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SAT SANDESH (November 1955)


Letters from America

Yoga Philosophic Center
San Francisco, California,
2nd September, 1955.

    In five days time it will be exactly three months since this parting with our Beloved and Gracious Lord’s physical form. So it is beyond imagination how great must be the longing of each one of you to see him back again in your midst. The Master feels this parting more than anyone can think it possible, but He has many duties to perform and is veiled with so thick a veil that only when He lifts it you are able to see what He wants to show. But even He cannot hide the LOVE which just springs out sometimes from His eyes, and that happens many a time when letters come or names are mentioned of His Loved ones in India. This great but unavoidable parting is not only for you but He, though He is with you all the time feels it too. Blessed will be the day when His feet touch the land of India again and blessed will be the Loved ones when they see and will be with him again but most blessed will be the one who will be near enough to see the Love which is going to pour out of His eyes when He looks again at His fold of helpless, lonely children and embraces all with His warm and loving look.
    As you will notice from the top of this letter, this is being written from San Francisco. Maharaj with His party reached this place on the 20th August and today is the last day of His stay but tomorrow He leaves for Chicago by air and then back to Washington, D.C. so you will be pleased to see that the tour of the States is just going to end in a few days time and He will be back in India within the next two months.
    In continuation to 10th August report from San Jose. On the 11th morning there were about thirty people for meditation, nearly all non-initiates and all had first-hand experience. In the afternoon Master had to go to San Francisco to attend to some matter regarding the extension of his visa. San Francisco is fifty miles from San Jose. At 7:30 p.m. He gave a talk in the house drawing room. It is quite a big drawing room but became too small to hold all the people who came over to hear Him. A Sardar Daman Singh came over from Yuba City. He has been in the States since the last 40 years. He is one of the old Satsangis and was overjoyed to see the Master, so he has come over to spend a couple of days near the Master. Tonight He gave a talk on the importance of Man Body, love of God and love of all humanity, then quite a number of questions were put to the Master and he answered to each one of then with such clarity that it was like clearing away the cobwebs with a broom.
    12th. This morning 60 people came over for meditation and each one had a wonderful experience. In the evening He gave a talk in San Jose on what Christ meant when he spoke of the Kingdom of God. Master said that the Kingdom of God is within you and you can enter it by coming above the body consciousness but with one’s own effort, no matter if the man is the most pious, he cannot enter that Gate and yet the most sinful of the sinners with the guiding hand of a Master can enter that Kingdom and become One with God, and then He dwelt on the Higher Values of Life.
    13th. Today there were more people for meditation than yesterday and all saw the light of God and some saw the radiant form of the Master. In the evening He was invited to the Y.W.C.A. to give a talk there. He explained that a human body is the true temple of God in which God and you both reside, but as you yourself have forgotten who you really are, you have to realise yourself before making an attempt to realise God, so your Third Eye has to be opened by a self-realized man who has realised God, only He can open your inner eye and He gives you contact with the light and sound within. He will help and teach you how to realize yourself and with the help of the sound and light to go back to your true home and realize God. He says that is the only way by which you and realize God. For the present age there is no other way but this which is before us. The Master tonight dressed from the shoes to the turban all in white - He looked just radiantly beautiful.
    14th. Initiation was given to 27 people all had experience of the beyond - some saw the radiant from of the Master, of Master’s Master, of Swamiji, Baba Jaimal Singh and Christ. In the evening He gave a farewell talk, all initiates in San Jose and many other came. He explained to all that progress on the way can only be made if all of them lived up to what they were told. All that has blemished your pure life in the past can be left in the hands of the Master and in future you live a clean and chaste life and be regular in your spiritual practices. You will come very close to Master, and His love will just envelop you. Love of the Master with faith is the main thing that can help the initiate to progress on the way. If you become "Guru-man" (who is "God-in-Man") you are sure to become "God-Man" some day, for you cannot love God until you have seen Him. That you can only do through a God-realized Man in whom God resides, by becoming One with the Master you become one with God. He explained how the love of the Master can be developed. He told them that the Master will be with all His initiates always extending all feasible help and will appear to them when they go within as also on the day when they have to leave their bodies permanently. He explained, "let my word abide in you and you abide in me. Ye shall have everything that ye ask." How can we love God until we come in contact with Him therefore, the love of Master (God-in-Man) precedes.
