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SAT SANDESH (September, October 1955)



Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.
July 18, 1955.

    The Master, our much needed and much loved Lord, sends greetings to you and all the rest in India.
    This is just to inform you that the Master, with His party of eight members is leaving Louisville for Chicago at six in the morning of July 19th by car, for Baldwin and Chicago, where He is going to stay only for six to seven days. After that He will fly to California.
    Since the last few days it as been quite hot here, though rain comes down now and then and cools the place down a bit.
    On the 10th of July quite a number of important people of the town came over to see the Master and interviewed Him and sat for meditation for one hour, and the Master that morning gave initiation to eight people. It was a great success, for many saw the radiant form of the Master and Baba Sawan Singh Ji and the Christ. In the evening Maharaj was invited to Church about twenty-five miles from here, St. Marks Church. He gave a talk on the "Discipline in an Atomic Age". Everything was beautifully arranged. The Bishop was there at the gate to greet the Master and just as the Master stepped in the Church they played an enchanting melody on the Harp; then the Master came up the aisle and went up the altar and sat on a chair. Then the Bishop came in and introduced the Master. After that the Master went upon the pulpit and started the talk. He looked so beautiful that several people were left breathless with His beauty; with the huge, thick draperies hanging at the back and candles lighted on either side. Lots of pictures were taken, some of which are being sent to India.
    After the Satsang some refreshments were arranged in the Parish hall. That day we had nearly a thousand people listening to the Master, and so they all had the opportunity to meet Him when refreshments were being served.
    Then on the 11th, 12th, and 13th, mediation, sittings in the morning and talks were given in the evening. Mr. George Gray comes nearly every day to see the Master. He is supposed to be one of the most learned men in the world, and here was seen, the highly developed brain fighting a losing battle in the hands of the simple truth.
    From the 14th to 16th, meditations and sittings were given in the Unity Church of Christ every morning, excepting the 17th, morning, for on that day, Maharaj gave initiation at the house. On the morning of the 14th, He said we cannot love God without seeing Him. How can anyone love anything based on abstract ideas, even if someone gives himself up to God; in this way it can only be said it is an emotional obsession, and not True Love. We cannot succeed in loving the God truly and completely until we come in contact with him by seeing Him with our own eyes, and that can only be possible if we can open our inner eyes, the single eye or the third eye, the Shiv Netra and that is only possible if we are fortunate enough to find a Master who has realized Himself and God, and who can open our inner eye and give us an experience of withdrawing the one from the body and connecting us to the light of God and the Word of God (the Sound). If we can experience this and then see Him and experience His Bliss, then and then only we are capable of knowing what true Love is, and then only we can say that we Love God. After this short talk the Master gave an inner experience to all those who had come to listen to Him. He gave a thirty minutes, meditation sitting with cent per cent results. In the evening He gave a talk in the same Church on the equality of man and true values of life.
    15th evening. He gave a talk in the same Church as to how we have forgotten our true self and how we can again realize ourselves with the help of a Master.
    16th evening. He gave quotations from the Bible and explained how we can control our mind and what is the Word or Naam.
    17th morning. He gave initiation in the house to 12 more people. All got wonderful experience and three saw the radiant form of the Master.
    On the morning of the 15th and 16th brief talks were given on meditation and all those present were given first hand experience of the light etc. within.
    In the evening the Master gave another and last of His talks here in the Church and explained the highest of the most natural of all Yogas - the SURAT SHABD YOGA; all the talks are recorded on the tape recorder. Tonight a meeting is going to be held of all initiates. I think it will be very interesting. A parting talk to be given as to how they should behave and conduct themselves so as to enable them to go ahead on the way.
    P.S. An hourís talk was given and all were wonderstruck that God appeared to be at hand. 

Mrs. D. Narendra


11.15 A.M.
Dearest Sangat,

    Heartiest congratulations and best of loving wishes to each one of you - old, of age and young kiddies on the auspicious Birthday Anniversary of Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, the sweetest of my soul. I am on aeroplane, left Chicago at 10:30 for Beaumont. Though physically I am away but I see you all over there.

With fondest love to you all
Kirpal Singh

Beaumont, California
July 28, 1955.

    Hazur Maharaj Ji the dearly Loved Lord of all sends His loving greetings to you and all those who are so anxiously awaiting any news from him.
