance with my words, you will develop receptivity to the gracious Master Power within you, which will receive a boost from the divine radiations shed by the Physical Presence of the Master. It is for you to make the effort and for Him to crown your effort with success.

I have great love for all of you. indeed if you knew how much I loved you, you would dance with joy. You will become so intoxicated by His love that it will carry you straight into the arms of your Beloved within. In this way only will you have celebrated the Master's birthday as He wishes.

My love and best wishes go to one and all.

Yours affectionately,

1971 Birthday Message

Dear Ones,

You are fortunate to have man-body which is highest in all creation.

Awake ! O man, 'Regain your Godhead' before it is too late. Most of the time has been frittered away in other pursuits. Make the best use of the time left at your disposal.

On regaining your lost Godhead you will have right understanding that "You are all one." This will result in right thoughts, which will follow in right speech and right actions.

You will thus bring the 'Kingdom of God' on earth.

       Yours affectionately,

1972 Birthday Message

Dear Ones:

I am sending you the following message in brief on my physical birthday, which will bring peace to all the world over.


(i) Be good and do good:

(ii) BE ONE: