This begins a 4 part series on the 1955 World Tour.
This first section was published in the August 1955 Sat Sandesh.
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We are reproducing the letters from His Holiness to the Sangat here and some press cuttings and photographs received from America. As we go to the press a fresh packet containing a whole Album of photographs and a mass of new material, including press comments and letters has arrived. It is not possible to reproduce this new material in this issue due to lack of time and space but we shall endeavour to put it all in the next issue. (Editor)


Letters from America

Washington, D.C.
11th June, 1955.
Dear Satsang,

    Since I left Delhi on the 31st evening of May, though all of you have been in my mind and heart constantly, I could not write to you before then. This was because I have had a terribly busy time, the people here are very sincere and have welcomed my arrival with all love and great sincerity.

    From Delhi to London I travelled by the Air India International. We landed in Bombay at 10 p.m. where lots of Satsangis greeted me at the Airport and stayed till the plane took off, which was at 12:30 a.m., there. It landed at Cairo, Rome and Geneva and stayed at each place for one hour; we reached London at 8 p.m., where Kahan, Sampuran, his wife and Surinder met me. I stayed in England for 24 hours. Next morning (1st June) Mr. Joseph Busby, the Chief Editor of the ĎVoiceí, a renowned paper on religion, of United Kingdom, which is recognised in 45 different countries, came over with his helper, Miss Eleanor Upton, and listened to my explanation on spirituality for four and half hours. He and Miss Eleanor Upton both wanted Initiation, which I am thinking of giving on my return to India, when I am thinking of breaking my journey in England for a few days.

    We left for States by the Pan American Airways on the 2nd June at 7:30 p.m., and landed in New York an 8 a.m. on the 3rd, where we were met at the Airport by Mr. and Mrs. Khanna and other friends., We caught the evening train for Washington - at the station lots of people were awaiting my arrival and greeted me with great love and with flowers.

    My stay was arranged at the ĎMay Flowerí one of the most distinguished hotels in Washington. I stayed there for three days but did not like it much for pomp and show of outer things which do not impress me a bit. Have moved to an independent house. The address is 8822 First Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.A., where morning meditations and evening talks are attended by about 30 to 40 people (new and old) and all sorts of questions were being replied to their satisfaction. All of them are having wonderful experience with Hazurís grace. Christ appeared to some of them with the Master. I had to give, in addition, a talk to the public of 500 strong which was appreciated by all concerned. All these talks are being recorded on Tape and all papers are publishing about my talks over here. I just got a ĎMessage of the Great Master and His Ashramí printed here for free distribution.

    The men and women are being drawn from day to day - with the grace of the Master - I was invited by the Mohammedan Mosque over here and Indian Ambassador here. The Ambassador of Pakistan sent $10.00 as a mark of respect, which was returned with thanks as it is not the custom with us. Another Russian man came up to offer $5,000 for work of the Master, after attending the first talk given in the public. I am not here for the money but for the Masterís Message to be conveyed to them which is being appreciated by one and all. An open-air talk is to be given to the public at large on Sunday, the 12th of June, 1955, and the papers are publishing it.

    I am ten thousands of miles away from you but my thoughts are with you as ever and Hazurís Grace working overhead. Please convey my heartfelt love to each one of you over there.

    I will write to you later.

    With all love and best wishes to you all at home.

Yours affectionately
Kirpal Singh

Silver Spring, Md.
June 17, 1955.
Dear Delhi Satsang (My Life)

    In continuation of my previous letter I may state that a Satsang was held in an open grassy ground around the Washington Monument. It started with a shower of rain, which stopped. I told the audience that whenever anything was started in the name of my Master Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, He came down with a shower always. The talk was given for full one hour on the subject - "What are the pre-requisites to see God." Then again rain came on; which drenched one and all sitting and there were still some who continued hearing the talk until I stopped talking. Hazurís grace is working in all fullness. In my evening talk today at Friendsí Meeting Hall, I dealt "whether we can see God", and they were wonderstruck.

