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Om: The Thousnd-headed Purusha , thousand-eyed, thousand-footed, even He, encompassing the Universe on all sides, remained over ten fingers in extent. Purusha alone is all this, that which has been and that which is to be. Moreover, He is the Director of immortality; and hence manifests Himself as the Universe evolving by means of food. Of this magnitude is His greatness, even greater than this is Purusha. One fourth of Him forms all created things, the Immortal three fourths are in the regions above.

One God sits hidden in every creature, pervading all, the Inmost Self of all beings, the Watcher over all acts, abiding in all created things, the Witness, the Heart, the Absolute, Free of all attributes.

The One Dweller, Self-controlled, who divided the One Seed into the Many, who is their Atma, those steadfast ones see Him enthroned with their Atma; for them alone is Bliss Eternal, not for others.

That blessing do we choose, in order that we may sing for the purposes of the sacrifice, and for the Lord of the sacrifice. Divine blessing be ours. May blessing be on the children of men. May that which is of good effect go always singing upward. May blessing be on us, the two-footed, blessing on the four-footed. Om! Peace, Peace, Peace!


1. We pray for the gracious joy of God the Omniscient Lord of Existence. Beneficent Holiness is the best of blessings. It alone is the source of true happiness. Happiness to him who is sincerely righteous.

2. O Lord! Through the most-beneficent and excellent Path of Purity may we see Thee, face to face. May we then observe Thy many aspects. And may we be finally merged into Thy Benign Presence.

3. Cleanse Thou my soul, O Omniscient and most Bountiful Spirit! Grant me strength through Perfect Wisdom, goodness through devotion, courage through righteousness, and leadership through Benevolent Mind. In order that I may acquire spiritual knowledge to instruct others, grant me that power, which is indeed the resulting blessing from the Lord of Benevolence. Reveal unto me the laws of religion through upright mind and pure conduct. Then does Zoroaster give away, in charity, even his own life besides his perfect benevolent Wisdom, to the Omniscient Lord. He dedicates his power of speech and action, to serve Asha (Holy Divine Spirit) and Sraosha (the angel of inspiration).

4. As is Ahu (the High Ruler) absolute in His Will, so is the Spiritual Teacher Ratu wielding authority through the law of righteousness. The reward of good deeds, done as offering unto the Lord, is the gift of Benevolent Mind. Whoever gives protecting help to the needy, is entitled to receive power from the Creator.

5. O Omniscient God: when malicious people seek to harm me, who else shall grant me protection, except the Divine Fire and Wisdom that are within me? Indicate to me, O God ! the good deeds that may propagate righteousness in. this world. In order that I may expound to others the teachings of the good Faith, tell me, O Lord! how the evil forces may be foiled. Surely Thy protecting words that are eternal will prevail. Reveal unto me a teacher, who may be full of Wisdom, and proficient in the lore of both the worlds, so innocent that the Angel of Inspiration may approach him through his loving thoughts. A true teacher is Thy beloved agent.

6. O Immortal: Archangel: I offer unto you my sacrifice and devotion through thought, word and deed, and with all my heart I dedicate the very life of my existence. I adore the Path of Purity.

7. Whoever amongst the living beings is foremost in loving sacrifice, is always within the knowledge of the Lord, because of his righteous conduct. We pay our homage unto all such men and women who have sought to serve.


    Reverence to the Arhats,
    Reverence to the Perfect Ones,
    Reverence to the Heads of the Sangha,
    Reverence to the Preceptors,
    Reverence to all holy Monks in the World.

All these five are worthy of Reverence. They are all protectors against sin. Among all auspicious things, this is the most auspicious.


Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One. May it be Thy will, O Lord our God, and of our fathers; to cause us to walk in Thy Law and cleave to Thy commandments; and lead us not into sin, transgression, temptation and contempt. Remove from us every evil inclination and cause us to adhere to the good.
O, grant us grace, favor and mercy in Thy sight, and in the sight of all that behold us; and bestow gracious favors on us. Blessed art Thou, O Lord, who bestowest gracious favors on Thy people Israel. Amen.

(The word "Israel" is composed of ISR (Righteous), EL (Omnipotent); hence means: those who righteously walk in the Law of God.)


Praise be to the Lord, the Holy One, Perfect in Wisdom.
Praise be to the Lord, the Holy One, Perfect in Wisdom.
Praise be to the Lord, the Holy One, Perfect in Wisdom.

I go to the Buddha for refuge,
I go to the Law for refuge,
I go to the Brotherhood for refuge.

For the second time, I go to the Buddha for refuge,
For the second time, I go to the Law for refuge,
For the second time, I go to the Brotherhood for refuge.

For the third time, I go to the Buddha for refuge,
For the third time, I go to the Law for refuge,
For the third time, I go to the Brotherhood for refuge.

I promise to abstain from taking the life of any living creature.
I promise to abstain from taking anything with thievish intent.
I promise to abstain from the evil indulgence of bodily passions.
I promise to abstain from falsehood.
I promise to abstain from any intoxicating liquor or drug.


Invocation by all
0 Hidden Life! vibrant in every atom;
0 Hidden Light! shining in every creature;
0 Hidden Love! embracing all in Oneness;
May each who feels himself as one with Thee,
Know he is also one with every other.
                                                                                     ANNIE BESANT