    With great thankfulness to Him, He reached California safely (with His party consisting of Bibi Hardev, Mr. and Mrs. T.S. Khanna, their little son Gurcharn, Dr. Donna Kelley and Cuckoo), on the 27th of July, after seven hoursí flight from Chicago.
    The Master is the guest of Dr. Kelley, His Western representative here and will stay in Beaumont for a few days before He starts on His further tour.
    In continuation of the letter of the 13th July from Louisville, He gave no meditation sittings on the 18th for He had to go early that day to keep an appointment with a doctor in the town. The whole day He was kept very busy with giving interviews to initiates and non-initiates. In the evening He held a meeting of all initiates in the Louisville area, most of the people all through were listening to Him with tears rolling down their cheeks for this was the last of the Masterís talks in Louisville. He advised all to begin anew, to forget the past and forgetting the past also forget all the wrongs which others have done to you, but let love remain, give selfless duty and devotion to God and mankind. He emphasized on one point and that was, He said, "Where the work of God is concerned it is the duty of all to work shoulder to shoulder. All mankind should become one in this Great Work." - as small and big pieces of metal when fitted together make one big production machine, so it should be with all humanity to try and fit by each otherís side with love and trust, start bringing out all that is good in each other and with the help of the Master become as perfect as He is. If the world does not try to wake up and join hands the world is at the brink of destruction. (This is not exactly word by word what the Master said, but he so very beautifully gave two hoursí talk on the above subject.)
    On 19th July the Master left Louisville at 6:45 a.m. by car for Baldwin. The Master was in T.S. Khannaís car and Mr. and Mrs. Kelley were leading the way in their car. Wherever the Master goes He leaves behind broken hearts - everyone weeps as little children parting from their mother - so it was here. Two cars followed up to 40 miles, for it is hard to part physically from the Beloved Master. Master solaced them to go back then. The Master reached Baldwin (Michigan) at 9 p.m. Baldwin is 500 miles from Louisville. For the first time He put up as a guest to one of His coloured initiates. (There is one thing which ought to be cleared up before the rest of the information regarding the tour is given, i.e., when the expression - "a guest of" - is used it is just an expression holding no meaning except that He visited a certain place by the invitation of so-and-so. Everyone knows that He does not ever let anyone do or give Him anything of the slightest value for his own personal use. For His own personal need He pays for even a glass of water.)
    At Baldwin Master and His Party put up at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin. When He reached the house, lots of people were anxiously awaiting His arrival.
    20th morning. The Master gave meditation sitting to all those who came and everyone got first hand experience. In the evening He gave a talk on the "Outer aspect of Man", there was a press reporter who took lots of photographs and interviewed the Master after the talk. A musical recital in the drawing room was arranged by Mrs. Thompson in honour of the coming of the Master to Baldwin. The whole evening it was very hot and the Master looked tired but oh! so very lovingly beautiful tonight. He spoke so softly that the words seemed as if they were sweeping in within, washing away all pain and leaving you refreshed and full of hope again.
    21st. After the morning meditation the Master was taken out to see the countryside by Mr. Benjamin. In the evening the Master gave a talk in the drawing room for one hour. It is heartbreaking to see the idiocy of mankind. Only a few whites came today to hear the Master, because the talk was being delivered in a negroís house. It is really a pity that even in front of God they want to keep their racial differences. This shows how completely we have forgotten our true self in these outer things and forms. If this does not change and we do not wake up soon all mankind, as Master says, is doomed. Everyone by the Grace of Master is shown the Truth so very plainly that it would have been unbelieveable if it had not been the fact, that the Master links them in all consciousness to the beyond and lights their way with the light of God and guides them with the sound of God. Experiencing all this and having the blessings of greatest of all Masters of the ages, even then we do not change our low animal habits. It is really pitiable that man has fallen so low. This very morning Mr. Benjamin said he had seen the form of the Master Sawan Singh twice before the Masterís coming to Baldwin. Maharaj told him that these events should not amaze anyone for the Master overhead had led Him to the States to find the seekers of God and put them on the way. Master added that His visit to America was not of His free will but it came from Master Sawan Singh and He had not come though it was with great difficulty that He had to wrench His physical body from the land of India, for it was unbearable to see the tears of thousands of His beloved ones there. Master quoted the words of Christ that he had yet many sheep to look after - had it not been for that reason He would not have travelled 12,000 miles to come over to them. He had the greatest love for all of them. On this Mr. Benjamin involuntarily caught hold of Masterís feet and wept bitterly, so were all others in tears too.