    Talks are given regularly every evening from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. First they used to be given here in the house, but now as the gathering is getting stronger every day, this house refuses to hold all of them. So, a huge hall has been taken over and from yesterday Satsangs are held there.

    Whoever has the good fortune to come in close contact with me, he just cannot resist me. I suppose the Light of God cannot be screened off and for the true seekers it is the beginning and the end of their search when they come to me. I have never seen such a remarkable change in such a short period of time in the people here, for in the beginning some had come with their wits sharpened to a razorís edge with suspicion, and with thoughts of attaching me with the most well thought of difficult questions. They really bombarded me with questions which even a most learned man would not possibly attempt to reply, but it did not take long for me with Masterís Grace to shock them into awakedness with an effortless way of giving answers and making them so easily understandable, and in such a simple way, too, that this really stunned them - and within these thirteen days those very people who had come to criticize now sit at the feet like thirsty people quenching their thirsts with that which poured from the lips of the Master within. They all look up with such love and devotion; this is the result of being near the all powerful truth, for the sittings are given every morning to all, they might be initiated or not. Jesus Christ has come to many new comes with the radiant form of the Master; so he, too, is helping to bring the people near the Master. New people are being drawn from day to day and Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj is also appearing to some, who have not even seen His picture and they recognise Him from the picture when shown.

    I was invited by WTOP television people, so I was on TV for twenty minutes on the 13th (Monday morning) and gave a talk on the essentials and non-essentials of religions. The essentials were all one - love of God and love of humanity, and now they want to make a film of me and earnestly want me to come to the TV again. I hope I will agree, for this is the only means of making the people of America see and know the message of the Great Master Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj as also those who are ready may know that there is, after all some body still to put them on the way back to God, as presented by Masters in the past, so no need for despair for them. One of my talks was broadcast over the Radio on the subject. There is one way back to God for all humanity alike which starts when you transcend the body and another is being broadcasted this evening.

    So many pictures are being taken of me that I think in a few daysí time I will be the most photographed man, and the press - you just cannot imagine what a busy time I am having. When I see you I will show you some of the newspaper cuttings, which I have asked Khanna to keep.

    Some of them wonder if Master is the re-incarnation of Christ. Some have accepted Him as Christ, some take Him to be even greater than Christ. I simply tell them that I am a man just as you are - and simply developed in the spiritual way with the Grace of my Master. What I have learnt at His Holy Feet I am giving out to you.

    The head of Meher Babaís Movement came to me for an interview today and I had a long talk with her - She has invited me to a meeting of Meher Babaís followers, so I have promised to do so.

    I have been invited by the Central Y.M.C.A. to speak on the subject "Spiritual Discipline in an Atomic Age" on the 19th June, 1955 where men from various countries are attending. On the same day I have to give a talk at the Mt. Vernom Methodist Church at their service at 10 a.m. In the same evening Satsang will also be held at Friendsí Meeting Place, Quakerís Church, where many people are expected to attend. TV photographer will come and will shoot 16 mm film to show on TV next Saturday the 25th June and will also introduce the Master and His Party.

    I am very busy during the coming week, as I have to give a Ďseriesí of talks on successive five days in addition to daily meditation hours and interviews by others. I am here in Washington, D.C. up to the 30th June, 1955 and have a programme to proceed to Louisville on the 1.7.55. Thereafter will proceed to Chicago and thence to California. This will cover more than 4000 miles of travel - major part of which I intend to do by air. People are inviting me from many places in U.S.A. as also from Canada. I will do my best to meet with their wishes with the grace of Hazur Maharaj Ji. Let His Name be glorified.

    Please convey my fondest love and best wishes to each one of you in the Ashram and all those who attended the Satsang.

Your affectionately
Kirpal Singh


Letter from Mr. T. S. Khanna

Washington D.C.
June 19, 1955.
    In continuation of previous two letters you all will be pleased to know that the Master is doing very well, though kept very busy but always remembering you and the rest.

