It's Nature and Technique

Hurdles in the Way of Prayer

    SOME feel that when God knows even the innermost secrets of our minds, wherein lies the need of prayer? Some others think that when God is to grant gift for the asking, we may in ignorance ask for things that may ultimately be harmful or injurious to us and we may have to repent for our folly. Still others believe that God, who is more than our earthly father, knowing what is good for His children would provide that without our asking and keep back that which may be detrimental to our interest. Despite all these arguments, the saints insist on offering prayers.

    Doubtless God knows our needs:

Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him. (34)
His greatness lies in His Omniscience. (35)
                                                  GURU ARJAN
He knows the secret of every heart,
And what lies hidden underneath.
                        GURU GOBIND SINGH
My Kirdgaar (Creator) knows my needs much better than I do.

Still the underlying object in offering prayer is that we may know and understand our needs, be prepared for the fulfillment of the same when the time comes and be thankful to Him.

We are thy children, O Master,
Grant thou the gift of right understanding. (36)

To the ignorant children, Father giveth the light. (37)
                                                                   GURU RAM DAS

Sometimes it might seem that our prayers for riddance from calamities are not heeded, but in all certainty we do get from them fortitude enough to withstand the calamities and strength to successfully combat them without feeling their sting and their pinching effect.

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