    15th. No meditation this morning but many people came to pay homage to the Lord and He met each and everyone and had a talk with all. Then a group of children of the initiates came over and Maharaj had a group photograph taken with them. After that He left with a party of 20 people to see the famous redwood forests. He liked the place very much for it was so beautiful and its natural beauty and the bliss of the moment caught everyone, so all sat down and meditated. There was no talk in the evening so the Master dealt with the mail.
    16th. Left San Jose for Oakland where Lola Beverly handed over her apartment to the Master for His stay there; this was in Alameda, a town near Oakland. In the evening the Master gave a talk on KNOW THYSELF and on LOVE OF GOD AND MAN. Maharaj Ji emphasised the fact that without a Master it is well nigh impossible to transcend the body but Sant Mat says that criterion of a true Master is only that He can teach you how to transcend the body and believe only when you see for yourself and not otherwise. A Master who is a God-Man is able to give you a first-hand experience on the very first day, so when you find such a man place all your trust and love in Him, for love of God we have to love the God-Man and all scriptures sing His praises and holy places of worship and also places of pilgrimages are where His holy feet had passed.
    17th. 32 people came for the morning meditation and all had experience. Two very old Satsangis came over today to pay their respects to the Master, a Mr. Bush from Yuba City and Dr. Brock from Port Angeles in Washington State. Maharaj Ji was very pleased to see them. He embraced them saying - "My old brothers have come to see me."
    In the afternoon the Master drove to San Francisco where He was invited by Walter Baptist to see the hall he had arranged for holding Satsangs there - Yoga Philosophical Institute of Culture. When Master reached the Yoga Institute He was greeted by some press reporters who were awaiting His arrival, so Master had a long talk with the reporters and lots of photographs were taken of Him. Some of them have been sent to India with the newspaper cuttings which came out in the San Francisco News. In the evening He gave a talk on the comparative values of life and where the Kingdom of God lies.
    18th. This morning 50 men and women came over for the meditation. Dr. Brock saw the radiant form of Maharaj Sawan Singh and of the Master and Mr. Bush saw the light within for the first time. During the whole day Master attended to the correspondence and in the evening He gave a talk on Kingdom of God and how by leaving the body you can enter that Kingdom whilst living. He also explained how the inner eye can be opened.
    19th. Today was a very busy day for the Master. After the morning meditation to which over 50 people came, He went to San Francisco to the Yoga Philosophic Center and then was invited by the Television people. He was on the T.V. for 15 minutes. He looked beautiful for this Television was in Technicolor, the first of its kind, for until now the T.V. was only on black and white. He had an interview with Mrs. Armstrong, proprietor of the Metaphysical Library at the Town Hall who was carrying on work in connection with simplified yoga to suit modern living.
    In the evening a talk was given on what is the difference between a learned man of letters and a man of practical knowledge of the beyond and as to what was the Word referred to in the Bible and Master explained what was the natural yoga.
    20th. 14 men and women were initiated and all had splendid experience. In the afternoon the Master with His party left Oakland for San Francisco. Mr. Walter Paul Baptist had made arrangements for His stay in his house, California Street. Mr. Baptist is the owner of the Yoga Philosophic Center and he is known to be the most developed man physically in the world for his age. He and his wife is the second developed physically in the U.S.A. Both have gold-plated trophies as a matter of distinction. Both were initiated by the Master this morning at Oakland and both are really nice souls. Mrs. Walter Baptist had seen the Master in meditation a month before His coming. A Baron Von Blomberg who is the director of the World Congress of Religions, along with a Bishop, came over to see the Master and had a long talk with Him and came to the satsang too. He has invited the Master to come to Boston where he is going to invite all heads of various religions to meet Our Lord and hear what he has to give to them. Master has accepted the invitation and so will go there for four days. This evening Master gave a talk on the holy Scriptures - as also holy places of worship. He said all mankind is one and the God worshipped was one and the same thought under different names, and explained what that really meant when they used words like "The Word", "Light", etc.