    22nd. Friday - The Master gave initiation to five; all had experience. In the afternoon Maharaj Ji looked so beautiful when he took a movie film of Tai Ji, Donna Kelley and Khanna. If that film is sent to India you will see that particular part which was taken by the hands of Our Master, out in the lawn under the trees. Again a press photographer came and took some pictures. In the evening after the talk some cried aloud and everyone thanked the Master and said that they had never been so satisfied as they were today.
    23rd. - At 7:30 a.m. Master left Baldwin for Chicago leaving all the members of the family in tears. The party reached Chicago at 5:30 p.m. Just as the Masterís car got into Chicago it started raining and went on raining heavily till late in the night. The Master went straight to Parkway Hotel where arrangements had been made for His stay. From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. He gave a talk in a big hall at 116 Michigan Avenue. Master, before He started the talk thanked all (the hall was practically full), for coming even thought he rain had drenched them to the skin. He said it was with great pleasure that He sees so many people coming up to hear Him. This shows that man had not lost himself completely in the grand delusion of the materialistic world; it showed that a little awakening was still there and He was pleased to see the trouble they had taken in coming over to hear Him. He gave a talk on the "Outer man and his activities with mankind." After this talk lots of questions were put to the Master and answered to every oneís satisfaction. Quite a number of pictures were taken of Maharaj Ji by various people in the hall when He was giving that wonderful talk.
    24th. In the morning, meditation sittings were given in the hotel. Then the Master gave a short talk. The whole day the Master had lots of visitors. In the evening from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. a talk was given by Him in the hall of 116 Michigan Avenue. This evening there were so many people that chairs were arranged in the side rooms with loud speakers, there were about 800 or more people.
    25th. - Initiations were given to 26 persons. At 2:30 p.m. Master was invited to a radio Station to broadcast a talk. After that He went on the beach for a stroll. From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. a talk was given at the same hall on the highest form of Shabd Yoga, as compared to other practices.
    Negative power, as all over the world, is doing its best to drive the Truth of God from the face of this world. So is it in Chicago. Some vicious propaganda was made by a certain party so that the Great Masterís work in bringing people nearer to the truth may fail. Some of that group did come to find fault but after hearing and seeing the Master took initiation. One even fainted away for he had already accepted another Master, but now he know that the truth was with this Master, he could not decide what to do, so he just fell down in an unconscious state at the gate of the hotel. He was brought up to the Masterís room and never was such a touching scene seen as the Master himself carried this man from the washroom where he had lost consciousness again and with what love and understanding He explained to this man not to worry and told him there was no need to change his Master but to take Him as a brother - the next day this man came up for initiation of his own free will. So truth will shine no matter how many coverings you cover it with.
    26th. Again Master gave initiation to seven new men, this morning. After this the Master went to call upon Dr. Randolph Stone. Some people warned Master not to go there for they said Dr. Stone was deadly against the Masterís work but the Master did go and meet him. Master had an hourís talk with him and this satisfied Dr. Stone. When leaving, Dr. Stone with his party came out from his house to see the Master off and Mr. Khanna took a movie picture of Dr. Stone and some other of his party folding hands before the Master in all sweet humbleness. There is nothing amazing, for Truth will always win. In the evening a meeting was held of all initiates in Chicago. After this Maharaj Sawan Singhís film was shown to all.
    27th. Master left Chicago at 10 a.m. by the T.W. Airways. As it is always the case the farewell was given with tears - some initiates who had come from Washington to see the Master, cried so much that it seemed unbearable to even look at them. The Master said that it is a day of rejoicing rather than sadness when we can spare some tears for God rather than for the world, for, He said, in that way we washed clean the path which leads to God. with tears of self-repentance and longing for Him, God comes nearer to us and takes us in His embrace for ever and ever.
    In the Plane the Master wrote a few letters to India to wish them on the birthday anniversary of Baba Sawan Singh Ji.
