Naam or Word





(1) Without Naam we are dead to true values of life:
He alone wakes up to the Reality whom God may so desire  and meditates
  on the Word of the Master.
O Nanak! they indeed are dead who do not commune with Naam,
  only a devotee doth live. 224
               GURU AMAR DAS
The peerless human body is cast by virtuous deeds, and they that contact not
  the Naam destroy their very self,
Why do they not die who forget the Naam, for without the Naam
  human life is of no value. 225
                       GURU ARJAN
(2) Without Naam one is blind and is being cheated:
Without the Naam - contact all your attachments are valueless,
  for nothing shall abide with you,
Whatever you see around you is nothing but delusive matter
  that keeps you in bondage. 226
All pleasures and all delights are mere delusions,
O Nanak! precious is the Naam; they that get not the Naam lose their life in vain. 227
                                                                                                                                      GURU ARJAN

(3) Without Naam nothing is of any avail:

All flesh is useful in one way or another, but useless is the man
  who contacts not the Naam. 228
With all the enjoyments of the world one never feels satiated,
Ever consumed in invisible fires, all endeavors without Naam prove infructuous. 229
                                                                                                                                  GURU ARJAN

(4) Without Naam one loses his respect for the self:

Without Naam, one becomes a black sheep,
And leads an accursed life of no consequence. 230
                                                           GURU RAM DAS

All through the ages, one without the Naam wallows  in the dirt,
Devoid of devotion, he has neither glory nor respect,
Forgetful of the Naam, he passes his days in sorrowful tears. 231
                                                                                              GURU NANAK

(5) Without Naam one becomes an abode of all afflictions:

Always sing the praises of God, and thy sorrows shall vanish,
By forgetting the Naam, O Nanak! one is beset with difficulties. 232
(6) Without Naam one gets drenched in materialism and is ever in affliction:
It is better by far to sterilize the mother's womb than to produce children
  with no love for the Naam,
Their bodies are all hollow without contact with the Naam
  and they live and die a malingering death. 233
Ever burdened with desires and wishes,
One lives a deserted life without Naam. 234
                                              GURU RAM DAS
Enslaved to the mind and the senses, one contacts not the Naam
  and is ever in pain and affliction,
Without contact between the spirit and the Naam,
   how can one have peace. 235
                 GURU AMAR DAS
Everyone in the world is a unique gambler,
He wishes for all the joy at the cost of the Naam. 236
                                                                       GURU NANAK

(7) Without Naam one is leprous and in the clutches of death:

Whomsoever Thou bestoweth the gift of the Naam, is the King of Kings,
O Satguru, one without this precious gift is ever in the gyres. 237

Ever engaged in the delights of the world, ye remember not the Lord,
O Nanak! by forgetting the Naam, one forever comes and goes. 238
                                                                                                   GURU ARJAN

(8) Without Naam all are of low birth and remain in distress:

By devotion one rises in the scales of life, and acquires merit through the Word,
Without contacting the Naam, all are at the lowest rung of the creation
  and are filthy worms. 239
 All real glory in the world comes through the Naam,
    and without It there is none,
The worldly glory is but a passing phase, and cannot last long. 240
                                                                                      GURU AMAR DAS

(9) Life without the Naam is a sheer waste:

Forgetting the Word, one wanders in delusions,
Leaving the roots, one clutches at the leaves and gets nothing. 241
                                                                                               GURU NANAK

Drunk deep in love for the self and the children,
O Nanak! without the Naam, existence is a wasteland. 242
                                                                               GURU ARJAN

One returns not to see his children, friends and the  household,
Kabir saith: without contacting the Naam, life goes  in vain. 243

(10) The giant wheel of life ever moves on for those who do not take to the Naam:

Why hast thou forgotten the All-pervading Naam,
With the decay and the dissolution of the body one has ever to deal
  with the god of Death. 244
Forget not the Lord or else you will fall into the clutches of Death,
In the end of the life's journey, O ignorant one, the minions of death
  shall torment thee. 245
           GURU NANAK

O Kabir! all the enjoyments of the world; betel leaves, tobacco, and others,
Shall combine to land thee in the domain of Death without the aid of Naam. 246

(11) Without Naam one is in misery:

The Naam is the only companion after death, and without It,
  there is the bondage of Death. 247
All cunning and cleverness prove futile and one  departs with tearful eyes,
O Nanak! by forgetting the Naam, one gets no relief at His door. 248
                                                                                                     GURU NANAK

He alone suffers from penury and want, saith Kabir,
Who has in his heart no love for the Naam.249

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