It's Nature and Technique

The Advantages of Prayer

    PRAYER is the essence of spirituality. It affords a wonderful recreation to the body, mind and soul. It brings in complete satisfaction and satiation which nothing else can give. The peace which comes with prayer is of a unique nature, quite unimaginable· A kind of serenity descends upon the subliminal self within.

    Prayer has in it a great dynamic force. It strengthens and befits a person to face and fight the battle of life fearlessly and successfully. It is in fact the only panacea for all types of ills: Adhi Bhutak (diseases and ailments), Adhi Devak (accidents over which man has no control), Adhi Atmic (evil propensities of the mind), and above all brings in inner peace and satiety. It buckles a person with courage and fortitude and brings about a complete reorientation.

    Prayer is the key that unlocks the Kingdom of Heaven. It pulls up the sluice gates and releases from within immense power and resourcefulness.

Where all human efforts fail, there prayer succeeds.
Lord Tennyson tells us,
 . . More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.
Even if prayer may seem to fail to avert calamity, yet it has the power to take the sting out of it. With an inner transformation there comes a change in the angle of vision, which greatly affects the outlook on life. Everything puts on a new mantle of color superbly Divine.

    Last but not least, prayer opens our eyes to Reality and enables us to see things in their true perspective. It gives new values to life and gradually transports an individual into a New World and initiates him into a New Order. With a life of prayer a person eventually rises into cosmic awareness and sees the hidden hand of God working out His will and His purpose which otherwise remains a sealed book too subtle for the average man to pierce through and peep into. The more this inner contact is established, the more Godhead is imbibed by the spirit. Only when a complete identification comes about does one become a conscious co-worker with Him.

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