    Master reached California after seven hours flying. There were quite a number of people awaiting the Master at the airport. The Master and his party drove from the airport in three cars, after 2 ½ hours run reached Dr. Dona Kelleyís home and was welcomed, by about 30 people, who were standing out on the road looking out for the Masterís car. In the evening, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., the Master gave a talk out in the lawn. It was a wonderful talk - on the life of Master Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj - as that was the day of His birth anniversary.
    All the above talks were recorded on tapes and when they will be transcribed you will find a fine record of exposition of the Teaching of the Masters. 

Mrs. D. Narendra.


Louisville, Kentucky.
July 10, 1955.

    As you will see from the above address the Master is in Louisville. This is a beautiful city about seven hundred miles away from Washington. Master reached this place on the 2nd evening and will leave on the 19th morning for Chicago. But before I start giving you the news form here, I think I will go back to Washington and give you some from the 29th of June and then onward. I know how impatient you all must be for any news of our Lord. So, please forgive me if I do not satisfy you. I am going to do my best.
    Some days before leaving Washington a lady had come to the Master and she told Him that Jesus Christ appeared to her daily and talked to her and as such she would follow Him (Jesus Christ) and no one else. The Master told her that the best thing would be to ask Christ when He again appears to her as to what to do further. She agreed and went away. After a few days the Master inquired as to what Christ had said. She was nearly in tears. She said since that day Christ had not appeared to her; then on the 30th June she telephoned Mr. Khanna and told him that she wanted initiation from the Master straightaway. Mr. Khanna said that it was impossible for the Master had no time as He was leaving for Louisville early next day; but she just would not take a "No" from him. She drove up the Masterís house and told the Master that Jesus Christ had appeared to her, and directed her to the Master for initiation and she just could not wait any longer. The Master consoled her and said she could come to Louisville for initiation. This is only one of these kind of events I have related. Many such happenings have and are occurring all over the place.
    As I remember mentioning before in the previous letters, meditation sittings have regularly been given every morning for one hour with wonderful results. So is was on the 29th morning and in the evening the Master gave a talk in the Mount Vernon Church for one and a half hours. It was a beautiful sermon, and in a unique way He left a lasting impression on the audience. Even if I tried a million times I would never be able to describe the way he utters words which make you feel as if you are treading on clouds. But you understand how He is bringing out all the best in the people by His Satsangs. That evening He explained how we all are of the same Father. He said East or West makes no difference. The way He takes the world is by looking at it as a huge house with hundreds of different-sized rooms. Some of these rooms are placed on the East side of the house some on the West, North or South, but they are all occupied by the one and same family, and the landlord of the house is He, whom we call by different names. Some call Him God, some Allah, some Parmatma, so on and so forth, and if all members of this family living in this great house of God started living a life of purity, and in an ethical way, and if we could only develop real love for God, we would then naturally love all His creation. So it would not be difficult to establish the Kingdom of God on this earth, and if we sincerely want this Kingdom we should not lose time but straightaway start in trying to understand and follow the golden rules laid down by the past Masters in the Holy scriptures; but these can only be learned through a living Master, who has had practice and NOT through masters of intellectualism, for they have no practical knowledge and they are to be feared rather than loved for they will only lead you astray.
    On the 30th evening, the Master was again invited to the same church by Mrs. Taft to give a talk. She arranged for another speaker too and called the meeting as "Where East and the West Meet." Master explained how man can have peace in the Atomic Age. It was explained that if we but followed the great Commandments, "Love thy God with all thy heart, with all thy mind, with all thy strength and with all thy soul", and "as God resides in all hearts, we should love all humanity". On these two Commandments hang all the other Commandments of the prophets. The Eight-fold path of Lord Buddha speaks of the same. The U.N.O. was formed apparently of the purpose to let men of no country overpower men of the other country. Let them live and let others live, and be a helping factor to one and other. He wished the members of U.N.O. to be ideal men. As such all danger of the Atomic Age will go.
    A day before the Master left Washington He was invited by a German disciple to his studio and he took lots of the Masterís pictures. Some of them will be sent to India after the Master has approved of them.
    The people here, as elsewhere in the world are so disappointed in the religion which is being taught today that most of us have just given up even thinking of God and Truth. Nearly all of us are like drowning children clutching at thin straws to save ourselves and most of us just give up our lives in this hopeless way. But those who are still hopeful of someone saving them from this black and chilly sea of death and are on a look out for a saviour, quite readily see the outstretched hand of the Beloved Lord, so they hold out their hands for help and once they do that the Master just helps them and for a while makes them see the Light of God and show them a way out too, and he makes every thing so simple that they are again all full of hope and love for the Almighty. This is how the people of America are realizing more and more as days pass with the Masterís presence here.