    21st. Over 70 people came for the morning meditation all had wonderful experience and some saw the Master, the Master’s Master and Christ. After that He gave interviews to many. During the day Mr. Baptist took the Master and some others to see the famous bridge, the Golden Gate, which goes over the bay. This is one of the highest bridges and ships pass under it. It is three miles long with a span of over 4200 feet without any stake supporting it. In the evening a talk was given on the inner man and the higher values of live. The hall, huge in its size, became too small, so people just packed themselves in the passages and the side room to hear him.
    22nd. Morning meditation was given to over 50 people. One saw Guru Nanak and others saw the Master and His Master. Baron Van Blomberg came again for the evening talk. He said he know practically everything about all religions, but had never seen the inner light or sound and so wanted initiation. All people of distinctive importance are coming up gradually. They have no other option. They and all must and will bow down in front of our Master, if not today then in the near future, that is if they are in search of the Truth, but Our Lord in His humble way says, "It is all Hazur’s Grace". He is coming to them as man to man and the credit goes to His Master at whose feet he had the good fortune to sit.
    In the evening He gave a talk as to where was he Kingdom of God and how to pass through the strait gate to enter into that and open the inner eye to see the light of God.
    Damman Singh, old Satsangi, got the experience within and was satisfied as also Rattan Singh Dhillon with his wife came up from El Centro and remained to hear talks and ultimately both of them got initiation. During the day Mr. Harri Dass Chowdhari, representative of the Asian Philosophy in San Francisco University, who was initiated by Shri Aurobindo Ghosh of Pondicherry came with another reverend of the liberal Roman Catholic Church and had a talk with the Master and went away satisfied.
    23rd. At morning meditation more than 30 people and all had wonderful experience.
In the evening, talk was given on the natural Yoga taught by Masters and how to contact the Word within.
    24th. Initiation was given to 17 people. In the evening farewell talk was given to all the initiates of Oakland and San Francisco.
    25th. No meditation today. Master and His party went to the redwood forests and enjoyed the solitude there. All sat down in the woods for meditation and many gathered together around Him and took photography of Him while in meditation.
    In the evening He gave a talk at the Metaphysical Library and dwelt on the subject of how we can have peace on earth by living up to two commandments - Love God and love also humanity, also how to enter the Kingdom within - this will even save one from the danger of death.

Washington, D.C.
9th September 1955.

    In continuation to the last letter from San Francisco of the 25th of August 1955, today with thankfulness to Him, these words with gratefulness from all humanity, knowing they or not, are penned down that Maharaj, the much-loved Beloved of All, is in perfect health and with each breath he takes He wrought wonders in uplifting the essence of all purity and Truth, which is commonly known as SOUL, from the dungeon of hell where MIND in its craftiness acts as a warden and keeps this soul of all purity besmeared with the dirt and filth of all passions, the soul an atom of the highest form of degree, which is that of God, has today so forgotten its true self that it literally enjoys life lived in the lowest form and makes hard to believe it is one with that, it is just like one extreme wanting to join the opposite extreme. But HE has come and is in midst of all Self-forgotten children of God, waking all up from the long slumber, washing the dirt off with His own dear hands, but this cleaning hurts them so some cry out in utter despair, some want to run away from this, but He sees how much one can take, so before any drastic action is taken, He gathers them to His heart and rejuvenates His offsprings for another washing He will not stop until He has made them as perfect as Himself. Doomed are those who do not even try to find out even out of curiosity as to why He has come to this Earth and for what purpose.
    But to go back to San Francisco. 26th August, 1955 - The Master with His Party consisting of Bibi Hardevi, Mr. T.S. Khanna, Mrs. Khanna, little Gurcharan Khanna and Cuckoo Narendra left the house of Walt Baptist (where they had been putting up for their stay in San Francisco) with several other disciples who had gathered at the house since early morning to wish the Master farewell. The Master with His party reached the aerodrome at 9:30 a.m. As Maharaj Ji says "It was a pathetic scene," so it was, very much so, some of them could not even come forward to shake the Master’s hand, they were sobbing their hearts out. Master’s representative in California, Dona Kelley, her husband, Charles, Dr. and Mrs. Crawford, Dr. and Mrs. John Lovelace, Walt Paul Baptist with his wife and daughter, he and his wife are the owner and in charge of Yoga Philosophic Center. All these and many others came and stayed on till the plane took off at 10:30 a.m. for Chicago.
