On Keeping the Diary
October 19, 1968

DEAR ONES: It appears that Column No. 6 on the diary form has caused some confusion among the dear ones, in that some record in this column failures to observe Selfless Service, physically and financially, while others treat it as a record of positive contributions made.
The confusion has apparently arisen because Column No. 6 has its own total quite separate from the first five columns and is also adjacent to the positive record of time spent in doing the spiritual practices.
    However, since it is desirable to have the diaries kept in a uniform manner by all, Column No. 6 should be looked upon as a failure to observe the virtue of Selfless Service toward others, physically and financially.
    In addition, it has been observed that few initiates have been informed as to how they should fill in the diaries. Instead of entering the number of times that they fail in thought, word and deed in the appropriate columns under Ahimsa, Truthfulness, Chastity, Love for All, Diet and Selfless Service, there is a tendency to put ticks or crosses. It is the same case with filling in the column under Spiritual Practices.
    The diary forms are divided into seven categories. The first six categories deal with the failures to observe the virtues indicated by the heading of these categories, while category number seven is a record of the time spent in spiritual practices. In the first six categories, you are to enter the number of times that you fail to observe the virtues indicated, in thought, word and deed. For example, if you fail in "Non-violence" in thought, word, and deed, four times in one day, you are to enter this figure in the column provided under the day on which the failures occurred.
    It is also important that all must fill in their diaries for regular submission to me every three months. Representatives and Group Leaders are not exempt from keeping the diary, as it is just as necessary for them to maintain regular self-introspection, so as to set an example to others as well as to ensure their own spiritual progress. Those who do not maintain the diary will lose valuable ground in making steady spiritual progress. In time, they will cease to apply themselves to their spiritual practices and in consequence the virtues stressed on the diary forms will be observed less and less.
    The summaries of progress made in developing the Principles of Light and Sound, and any difficulties in the way of making such progress, should be written concisely, neatly, and clearly in the boxes provided for this purpose on the right-hand side of the diaries. It would be greatly appreciated if notations, explanations, and even letters were not to be written on the backs of the diary forms but confined to their proper places on the front of the diary forms. Letters should always be written separately, if at all necessary. In this way, the report of spiritual progress may be read at a glance from the diaries and other matters not relevant to the diaries, if any at all, should be included in your covering letter. Correspondence received shows that in about fifty to sixty per cent of the cases, the letters are sent monthly and sometimes bi-monthly, which if avoided will lessen the burden of correspondence. In cases of real importance the usual time limit can be ignored by the Representatives and others.
    The diary forms should be a true reflection of your own inner state. The failures made should be as an open self-confession of the shortcomings which stand between you and the Master. Similarly, devoting regular time to the Spiritual Practices is an indication of the positive efforts that you are making toward your spiritual growth.
    If you live up to the sublime purpose behind the keeping of the diary, you will progress from day to day, and achieve your goal in this lifetime.

SATSANG: All the dear ones are advised to read carefully Circular No. 4. This circular deals with the proper way to hold Satsang meetings. All Satsangs should be conducted strictly in accordance with this circular.
    Satsang is not a meeting place for a hotch-potch of different schools of thought. The teachings of the Surat Shabd Yoga only should be the subject of discourse.
    Books other than those of the Master should not be read from, sold or displayed at Satsangs. Other books or saints which speak of the Surat Shabd Yoga may, however, be referred to in your talks.
    All such subjects such as astrology, palmistry, astral projection, psychic phenomena, or other allied schools of thought, should not be brought into the Satsangs and discussed. You may refer to the book The Crown of Life in which you will find how the teachings of Surat Shabd Yoga differ from all other Yoga and modern day movements.
    I cannot stress strongly enough that it is most important that all Representatives and Group Leaders must be fully convinced of the supremacy of the teachings of the Surat Shabd Yoga, which is the simplest and easiest way back to God. They must have this understanding as well as faith in the God Power working through the chosen human pole of the living Master, otherwise they cannot deliver the teachings to others with the firm conviction that the Surat Shabd Yoga is supreme above all other paths. If, however, some Representatives and Group Leaders are not fully convinced of this at heart, then I am afraid that they will not be able to do full justice to the onerous work entrusted to them. We have, of course, respect for all other teachings that point the way back to God.
    Satsang is of the Master and every initiate is also part of the Satsangs and can contribute to the general atmosphere of the Satsangs by setting an example in living up to the Teachings of the Master. Christ said, "Let my words abide in you, and you abide in me." The words of the Master are the Master, and the Master cannot be separated from His words.

With all love,

Yours affectionately,

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