    The Radio station in Washington had again invited the Master to give a talk on the 2nd July, but as Maharaj had to leave on the 1st, He did the talk at the radio station on the 30th afternoon. (This talk went on the Air on the 2nd evening in Washington.) On the same evening the Master was invited to give a talk by Mrs. Taft.
    On the 1st of July the Master left Washinton at 9:15 a.m. by car. Half of the Masterís party were in another car which followed Him. From 6 a.m. that day people had started gathering in the lawn to wish Master farewell, and they were practically all in tears. It is hard for anyone who has come in contact with him, and then not to see Him for days and days. It is well nigh frightening.
    At 9 p.m. the Master with His party reached New Concord, and took a rest for the night, at an Inn called "Ramblerís Rest Hotel". We started again at 7 a.m. and reached Louisville at 5 p.m. The Master went straight to His representativeís house (Mrs. M. Gordon Huges) and after being there for an hour or so, for there were lots of people awaiting Him there, He left for 3812 Bardstown Road, where a house was taken for His stay there. It is a beautiful country house. When we reached the house a lady met the Master and said she had seen the Master three years ago in her psychic vision and she recognised the Master straightaway.
    Next day two or three men from the press interviewed the Master and took photos in the afternoon. The next day the Masterís picture and a very good article was out in the papers. In the afternoon the Master held a meeting and gave a talk on "True Values of Life". A Bishop came over to hear the talk and was so impressed that he left an invitation for the Master to come and speak at his church.
    Every day the Master holds meditation sittings from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
    The Chief Editor of the Courier Journal, one of the leading papers in the U.S.A. invited the Master to broadcast a talk on the radio, so Maharaj went in the afternoon of the 4th to the building where the talk was to be recorded. There the editor had invited these other heads of religion to hear the Master. There was a Bishop (Roman Catholic), a Raaki (Jewish head), the chief Editor himself and another head of Judaism. These all sat with the Master around a table and tried their best to outwit the Master by putting their most difficult and awkward questions, but they seemed like little children in front of the Master; He answering them in His easy and smooth way seemed as if He was playing with them and handing them lollipops to suck. These intellectually strong religious leaders widened their eyes in wonder and surprise and I saw them scratch their heads and look at each other in helplessness. This cross-examination talk was a great success and they agreed that this was the right way.
    In the evening the Master held a Satsang in the lawn at 8 p.m. and at 9:30 p.m. we all, the Master included, heard the Master on the radio until 10 p.m. (This was the same discussion, which was recorded earlier.) On the 6th evening Dr. Bradsche invited the Master to give a talk on "How to better the International Relationship of the World". This talk was given to at the University of Louisville - and of course it was again a great success. The hall was packed. Some had to stand up all through. Some even stood outside the hall to listen to Him. After the talk He was taken to another class to give half an hoursí talk where different sane questions were put to Him and were explained to their satisfaction. They had no further question to put. Dr. Bradsche said, "Well Lord Buddha had come and it was all Nirwana". No question seemed to come up.
    On the 7th July evening he gave a talk in the Y.M.C.A. hall on the subject "What is Spirituality and can it be attained?" The big hall was all full an many learned people were wonder-struck to listen the talk. They are coming up to interview the Master on the subject.
    On the 8th an Astronomer friend of Mr. Cooper, the U.S. Ambassador in India, came for meditation. He was very much impressed and said the world today needed a man like the Master to make the Bible more understandable. In the evening the Master was invited by the Television people, so He was on the TV at 6:30 p.m. He gave a short explanatory talk on "What is Ruhani Satsang and its teachings".
    Meditation was given on the 9th morning with very satisfactory results. In the evening the Master gave a talk in the house.


San Jose, California
August 14, 1955.
