It's Nature and Technique

Time for Prayer

    PRAYER needs no specific time nor any particular hour. In fact, one can pray without ceasing. It is an ebullition of spirit and like a volcano may burst at any moment. Prayer should, however, be offered regularly at any time during the day or night. Early morning hours and evening twilight hours are, of course, very congenial and most suitable.

At the ambrosial hour ofthe early dawn,
Be ye in communion with the Divine Word,
And meditate on His glory. 53
                                     GURU NANAK

Most of us search for a time for prayer and unfortunately are so busy that in the end we find no time at all. A prayer does not need any philosophic dissertation or elaborate arrangement. One has just in loving faith to express his inner urge in the simplest words possible.

    A true prayer needs no particular time and place. We have to sit quietly in the temple of the body, at the seat of the soul, and to gaze in between the eyebrows and mentally repeat whatever charged words have been given to us by the Master. That is more than enough of a prayer. But the trouble with us is that we do not know how to pray. We may in a case like this simply ask, "0 Lord! teach us how to pray." In this respect, we can be guided by the specimen prayers given by the various Masters.

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