    News from here is great - the Master who had arrived in the States only a fortnight back and at the time He was complete stranger except for a handful of Satsangis to meet Him, but these handful have really proved a Handful - they have done great work and in all sincerity too. First making these people as stepping stones, the Master now is working wonders. In only seventeen daysí time a stranger in this mighty country is proclaimed in many recognised circles, public and private meetings and churches, as the World Spiritual Leader. I think this is the most miraculous thing that has ever happened, as this is an Atomic Age, so the Master is keeping pace with the age. He is just entering into the hearts of all who come to him, even though at the beginning they are not convinced of the Path, for it is hard for them to accept an entirely new thing and from a stranger from another country and colour too. He is forcibly pouring the Light of God into their blinded eyes and they do have wonderful experiences. He just brings Jesus Christ to them to convince the people - for to many has the Christ appeared with the radiant form of the Master.

    Invitations are pouring in from many different places and societies in America. I mean socially different only, for as we are all seekers of the same Truth, so in actual sense we belong to the same society too. It makes no difference if we seek Him reclining in an easy chair in a drawing room or sitting cross-legged in the Himalayas, as long as the cry for him comes from within the heart, that is all that matters. I see now how much in need are these people here, they are as much in need of Him as we are in India or in the East. I wish that we could only bring out all that was taught by all Masters who came in the past and revived by Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji and benefit the seekers with the Lordís presence with full hearted sincerity.

    The Master was invited and was on the television on the 13th morning. He was filmed (movie) in the Friendsí Meeting House, where He was holding a Satsang on the 19th of June at 4 oíclock in the afternoon. This movie is going to be shown on the television on the 25th evening and then on some other dates too. These people will continue to send this film, together with a resume of the teachings of the Master, to the various stations in the West to be broadcast on television. The press is also at work. His pictures and advertisements come out in the papers. All this goes to glorify the name of our Master Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj.

    Today He was invited by the Central Y.M.C.A. to speak on the ĎSpiritual Discipline in an atomic Ageí and the hall was full with men and women of various countries of the world and there was a pin drop silence when and as long as the Master spoke. I cannot describe in actual words what He said there, for today there have been three talks by Him in three different places - Y.M.C.A., Methodist Church, and the Friendsí Meeting House but roughly and in my own words, He said that God made man and man made social religions. Social religions were made for the uplift of man and man was not made for social religions. He was to make the best uses of them. We are members of he same family of God irrespective of the fact to which particular social religion or country we belong.

    If the people do not change we are in great danger of having the world wiped out by our own hands, though all Nations are screaming at the top of their voices for peace, goodwill and love for one another, but there is no sincerity in their hearts, their lips are uttering words of love and at the same time their brains are inventing new improvements on Atom Bombs. How can this bring peace in the world. If we really loved, we would be loved in return. It is against the law of nature that love should ever beget hatred. But we cannot love, we cannot throw the weapons of destruction away, for we are afraid, afraid not for others but for our own death. We are living in an age of great fear of death and dread of the unknown and beyond this life - that is why so much mistrust of our own kith and kin though settled in other countries, we want to slaughter and finish up other Nations so that no other race remains and we should be safe - this is what is called as Grand Delusion, knowing fully well that we have to leave this body and all that we posses through this body some day - there is no exception to the rule, yet we still want to cling to this perishable matter and we make believe that we are never going to die, others might but not Me! The impossible have come into possibility - like aeroplanes, televisions, atom bombs, etc. through the brains of man, but why isnít more thought given to the Truth? We have all to die and death is not so frightening as it seems, and this strange clinging love for any perishable things, as your body and many other things, is not right. This body was given to you as many other things, for your use. It was given as a slave to you - but open your eyes, canít you see the slave has become a Master of yours. You fell in love and depended so much on your body that now you cannot do without it. This is the State of affairs which is bringing all this dissatisfaction in this world.