Dear Sangat

Before anything is given as news of the Master from here in continuation of the 28th July letter from Beaumont, let a few words convey the love of your brother and sister disciples in the States and all who read the cablegram which was sent from India to Maharaj Ji on the 28th July in Beaumont send their hearties congratulations to each one of you who were fortunate enough to be at Sawan Ashram, Delhi, at the satsang held there in sweet remembrance of the birth anniversary of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharai, and were blessed by the Blessing of our Lord to see him in person on the dais, but this was no strange phenomenon; Our Lord is just Love, Love, and Love. That day there must have been so many calls by love to love, so what else is expected? He came and made you all One in Him irrespective of whether you all saw Him or not. This we should take up as a great lesson, how easy it is to call Him and see Him, even with the naked eye in daylight. Men have just got to learn how to sit on a common ground with love for God, and each other, and then raise a voice turned in one tone in all sincerity. He is sure to answer that call, as our Master says Ďas two and two make four, He will come
    So many times you must have heard Maharaj Ji quoting an anecdote of a little child who wanted to stand up but could not. He tried to hold the wall as a support, slipped and fell down, tried many times but could not get up so in utter despair he cried out ĎMotherí. His mother was in the kitchen boiling some milk, but hearing the call came running to help the child. When she went back to the kitchen the whole milk had boiled over and the child looked at this with amusement and said: "Mother am I so dear to you that you forgot all about the milk at my first call to you?" She said, "Yes my child you are far dearer." ... the child thought, "Well, thatís easy, I have only to open my mouth and start mother on the run, so after a few days he tried to be a bit too clever, he while sitting down and playing, cried out, "Mother! Mother! ..." But of no avail. After trying this for a time, he got up and went to the kitchen, asked his mother what she was cooking; she said, "Lentils". He said, "No, it could not be, it must be something far more precious and good otherwise you would have come to me like the last time when I called you, but when she took off lid from the pot and showed him that is was just mere lentils, he said, "Mother it is just unbelievable, last time you had left milk boiling over by just hearing my one call to you, but today when I spent such a long time crying out to you, you could not leave this cooking which is nothing compared to the worth of the milk ... does this mean that you love me not any longer?" She replied, "No my child, this is not so, I love you ever more today than ever before, but your call today had no sincerity in it, you just cried through the orders of your mind turned into craftiness, that day your heart had cried out with all strength of sincerity, and your lips in all purity of want behind, had utterd the words which went straight to my heart, and I came to you without a thought of anything left behind."
    Up to the 27th July, news of the Beloved Lord was given to you. On the 28th, 32 people attended the morning meditations, and eight of the (all new) saw the radiant form of the Master and His Master, the rest had wonderful experience. One lady came and told him that on 3.6.1955, the day, Master had landed in the States, she had a unique experience in which she was told by the higher powers that she will be born anew and will meet a Master soon. Two more men said that they had seen the Master some days before, even when they had never heard or seen His pictures, and they were overjoyed to see Him now. In the evening a talk on ĎHigher values of lifeí was given my Maharaj Ji. This talk He gave sitting cross-legged under a fruit tree laden with ripe apricots. He looked so very enchantingly beautiful. You who all have sat at his feet know it cannot be put down in writing; for you who have seen Him, it will not be difficult to think out how beautiful He must have looked. To try to express that here in words, will just be belittling the magnitude of His beauty.
    29th. After giving the morning meditation sitting, the Master was kept very busy the whole day with seekers after the Truth, so many came that He could not even snatch a couple of minutes to rest. At 5 p.m. he was invited by the radio station people to give a talk. He gave a short but very enlightening talk. He gave a talk at Palm Springs from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p. m., eighteen miles from Beaumont. He explained what the general outlook of the outer man is, and how important it is to realise ourselves and God.
    30th. Fifty people came for the morning meditation. All had first hand experience. Some even saw the radiant form of the Master and of Master Sawan Singh. One man saw the Late Master standing overhead of our Master and Maharaj Sawan Singh had both His hands on the head of the Master. Some of the people had not even seen a picture of the late Master. On being shown a photograph they recognized the man they had seen in their meditaion. In the evening He gave a talk on the criterion of Master and then explained Kabirís Hymn, ĎMera Tera Manue Kesay ik hoi rayí by which the Master explained that you cannot realize God through books, the books only tell you what they saw, that only can be done by a living Master. Only through Him can you leave your body and transcend to the higher regions where God resides in His full Glory and that which is your true home. The other hymn which he translated and explained was "Soch Samajh Abhimani". This evening a lady by the name of Zoba arrived from Los Angeles, who used to think she was the reincarnation of Christ. But today she comes to lay herself at the feet of the Great Master. Some of the old brothers of the Master have come up to see Him and some of them saw Master Sawan Singh Ji within, and they were satisfied.