    It was eleven hours flight and Maharaj Ji most of the time kept Himself busy with writing letters. Nearly always the Captain on flight, whenever the Master travels by plane, always come to pay their respects to Him and have a few words with Him, so even on this trip, and slowly everyone came to know that the Great Master was traveling with them, so many children came to get His autograph and even an old lady, mother of a Roman Catholic Minister, went over and asked Maharaj Ji to write some sort of a message and His autograph. The Master wrote on her card, "It is better to enter the world with one eye" and signed His name. It was beautiful and she was very much impressed but could not understand what He really meant by saying one eye - she said, "Aren’t two eyes better than one?" So this is how much the ministers, priests, etc. know of the Truth in the present age. It is a pitiable state of affairs, especially for those innocent people who go to these ignorant teachers for the knowledge of the Beyond.
    This lady went straight to her son, the Minister, a Rev. A. Lauck, and showed him what the Master had written. He thought for quite a long time over this, then came over and asked T.S. Khanna if he could have a few words with the Master. The Roman Catholics are very strict in their own beliefs, so Khanna was amazed to see a Minister wanting to hear the Master. Maharaj Ji, our most gracious Lord, never says ‘NO’ to any one so He talked to Rev. Lauck, and when the Reverend left the Master’s side, lots of his doubts had been removed about certain things and he carried back with him two of the Pamphlets - "Man Know Thyself" and "Message of the Great Master".
    At Chicago, Dr. Ruisink, Dr. Ruth Martin and one other lady were awaiting the Master’s arrival in all impatience. From the aerodrome the Master was driven straight to Parkwell Hotel where arrangements were made for his stay in Chicago. When the Master reached the Hotel, He was greeted by flashlight from a press man’s camera. As it always happens, no one ever gave a thought that Master might be tired after this long journey, but He was interviewed by the reporter for quite a long time. Master retired very late, at nearly 3 in the morning.
    27th August. As early as 7 a.m. people started pouring in. By 7:30 a.m. over forty people had gathered together for meditation and all had wonderful experiences. Two saw Christ first, then the Master in His radiant form, eight or more saw the Master and His Master. In the evening, talk was given at Stovone Hall, the hall in a big hotel. The Master gave a talk for two and a half hour on God and Godman, Holy Scriptures and holy places of worship, in a most unique way. He explained how we can get the best out of the Holy Books and the Holy Places. He said if we summarise different religions and faiths and looked at each one, all of them are striving hard to reach the same goal which is our true home and where God resides, so all religions if taken down in their basic form are one and as all mankind is one, so He said it was an act of a madmen to hate each other and love God, for God is ONE, there is no such thing that East has a different God and North, South and West different Gods for themselves. All mankind is one and there is only One God, so we should, He said, love each other rather than hate.
    There is a saying: love and if love of the other cannot return your love, then at least your great love will burn his hate away for you - that is what the Master teaches and He is so full of LOVE that when with him you cannot do anything but LOVE.
    28th August. In the morning meditation a woman by the name of Olga Donenberg came over and said she had seen the Master long before she had ever even heard about Him. Mysterious is the way He works and Great are His powers bringing whom He wants near Him. Another lady by the name of Mrs. Lovepath said she had seen the face of the Master several times before she actually came face to face with Him. At the meditation she saw Christ in all light, then the Master’s radiant form.
    In the afternoon Master was on the air for twenty minutes. This talk was relayed to all Radio Stations throughout the United States.
    In the evening He gave a talk on the Higher Values of Life. After the talk lots of questions were asked and Maharaj Ji gave replies to each and all, to everyone’s satisfaction.
    29th August. More than thirty people attended the morning meditation. Many disciples of Master Charan Singh came over and said that this was the first time they had seen the Light of God. A Dr. Tonbell fell down after a complete withdrawal of the soul from the body.