    The world might wake up but it cannot without the help of a Master, someone who has realized Himself and realized God and who can help us to know ourselves, and this we cannot do unless we leave our body while we are still alive and analyse ourselves; and this only a Master can teach you and with His power make you leave your body. You should die a hundred times a day and each time you will get acquainted with the much dreaded "Death" and all sting of death will go away. This is the only way to save the world from utter destruction.

    Love thy God with all thy soul, with all thy mind and with all thy strength. As God resides in every heart we should love all humanity. All other Scriptures hang on these two commandments, when you will observe these. You will see the truth with your own eyes, then love will not only awaken in you, but you will be one with love for God is love - and the kingdom of God will descend on earth and there will be peace and good will all around. This is the only solution and no other. If we want peace we must turn our faces towards God and realize ourselves.

    On the Afternoon of June 19th, Sadhu B.G. Grewal, a Spiritual leader who is well versed in the comparative study of all religions, came down from Detroit, a place located about 1,000 miles from Washington, only to see the Master. He was with him for over four hours and spiritual matters were discussed and he went away quite satisfied and invited the Master to his place and offered is whole-hearted cooperation when he would go over there.

    You will see how the Grace of Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji is working in all its glory.

    In addition to the above meditations in the morning talks are also held in the evenings - the people are being drawn to the Master.

    I am sending you some copies of "Message of the Great Master and His Ashram", which has been printed here for free distribution.

    You will be glad to know that the Master has arranged to speak to you on the auspicious occasion of Hazurís Birth Anniversary Day which falls on the 27th of July. This talk will be relayed from Voice of America, Ceylon to India at 7:00 p.m. on July 27th, 1955 Indian Standard Time, at 25, 42 Meter Short Wave. You may please arrange all interested to meet wherever they are and listen to the Voice of the Master speaking in sweet remembrance of Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji - Let His Kingdom be established on earth.


Letter from Princess D. Narendra

28 June 1955
Dear Satsang,

    I hope that this letter finds you and the rest in perfect health and happiness. The latter, I think, is ill placed here for as long as our much loved Lord is away it is, I should say, well nigh impossible to have any peace of mind whatsoever. Though we all know that He is always with us spiritually, but to see, feel and know that he is near us physically is a thing which gives us so much happiness that it elates you in the highest form of bliss, so I will not even try to endeavour, what you all must be going through, but if it is of any consolation to you all, the Master feels for you too, the only difference being that he feels a thousand times more than what you can ever imagine. As He says, every action has a reaction - so it is - and more in validity in this case than in any other. You might only feel that your heart is being wrenched away from you in His separation but the Beloved Lord has really taken out His heart and has left it with you all, for I have seen tears flow from His eyes when reading some of the letters from India. You all are bearing this great pain of His separation but He can not bear to see you in this unhappy state - so be happy in the knowledge that He is more with you than with those who are physically with Him.

    Now I will try and give you some of the happenings within the last few days: every day, of course, there is meditation sittings from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and satsang is held in the evenings. From the 21st to the 25th of June a series of talks were given at the Friendsí Meeting House from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. At every meeting the House was very nearly full and people listened very attentively to all He said - the subjects of the talks were as follows:

    The 26th was Initiation Day - 40 men and women were initiated. In between these regular meditations and talks and interviews, I will give you a brief sketch of the Masterís activities in Washington from the 20th.

    On the 20th morning after the meditation, the Master along with Mrs. Dona Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Khanna, their two sons, Mr. Lovell, Taiji and I - all went with Mr. Nigaro to a sort of a retreat for those who want to snatch a few days, rest from this busy life. It was a beautiful peaceful house called by the name of "House of Blessing" in Hamilton, Virginia about 65 odd miles from here. Lunch was arranged there by a Mrs. Elizabeth Bolea - we left the place about 4:30 p.m. On His return from this place at 8:00 p.m., the Master gave a talk out on the lawn, for it was unusually hot to sit inside.

