It's Nature and Technique

Prayers for Others

    SINCE all souls are of the same essence as of God and are correlated with each other, one may as well pray for the benefit of others. High souls always pray for the good of the entire humanity. They are not content with the greatest good for the greatest number as is commonly sought by the leaders of society. Their prayers generally end with the words--"O God, do good unto all."

    The Muslims first pray for the Momins (their brethren in faith), and thereafter for all the rest. The Buddhists likewise pray for all. Christ even suggested prayer for one's enemies. Amongst the Hindus it is a common practice to close their prayers with a few charitable words for all living creatures great and small. Some people offer prayers for the ills of the entire humanity and still others make use of it in the case of individual ailments. Telepathy has now conclusively proved how heartstrings between individuals play in unison, irrespective of distance between the two. There is a tremendous power in thought vibrations and their range is unlimited. Is not the coming into being of the countless universes and their dissolution the result of some thought-force, if we may be permitted to use the phrase as indicative of God's Will, no matter what we may call it--Kalma, Word, Hukam, or Bhana. Thus the sympathetic chords between the Master and the disciples carry silent messages of love to and fro between them with a force that is unimaginable. This wonderful relationship one can establish with God. By being in tune with the Infinite one can by force of thought do a lot of good to others, as at bottom all are embedded in the same soil, the Divine ground.

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