    Again the Master was invited to the Radio Station, so He was again on the air this afternoon and gave a talk.
    In the evening He gave a talk on where is the Kingdom of God and how to enter it. He explained how the Light of God can be seen by opening of the inner eyes. He said all outer temples were made by man and picture or images of past Masters were placed there with books written by past Masters and these are the things which for aeons of years people have been worshipping without understanding the true import of what the scriptures hold in them, thus wasting their so precious time, gaining nothing substantial. He said the true temples are not made by the hands of man but are made by nature and in this temple God resides and He resides with you in the same temple. You all call it a body, but the Master looks on it as a temple of God, so if you really want and worship God, you must first of all realize yourself and then God. Then only can you taste the nectar of God's Love and then only you know the true meaning of worship.
    30th Aug. Morning mediation was given to about 30 people and all had wonderful experience.
    In the evening a talk was given by the Master on what is WORD—then He explained why SURAT SHABD YOGA is the best and the most natural Yoga suitable for the present age, to realise oneself and to realize God. He so beautifully laid before the audience the explanation of what a Godman really is and how to judge if He was a true Master or not.
    A Minister of a Presbyterian Church came forward after the talk was finished and told the Master that though he had been serving his Church for the last forty years this was the first time that he fully understood what really the holy scriptures had to give out to man, then he said that this evening when he was meditating he saw the Master in a beautiful light, after that with reverence he bowed low, paid homage to the Master's feet with great love.
    31st Aug. This morning Master gave initiation to 31 people, the same Minister of the Presbyterian Church who had met the Master last night was initiated and one Bishop with his wife too were initiated. The whole day Master was kept very busy by giving interviews to many people.
    There was quite a crowd at the Airport to see the Master off, for tonight He leaves Chicago for Washington D. C. The plane was delayed for twenty minutes. T. S. Khanna said "Hazur, the love of the people is not letting the plane take off."
    Landed at Washington, D. C. at 1 A. M. and were met by a score of people. The dampening spirits of all who had seen so much misery on the faces of the Chicago people, just a  few  hours  back,  lifted when they perceived the great joy displayed by the Washington crowd on greeting  the Master, so it is and so it will be,  that one has to  go through   the  grinding  stones  to give someone else pleasure    and this  suffering of separation will  not  end until one becomes ONE with Him who is  All  and  All.    All these people came over to the house which was  arranged  for  the Master's stay—4411, 42nd Street, NW and  stayed late talking to the Master.
    1st Sep.  In the morning meditation was given in the drawing room of the house. All had experience of the light of God and more. Master had a busy day sorting out the mail which had been accumulating since the last week and writing replies.   In the evening  from  7-30 p.m.  to  9-30 p.m. He gave a talk at the Friends Meeting Hall. He  told them that all religions were aiming at the same   thing—the goal of all religious was one and He explained the equality of Man, it mattered not if they were white, black, red or yellow,  all men are equal in all respects.  Then he explained the help which we can get through living in our own social religions but He also showed the shortcomings of all social lives.  He said we should love all Masters who had come in the past, for they had realized   themselves   and   had   become one with God, so they can also be called God Men for after  realizing  God the power of God works through them, because, He said, if we love God we should naturally love all  God-Men, we should love all holy Places and Holy Books made and left by these Great Masters.    If each one of us, He emphasised on this point, could only live up to what  was  written in  the holy scriptures, then the Kingdom of God would come to earth and all fear  of an atomic destruction of all civilization would fade away forever.
    2nd. In the morning meditations were given as usual. A Bishop came over to see the Master. He had a long private talk with Him.
    In the evening the Master gave a talk on Love and Attachment. He said as God is love and our souls being as of Him are also Love, we should therefore love God and all humanity but we should, He said, not attach ourselves to lower things which are perishable matter. Soul is that which is of the same essence as that of God, so we should attach ourselves to God, which is unchangeable permanence, and He also dwelt on higher values of life. This should not be done by giving up or running away from the world. He so many times says, you all must be remembering this, that to live like a Lotus, which grows in the filth of the underwater, it has never seen the light or the cleanliness of outer world and yet when it grows out of the filth and shakes off even the water from its petals, there it smiles in all its glory, the world raves about its beauty, poets have risen to great success because they could so easily lose themselves in the purity of that flower, and no one has yet thought even that there is filth under that water where this flower blooms for it has no roots, living there yet no being attached in anyway to that - that is what our Beloved Lord wants all the souls to be like, once you are like that it would matter not what you did or what you were.