    On the 24th He went to the Emerson Radio Company to approve and buy and tape recorder for India.

    On the 25th at 11:00 a.m. He went and had His throat seen to by a throat specialist. At 3:30 p.m. He left for the television station for they wanted Him in person before they started the documentary film which was taken on the 19th. So He was again on the television at 5:30 p.m. for a few minutes; then the film was shown.

    The 26th was a very busy day. From 8:00 to 1:30 p.m. He was kept busy with Initiation and at 4:00 a gathering of all initiates in Washington - about 100 attended. The Master gave a talk on the subject of co-operation in furthering the cause of the Masterís Mission. At 6:30 p.m. He left for Mr. Kalkatís house (Director of India Supply Mission). Mr. Kalkat had invited the Master and some of His followers and nearly all Indian Embassy people (about 100) to listen to His talk and to dinner. He have a talk on how we have lost contact with our true self and so with the over self, which is called by so many names, God, Allah, Parmatma etc. etc. and how we could again get in touch with our inner self and realise ourselves and God.

    The 27th - no meditation was held in the morning. He had a restful day for the first time since we left India. At 7:15 p.m. He went out on a short drive. 8:30 to 10 p.m. He gave a talk out in the lawn - in this talk He said that if we have to gamble then why not with God, and we should put all that we have at stake - body, mind and soul. He said it would be an enchanting game without any fear of risk attached in this game - for if we lose we will become His, if we win then He is ours - from Kabirís Shabd.

    On the 28th at 3:30 p.m. He visited the Pakistan Ambassador, who received him very warmly. He had a hearty talk for one and a half hour with him as he happened to be from Lahore. He said he had great regard for the Master - he could not recognise Him by mere name - and he requested the Master to have dinner at his house. After that, the Master visited the Golden Lotus Temple set up by Swami Premananda, the disciple of Swami Yoganand of Calcutta. The former came to America when he was 20 years of age - about 30 years ago. As such he know little about the spiritual activities in India, The Master was with him for over one hour all alone talking about spirituality which was explained to him. He has a regular attendance of seekers after Truth. He was very thankful that Master blessed his Temple by His Holy presence and he came to see Him off in the car in all loving humility.

    He is leaving Washington on 1-7-55 for Louisville by car and will reach there on 2-7-55 in the evening as it is about 800 miles from there. This finishes the tour at Washington for the present.

(Mrs.) D. Narendra


Please convey my fondest love to all those attending the Satsang and Ashramities.

Kirpal Singh


Some American Press Cuttings

The Washington Daily News, Friday, February 25, 1955


by His Holiness Kirpal Singh

- World Spiritual Leader of Ruhani Satsang -

What is Ruhani Satsang?   It was founded June 10, 1951, at Delhi, India, by His Holiness Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj for the propagation of the Sant Mat.

What is Sant Mat?  It means the knowledge of the spirit or the system taught and the Path shown by the Master of the Highest Order - The Saints. It is neither some organized scholastic system of philosophy based on mere intellectualism, nor a mere code of social or moral conduct, through all of these are elementary steps on the way of spirituality. It is the science of the soul.
    Ancient and modern sages ask: "What is that, the knowledge of which makes every thing else known?" and in the same breath reply, "Knowledge of the Higher-Self - the true man". So this supreme knowledge deals both in theory and practice, with Manís true nature and relation to God. It is in fact a natural science without hypothesis not subject to change or time. In ancient India it was named Para-Vidya (Science of Realized Truth or science of the soul) and different denominations sprang up to interpret this knowledge. The term Apra-Vidya standing for preparation for achieving the knowledge of Para-Vidya was then intoduced. This preparation consists of following an ethical life and the practice of concentration (in so many ways) both indispensable for spiritual development.
    Sant-Mat does not ask for blind faith or acceptance on mere authority. It is purely personal and practical. Any belief not based on personal experience and verification of facts has little value. One should therefore try to see with oneís own eyes and hear with oneís own ears rather than indirectly with the eyes and ears of others.