    31st. Master gave initiation to 27 men and women, including Zoba, two Buddhist monks and two doctors. Today at initiation a remarkable (but not surprising to any of you all) thing happened just when the Master after explaining the Five Names, initiation was given out in the open. There was bright sun but just then, as long as our Lord went on saying the names, water from up above in very fine drops drizzled down on the Master and all sitting in front of Him. It seemed as if Master Sawan Singh was showering cool petals of flowers on all, and just when he finished giving out the names, the rain stopped too, the newcomers were amazed. All had wonderful experience. Many saw the Master and His Master in their radiant form. During the afternoon He with a few others went up to the mountains to a discipleís home. It was about 20 miles coming and going. In the evening, He gave a talk on the forgotten truth, as to which we have been away and away from God, and how we can see Him again through the favour of a Master. Then T.S. Khanna showed some film of the late Master and some others.
    1st. Today at meditation many saw the Master and some of these saw the Masterís Master with the Master standing at the back of the Master and Master Sawan Singh had both his hands on the Masterís head or shoulders. In the evening a parting talk was given. Maharaj Ji explained how impossible it was to realize oneself and God without the help of a man who had realized himself and God. He impressed on the new comers the true value of life and how with a little effort we could rise from the animal life we are leading to the height of God life, this should be oneís true aim in life to be as perfect as our Father in Heaven. To the initiates he said to forget the past and from this day onward do lead an ethical life and devote time to the spiritual practices regularly and to keep an account of all to do and think in the form of a diary which each one send to Him every two months. Then a wonderful scene was enacted before the Master. All sprang up as if with one accord, and stood with folded hands, bowed heads, praying for constant help to them. The Master was much moved. He said in an overwhelming voice that as my Master loved me, I love you, and as the Master power is over head you will have help unasked for. Many shed tears and wept, for it is hard to part with the physical form of the Master (Lord).
    2nd. The Master left Beaumont for Hollywood at 11 a.m. and reached Hollywood at 2 p.m. where the Master and His party stayed in Carlton Lodge, 2041 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles.
    During the day he was invited by Mrs. Mitelaw, an old disciple of Master Sawan Singh Ji. She was sick and had a talk with Him, and many misunderstandings were removed. He told her that we have a common cause of the Master before us, and we should love one another in sweet remembrance of the Master. Old initiates are not to change the Master but to live in all devotion with their Master and progress on the way. Outwardly to be guided by some brother who is ahead on the way. They acknowledged they were not in full knowledge of things. They came round 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. the Master gave a talk on the subject of God and greatness of Man body and higher values of life.
    3rd. In the morning meditation 61 people came including 8 old initiates. All had experience, even an old blind man of 90 years of age who has been completely blind since the last three years. He saw the light of God within. In the evening Master gave a talk on the temple of God, which is your body. He said God does not reside in the temples which are made with stone, bricks and mortar. He said, "the Kingdom of God is within and it can only be entered with a single mind. "You must learn", he said, "the art of dying whilst alive".
    4th. After giving the morning meditations as usual and giving interviews to some of the people, He went to India House where some of the Yoganandasís teachings are taught. In the evening He gave a talk on Godman, Word and the Surat Shabad Yoga, the supreme and most suitable for the present age as compared to other yogas. Between 600 and 700 people attended the talk.
    5th. Today Master initiated 25 people including a Bishop and Mrs. Jean Adriel, (Head worker of Meher Baba) one director of the films and two film stars who were after it for some time past. All had first hand experience of light and sound and some of them saw the Master and the Masterís Master within. Left Hollywood at 1:30 p.m. Reached Santa Barbara at 7:30 p.m. Here a house was arranged by Mrs. Violet Gilbert for the Masterís stay. Many people have followed the Master from Beaumont to Hollywood, so all were put a different places. The Master gave a talk in the evening from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the Love of God and the Love of all Mankind as also equality of man, for He said in Truth we are all worshippers of one God but called by different names. He said Love God and Love all Humanity. These are the two commandments on which the teachings of all the prophets hang on.
