Naam or Word

Book Seven


A True Deal in True Wares

    IN THE scriptures it is stated that the purpose of the human birth is to gather the merchandise of "Vakhar," the wares of Naam or the Word; for It unlocks the Kingdom of God and makes one accepted at and honored in His Court. "Vakhar," then, consists of the practice of and communion with the Holy Word.

The Master makes with thee the true deal,
He who gathers in the True Wares (Sacha Vakhar),
  he revels in the True Word. 1
                             GURU NANAK

Serve One, collect One, ask for and pray God for One thing,
Gather ye the riches of Naam (Vakhar Dahn),
O Nanak, that is the true capital. 2
                                      GURU ARJAN

We trade in the True Word (Sacha Vakhar),
O Nanak! a devotee of the Master gets through. 3
                                                                    GURU NANAK

Vakhar, or the merchandise of Naam, is in abundance with the Saints and one can have It from them alone.
The Vakhar (stock in trade) for which ye have come into the world
Is the all-pervading Word (Ram Naam), which ye can get from Saints. 4

The pilgrim soul has been able to contact the Master,
The stock in trade (Vakhar) that ye desireth,
  ye can have through communion with the Word. 5
                                                                    GURU ARJAN

Just as we have emporiums and centers for collecting and distributing commercial goods, in the same way we have in the human body a Center where Vakhar can be gathered in, collected, and distributed. It has of course to be mined out of the recesses of the soul with the help and guidance of the Master.
This body is the merchant's storehouse and has in it
  the precious Vahkar as wares,
A rare buyer may get It through following the instructions
  of the Master. 6

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