How to attain self-knowledge and God knowledge? Self-knowledge precedes God knowledge. It consists in understanding the true nature of the soul, its relations with the body in which it is lodged, how it can be separated at will from the tentacles of the body and seek its source. It is by process of inversion that the spirit rises in the cosmic awareness and attains everlasting peace. The actual experience of death-in-life, because the spirit rises above the body, "Except a man be born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God."

We wish to enter the Kingdom of God, but how? "With the help and guidance of one who has himself entered and can guide us there," is the simple reply from the Master. Is it possible? "It is a knowledge which is as exact and sure as two and two make four" is their reply again. It is not enough to be content with the Holy Books which are the valuable record of inner experience of various Masters in spirituality. We must strive for the same degree of advancement as the authors of the talks and discourses recorded in these books, have achieved. Their experience must become our experience; for what a man has done a man can do, of course with proper guidance and help. The one who can open our inner vision and show us the light of God, however little it may be in the beginning and make our inner ears hear the voice of God - The Word, is the Real Living Master. The world is not without such Masters.
    Fortunately there still exist such perfected souls and the true seekers after God can be put on the way. As light comes from light so life comes from life. The science of the spirit is a thing which neither the Scriptures nor book learning can give - spirituality can neither be fully taught nor bought; but can be caught like and infection from a Master Soul. Life impulse has got to be transmitted into the soul of a seeker to make it quicken with real life, the life of the spirit. It does not matter to which school of thought or part of society a man may belong. There is no need to convert himself for he may continue where he is. There is no hard and fast rule, no rituals, no ceremonies - no offering of gifts - all a disciple has to do is to enter into the laboratory of his body and go ahead. A first-hand experience of withdrawal of the soul current, opening the inner vision and hearing the of sound-current, the Voice of God, is invariably given by the Master to the disciple at Initiation, which is developed from day to day by regular practices so simple a child of five years may do.
    There is unseen power working through the Saints. To experience that Power and derive real benefit from the knowledge we must go to a Master-Saint. The mystery of life and death is solved easily through the help of a Living-Master-Saint who will give experience of the process and put us on the highway to higher realms. Even when acting indirectly through an authorized agent He still remains the responsible Power. Distance is immaterial to Masters. At initiation the aspirant sees the real light within him grow to the radiance of several suns put together whereas normally the eyes are covered by a thick veil of darkness. He now realizes that the tradition of the lighted candle found in churches and temples is to remind man of the Divine Light of Heaven within.

What is Word of God?  He understands that the unceasing internal sound he contacts within is the Divine Link called "Word" by Christ, "Kalma and Nida-i-asmani" by the Quran - "Nad" by the Vedas - "Udgit" by the Upanishads - "Sarosha" by the Zoroastrians and "Naam" and "Shabd" by the Saints and Masters. He meets the Master within, talks to him face to face and is henceforth certain of his grace, guidance and protection wherever he may go even at the other end of the earth. With evident proofs before him, he is now confident of himself and the science. Only now he can be called a "Theist" in the true sense of the word and can smile at those who talk of religion as a foolís paradise or an idiotís dream. He has found a sure ingress through the doorway of heaven in this life and is on the threshold of viewing both internally and externally the secrets of nature - words of opposition cannot shake his faith. Death becomes a voluntary process. Past, Present and Future merge into one and he grasps the incontenstable Truth, the path of all intelligence is in the palm of his hands.