    6th. After the morning meditation the Master was taken to bless a body of a woman who had died three days before the Masterís arrival. This woman had been in search for the Truth for two years and was anxious to have Initiation on His arrival, but a few days before the arrival of the Master, as her condition was bad Mrs. Gilbert told her to think of the Master within with closed eyes. She did so and withdrew from her body and saw the light of God and the Master in His radiant form. She was cremated at 1:00 p.m. today. After that the Master visited Mr. Walter Krell, a dying man, in a hospital. This man was initiated two years back but started eating meat on the doctorís advice so was very upset and restless. Master went there and told him that He still loved him. He was overjoyed to see Him. He asked him to close his eyes and then he saw the light and the Masterís radiant form within. The followers may leave the Master but the Master does not leave them. The Master told Mr. Krell He was to go away but that now onward he should go on enjoying the Master within, and told his wife to let him be in peace and not to give him any intoxicants or meat, etc. He enjoyed all the while and his wife asked the Master if He would open her husbandís eyes and she could see him. Walter Krell beckoned with his hand just a parting wish. His wife then said, "Let him pass in peace." She would not like to disturb him and Walter Krell passed away the following day in all peace.
    7th. Today he also visited Rishi Grewalís place in the mountains 12 miles from the house. He has a lovely Ashram in the mountains and carries on his preaching work. In the evening He gave a talk on the values of life in glowing terms. To all present was brought home the higher values of spiritual life. At 7:30 a.m was morning meditation, and at 3:00 p.m. a talk in the Aum Sanctuary of Dr. Rowney. Master congratulated the Doctor in opening up this place as a common ground for all who are in search of the Truth. Master explained how He was running the Ashram in India; a common ground for all to sit together. Then he talked on the coming religion of mankind which can stand. There was a good gathering in the lonely place amidst the trees and all were overjoyed. He gave at 7:30 p.m. again a very illuminating talk at 133 South Salinas. The theme was "Can a scientist believe in God?" The scientists have progressed in the domain of matter only; they have not been able to create a consciousness so far, whereas the masters have proceeded on the way of consciousness and the scientists can be satisfied if they have the experience of seeing the Light of God quite consciously in the laboratory of the manís body by opening the single eyes. He dwelt on the subject that the Light of God is within, and how that has been darkened and how can we have that light again. That mind stands in our way, giving us a superficial life and how to control it. Some of them asked Master "Cannot man go on the way himself?" Master replied that man needs a teacher, a Master, a Guru, to give him a first hand experience to rise above the body consciousness and quicken his progress. The Master gave the example that if fruit trees can give forth fruit earlier and in abundance by giving scientific food, why can not man go on quickly with the help of a higher conscious man? And they were fully satisfied.
    8th. In the morning the Master gave meditation sitting. In the evening He gave a talk explaining the greatness of man and that in a man-body only one can reach his true Home and God and in no other form of creation. He explained in clear and simple words that there is a natural way back to God which a child could also follow and realize God in this very temple of body.
    9th. He gave initiation to 16 people. All had experience. Many saw the Master and the Masterís Master. In the evening, he gave a farewell talk. He emphasised that all do their spiritual practices without missing a day. He laid great stress on regular devotion of time to the spiritual practices, as also how to protect the invaluable treasure of Naam or the wheel and how to increase that. He said the qualifications were Ďforgiveness, chaste Christ-life and compassion out of love and sincerityí, which will help in having spiritual progress. If a rifleman who wants to be a perfect marksman, practices daily until he can get the bullís eye without faltering; so it should be with each one of you, and that will save you completely from the attacks of the five passions.
    10th. Left Santa Barbara after seeing a lot of disciples who had gathered to wish Him goodbye. Dr. Rowney, the head of the Aum Sanctuary, who attended all the talks given by the Master as also some meditation classes and got first hand experiences of the light, came up to see Him off and offered a book "Bible of the Bibles". Reached San Jose at 5:30 p.m. where Dr. Lovelace was awaiting the Master. At 7 p.m. He gave a talk to about 80 people, nearly all new. He gave a brief talk in which he related some events from his own life, how he was in search of the Truth and how he found it through Master Sawan Singh Ji, after reading through two huge libaries of books, and how the mystery of life was solved for him through the Master giving him first hand experience and that there was hope for everybody, the rich and the poor, and the sinners of all nationalities. Then lots of questions were asked which the Master answered to everyoneís satisfaction.

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