    3rd. In the morning there were about 40 people for meditation and all had wonderful experiences.
    In the afternoon a scientist came over from Louisville and had a talk with the Master for over two hours on various subjects - electrons, detrones, life, etc.
    Evening talk was given as usual in the Friends’ Meeting House, He dwelt on how important the human body was. He said the only possibility the soul ever has of returning to its true home and God is through a human body, for only through this body the art of concentration can be taught, the inner eye can be opened and the light of God can be seen, and so the soul enters the Kingdom of God, after realising who and what he is.
    4th. Thirty or more people attended the morning meditation and all had experiences. The afternoon was spent by the Master at Rev. Shadd’s house for the Reverend wants to hand over his entire library to the Ashram and had asked Him to come and see the books.
    Master took up the subject of the various Yogas taught to realize God. There are many ways for beginners to start on this return to their true home. There are different ways to come above the body consciousness. When one comes up, there is only one road and only one way. There are difficult ways which involve control of breathing and there is a natural way which is easier, the Sehaj Yoga. He said as we are not strong enough to take up the latter ways for that reason only we should take up the easiest, quickest way (for the average age of man has been shortened from one Lac years of the golden age, when men could put in thousands of years in meditation, to 100 years in this age and mostly the people go up 50 to 60 years. [The average life of a man does not go beyond 20 to 30 years.] The most natural way up, for that there is only one yoga, i.e., the SURAT SHABD YOGA. Brief details were given out by the Master of this Yoga. After the talk, film of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj was shown and other films of the Master’s tour.
    5th. Initiation was given this morning to ten men and women of importance. All had wonderful experience, some saw the radiant form of the Master, the scientist from Louisville saw great light and found himself to be also light and heard the sound of bells.
    The whole afternoon the Master spent dealing with the post.
    Tonight Master held the Satsang on the lawn and by request of many the theory of the KARMAS was explained and many questions were put to the Master and He replied to all with such clarity and simplicity that the answers went right through the heart cleansing all doubts.
    6th. After the morning meditation as usual, Master spent two hours or more talking to people there and explaining many things to the newcomers. In the evening a talk was given on the subject of devotion and faith of a true follower, and what does it do for Him.

Washington D.C.
23 September, 1955.
In continuation of the report sent on the 9th September 1955.

    7th September: In the morning there was meditation given to over 60 men and all spoke wonderfully about their meditations and a long talk was given to the initiates on various important spiritual subjects.
    During the day Master went with a party to the riverside for about 2 hours and films were taken of the scenes over there.
    In the evening a talk was given on the subject that man should awake from the lethargic sleep and go ahead on toward his goal which is beyond physical, astral, causal an super-causal places and which is the common goal of all religions and many questions of importance were answered by the Master.
    On the 8th morning of September, 1955 the Master gave a meditation sitting in the living room of the house where He was staying - 4422-42nd St., N.W. Washington D.C. Everyone had a wonderful experience. Mr. Emil Christesen saw Christ on a lower plane first; then when he went further up he saw the Master in His radiant form. The whole day Master spent in dictating letters or writing replies in His own hand.
    In the evening there was a very big function at the Pakistan Embassy to wish farewell to the outgoing Ambassador by the new Ambassador. All foreign Ambassadors, diplomats and heads of various departments and high officials were invited. The Master was invited personally by the Ambassador Syed Amjad Ali. It was a great success. Maharaj was surrounded by a crowd all the evening through. The Ambassador himself felt greatly honoured and talked with the Master at great length and asked him to let him know when, if ever, the Master pays Pakistan a visit.
    9th - Friday - Forty people attended the morning meditation with great satisfactory experiences. The rest of the day Master spent in interviewing people or dealing with the huge pile of never-lessening mail. In the evening He gave a short talk on how Kingdom of God can be brought on earth, but most of the time at the meeting was taken up by various questions and answers in detail by the Master.