What are the preliminary qualifications for an aspirant to be on the way?  Married life, hard work or a poor environment is no bar. It does not count in oneís favour to hold a high position or possess immense wealth. Neither does membership of a particular faith serve as a recommendation. Wherever he may be man must strive for nobility of character, self control and purity of heart. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." Manís life can be divided in 1) Diet, 2) Dealings - Vegetarianism and teetotalerism are essential. "Thou shalt not kill" and "Live and let live" should be the principle in life. An honest living must be earned. Body is the temple of God and is a sacred place. I must not be neglected nor abused. The Golden Rule is the practice for love and humility. To love God is to love humanity and His creation, for God is immanent in every form.

What are Karmas?  Actions and deeds. Each has to be accounted for in nature. Every cause has an effect. Every action brings about reaction. Uproot the cause and the effect disappears. Karma is the root cause of physical existence and the clever device of nature to maintain this existence. The mind contracts Karmas, puts a covering on the soul and rules the body through the organs and the senses, although the soul imparts strength to the mind, the mind has assumed sovereignty and is governing instead.
    Control of the mind is the first step to spirituality. Victory over the mind is victory over the world. Even accomplished Yogis and mystics who can transcend to high spiritual realms are not left untouched by the hand of Karma. All Karmas must be wiped out before permanent salvation can be found. At the time of initiation, the Master takes up the winding of all Karmas of the initiate. He connects him with the Sound Current (Audible Life-Stream) the Holy Spirit. Here the Law of Grace works wonders. Those who keep aloof and depend on themselves or rely on tradition are deprived of contact with this power and as the saying goes "when the blind leads the blind both fall into the ditch."

What is Spirituality?  It is often confused with blind faith - a display of miracles, psychic Phenomena or Yogic powers. It is an inner experience and its alphabet begins where all philosophy and yoga practices end. Only a Master-Saint is qualified to impart this experience. All attempts to secure the inner experience without the assistance of a genuine Living Saint fail and if anyone claims otherwise and thinks he can - he deceives himself. Self experience is the criterion for judging a genuine Master. They do not rush after glory or self. Their humility places them far above the low level of egotism found in the world. The know immediately who is ready for initiation and cannot be deceived for theirs is the treasure to give the "Poor in spirit."

 Leader of Movement in India to Speak.

    Master Kirpal Singh of India, spiritual leader of the Ruhani Satsang (science-of-the-soul) movement will speak on "Spiritual Discipline in an Atomic Age" at 9 a.m. tomorrow during the International Crossroads Sunday morning breakfast in the central YMCA, 1736 G street N.W.
    The religious leader will also speak before in Washington Ruhani-Satsang Congregation at 4 p.m. tomorrow in the Friendsí Meeting House, 2111 Florida avenue, N.W.

Evening Star 18 June, 1955



World Spiritual Science Leader Stresses Search for Inner Truth

By Ira Greenberg

    An Indian "saint" is bringing to Louisville and the world a religion which its adherents claim is 20,000 years old and which sees no conflict between itself and the various established churches and religious denominations. He is His Holiness Kirpal Singh, world spiritual leader of Ruhani Satsang, known in ancient India as "Para-Vidya", or the science of realized truth. The religion is based on seeking inner truth by a form of self-analysis that in its higher stages brings about a direct communion with God, the spiritual maharaj explained.
    "To know oneself is to know God. Iím not advocating any one religion, Iím taking the subjective side of all religions. Spiritual Science is a common ground on which men of all religions can seek God."
    His Holiness is a 61-year-old patriarch-like gentleman who speaks softly but eloquently through his heavy beard.
    He smiles readily, but it is in his eyes one gets a true inkling of his personality. They twinkle merrily and from them one gets the feeling of a gentleness and warmth that comes from within.
    Referred to by his disciples as The Master, Singh stresses that it is within oneself that God exists and "it is by opening the inner eye that we see the light of God."
    Singh and his entourage will be in Louisville about two weeks.
    He will speak at 6 p.m. Wednesday in Room 304 of the University of Louisvilleís Social Science Building; 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the lecture room of the Y.M.C.A., and 7:30 p.m. Sunday at St. Markís Evangelical and Reformed Church.

