It's Nature and Technique



Herein have I suffered much,
Drive away my sorrow and scepticism.
Now I am in search of Thee, O Lord!
Take me beyond the bounds of affliction,
The whole world is flooding down
The current of births and deaths,
O Lord of Mira--Gidhar Nagar !
Rescue her from the giant wheel of births.

I know no peace without seeing Thee, for I know the deep anguish in my heart,
Over and over again I go to the housetop to see if Thou art coming;
  and my eyes have swollen red with weeping.
The whole world is false and transitory, and so all the friends and relations;
With folded hands I pray that Thou mayest hear me.
This mind of mine, a great scoundrel, is ever out like an elephant run amuck.
The Master, having explained the secret, has taken me in his fold,
  and I am at rest.
O Girdhar Nagar--the Lord of Mira! I am now fully absorbed
  in contemplation of Thee,
Every moment I see Thine immanence everywhere and seeing I feel blessed.

My friends have turned enemies and hate me, one and all,
  but Thou alone art my well-wisher,
My boat is marooned on the high sea, and I feel restless all the day
  and get no sleep at night.
By constant waiting and watching have I grown lean like a thorn,
The arrows of love have pierced my heart and I cannot for even a moment
  forget the love pangs.
Thou regained the accursed Ahilya  from a stone in the wilderness,

O what complaint is there against Mira--O speak to me of that.
The perfect Guru, Ravi Das, came from the Supreme Abode to my rescue,
And He opened up the Way for me, and I became one with the Lord.

I am being swept down in a fearful current, save me O Lord, if Thou wilt,
O! none is my own in this world, but Thou alone art mine.
All friends and relations: one and all,
All are attached to me through selfish ends.
Let the Lord of Mira listen to her supplications.
Grant her the boon of Thy feet, if Thou wilt.

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