    10th - Saturday - After the morning meditation the Master gave a short farewell talk to those who had come from Louisville three days back and were leaving today. They were crying so much that they could hardly hear the Master. In the afternoon the Master and His party left for Philadelphia. It was a long drive. It took five hours. In Philadelphia Master stayed in Yeadon at Dr. Alfred R. Smith’s house, 915 Church Lane.
    In the evening he gave a talk at the Friends’ Meeting House, 20 South 12th Street, Philadelphia. It was a huge hall of 400 sitting capacity but it was so full that people were squeezed in like sheep and when the Master started his talk till the end, as usual, there was a pin-drop silence. The Master dwelt on the subject of the equality of all mankind and He said we should develop the love of God and as God resides in each and everything we should love all creatures on this earth and our goal in life should be to realize God. Then He spoke in more detail on what is God and how important it is to bring His Kingdom to earth.
    11th - Sunday - 30 people came for the morning meditation and all had experience. There were many newcomers so they put a lot of questions to the Master and were more than satisfied with the enlightening answers they got.
    In the afternoon Master drove to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson’s house in New Jersey and blessed their abode with His presence. From there He drove straight to the Friends’ Meeting House for the evening talk. Tonight He gives a talk on ‘Man, Know Thyself’. Maharaj looked beautiful as He looked directly into the eyes of hundreds of upturned faces and impressed on them the inner greatness of the man. He said all ancient and modern inventions of security and destruction came out of man and He said the books we worship today , came out of man too - microcosm is in the macrocosm Man, so it pained Him, He said, to see this highest form of life being degraded to the lowest form of animal life. After that He explained the higher values of life and said, ‘Life is more than the raiment.’ After the meeting three cars were sent by Father Divine to bring him and His party to the Rev. Divine’s house for a visit.
    Before any further description is given of the Master’s visit it would be better to explain who ‘Father Divine’ is in brief, for you all to get some idea as to what he is. Here his past or private life will not be touched, only what his mode of working is. He has tried and has been successful in getting the rich to give him all that they could and then has successfully uplifted the poverty-stricken to the level of an average man. He has arranged free schooling and under his call he has done a wonderful work in this part of the world. He is a small little coloured man, has done so much socially for them that all the benefitters following him look upon him as God, which is natural, for what they know of Truth.
    When Master heard of Rev. M. F. Divine and the way he has helped the poor in clothing them and feeding them and looking after the orphaned children, He naturally, out of the great love He has for every one, wanted to meet him, so the Master’s secretary phoned up Rev. Divine’s (better known as Father Divine) house and got an appointment. Father Divine’s hospitality was really great, when he heard of the Master he sent three cars to bring Him over. Master left the Friends’ Meeting House after the meeting for ‘Woodmont’, the place where Father Divine lives, as it always happens a crowd followed Him, so Master had about six cars following Him.
    When He and His party reached ‘Woodmont’, a beautiful place on top of a hill, this house where Father Divine and his young white wife Mrs. S. A. Divine (better known as Mother Divine) live is a beautiful small place. When it was built it had cost half a million dollars but was purchased for 40,000 dollars by the members of the Palace Mission, Inc. New York, one of the many churches of the Peace Mission Movement. Here Father and Mother Divine live like Kings. When the Master and His party entered the grounds, one after another dozens of guards stopped the cars but when finding that it was the renowned guests of Father Divine they saluted and let pass. When Master’s car reached the house, He and His party were amazed to see the wonderful welcome Father Divine had staged for the Master. There were scores of girls standing in rows with men at the other side, awaiting the Master’s arrival from the steps of the outer door to the room where Father and Mother Divine awaited Him. These girls in red and blue stood in rows singing with smiles on their faces.
    Father Divine sat like a great King with Mother Divine by his side and a crowd surrounding him as if he was holding court.