Religionís Adherents Vegetarians.

    He is the guest of Mrs. M. Gordon Hughes, 216 Shawnee Drive, his spiritual representative here.
    Spiritual science places few restrictions on its adherents, but one of them is that they be vegetarians.
"We must love all living things, and therefore can neither harm or kill nor eat of them," Singh said.
    When one becomes a student of Spiritual Science, he still may maintain his own religion because this is something that transcends all religions, yet is a part of them, the maharaj explained.
    Though interested mainly in discussing his religion, Singh told of his own background, pointing out at the same time he did not consider himself at all important as an individual.
    "I am a man and I come as a man to men. I am here to help those who are searching and being helped ... and those who are ready and are coming up (in Spiritual Science attainments)."
    Singh, a retired British civil servant in India, makes no charge for his service, but lives off his pension, now paid by the Indian Government.
    The son of a Sikh father, also a civil servant, Singh entered Government work as a clerk in 1912 and retired as assistant controller of military accounts in 1947. He lived in Lahore, the capital of Punjab before India was partitioned and this area given to Pakistan.
    He is the spiritual leader of 1,000 disciples and 1,000 "interested" persons in this country and 50,000 disciples in India.

(Article in New York Times of 4th July, 1955)


    Kirpal Singh of Delhi, India, will address followers of the Ruhani-Satsang (Science of Soul) religious body at 7 p.m. tomorrow at the Sylvan Theater, Washington Monument Grounds.
    The religious leader, a former high official of the Indian government, will conduct services at 8 p.m. Tuesday through next Saturday at the Friendsí Meeting House, 2111 Florida avenue N.W. He also will address the Forum adult Bible Class of Mount Vernon Place Methodist Church at 10 a.m. June 19 in the churchís education building, 923 K street N.W. 

Notice in Evening Star Washington D.C.


    His Holiness, Kirpal Singh, of New Delhi, India, world spiritual leader of the Ruhani-Satsang (science of the soul) movement, is here for a monthís stay as guest of his Washington Congregation, which meets Sunday afternoons at the Friendsí Meeting House.
    Last Sunday night, he conducted a service at the Sylvan Theatre, Washington Monument Grounds. At this writing, he is scheduled to address the International Crossroads Breakfast Group at the Y.M.C.A.; the Forum Class of Mount Vernon Place Methodist Church, and other organizations, he also appeared on Mark Evansí programme on WTOP-TV June 13.
    A man of striking appearance and rich spiritual insight, Kirpal Singh stands over six feet tall, has a long grey beard and dark, friendly eyes. Now 60, he once was Assistant Deputy Controller of Military Accounts of the Indian Government, a position he relinquished to follow the teachings of Sant-Mat (the path of the saints). He was born in the District of Rawalpindi - Punjab (now a part of Pakistan) as member of a prominent family and educated in the Edwards Mission School of Peshawar.
    In an interview with this writer, Kirpal Singh explained that spiritual self-analysis is the foundation of Sant-Mat. A man with a deep respect for all religious beliefs, he always carries a book on "The Sayings of Jesus," and frequently quotes from the Bible and the Koran. He is a Sikh.

Editorial Note in "Report" a Church Publication


To Our Brethren in America

This poem was sent to the Master by Darshan Singh and was published in America.

Cheer up, the denizens of America
The Universal Cup-bearer comes to you
Holding His goblet of Elixir of Life
To bestow on ye His everlasting bounty

His hands Godís hands, His eyes Godís eyes
His words life inspiring, his touch so sublime
Heís grace embodied, Heís love personified
Heís fountainhead of bliss, eternal and divine

Behold Living God treading on this earth
Heíll open the heavenly Gate to ye
Heíll take ye beyond the physical plane
To have communion with the Almighty

We, your brethren in the East
Pray to Cup-bearer Kirpal Singh Ji
To infuse ye mortals with immortal touch
And bless ye all with eternal ecstasy