    He greeted the Master and made Him sit near him, little knowing whom he was entertaining - so after talking a little with the Master he asked if the Master would honour the banquet he had laid down for the Master. Master agreed and so the Master, Father and Mother Divine and all the Master’s party, consisting of over thirty people were conducted to the banquet hall. All along, the girls, known as Rosebuds, went on singing. The Father sat at the head of the table with Mother Divine on his right and Our Beloved Lord on his left side. Then the feast, which would do credit even to the Kings, began. About thirty dishes of meat of all kinds, dish after dish of different fish, dozens of different kind of ice creams, puddings, etc. were served, a feast which would have been a dream of delight to many a man, but turned out a sorry display to the Master’s party as all were vegetarians and looked down on this sort of worldly display, for all the Master’s followers life a high and pure life. But this did not mean that Father Divine’s generosity was not appreciated, for everyone could see that what he had he gave out, after all he has not been initiated to the beyond and so does not know that there is anything better than this what he sees in this world. Of course Master and the Party with Him did not take anything except a cup of tea.
    After the feast Father Divine gave a short speech, then he asked Master to give one. Here he made a wonderful mistake, for his followers had been taught to look up at Rev. Divine as God, they believed it with complete faith, but when Maharaj stood up in all His dignified Glory and with flashes of love, purity and impelling force drew everyone’s attention toward him and gave out His message He told them that this world was not all and everything. He told them of the true home of the light within and the way back to God. He gave out the truth to the gaping faces. Each word He uttered drew them toward Him, that in a few minutes’ time everything else was forgotten but only He, and He remained. Never in the history of the world such a scene was enacted before. The ‘would be’ God and the Goddess at the head of the table, the table itself overladen with food and surrounded by chairs on which sat the Master’s followers and around them stood line upon line of the Father Divine’s entourage, the banquet hall itself beautifully furnished in the most modern and luxuriate style ever possible but all this was completely forgotten by all present at that moment, it seemed as if the hall shivered to get out of the imprisonment and go to Him. Never did the Master look so beautiful as He did then, and never has He spoken with such force as He did then.
    After he sat down two or three other people got up and thanked Father Divine for his kind hospitality. When Master was leaving Father and Mother Divine asked Him to come again the next day. He agreed to it.
    12th. Morning meditation was attended by 31 non-initiates with the other initiates - all had very good experiences.
    Dr. Ruisink and Dr. Ruth Martin, with a man who wanted initiation, drove up from Chicago and met the Master after meditation. The secretary of Father Divine telephoned to enquire as to how many cars the Master would require and at what time He would come to ‘Woodmont’. Master left the house at 2 p.m. and went straight to the Father Divine’s house. There He was received with great cordiality and before Rev. Divine had a talk with the Master, ushers were directed to take the Master and the party all over the house to see how Father and Mother Divine lived. All the rooms were beautifully furnished, a house fit for a King to live in. After that when the Master was with Father Divine the Master asked him in course of conversation as to what was taught here of the inner self. Father Divine said he only taught his people the intellectual concept of spirituality.
    When the Master referred to certain portions of Sermon of the mount, the Kingdom of God and the opening of the third eye, the Father had nothing to say on this but kept very quiet. The he said, "Well, I teach them to sit together in remembrance of God." Master said - "Well, this is really a good thing to be taught but it is only an elementary thing, preparing the ground for higher and a truer living."
    Just when the Master was leaving, Father Divine had himself photographed with the Master and Mother Divine came up and asked if she could be photographed with the Master. A movie film was taken which will be sent to India and then you all will be able to see some of the scenes there. In the evening Master had huge gathering at the Friend’s Meeting House where He gave a stirring talk. He explained why it was necessary to understand the true import of the Holy Scriptures. He said Jesus belonged to the East and the terminology used by him could be rightly understood if taken in as through an eastern eye. The Truth in the holy Book is simple and not hard to grasp but intellectual people who have had no first-hand experience of the truth put down in the Holy Scriptures tried to understand it through their emotional feelings or inferences arrived at by intellectual wrestling, that is why they were all subject to error. This Truth can only be rightly understood when it is seen, that can only be done if the Third Eye is opened and He said, the Kingdom of God of which everyone has heard so much can only be got by opening the inner eye and transcending the body consciousness. He spoke at great length and with such convincing force that all the intellectual preachers and those who thought up till now that they know all and everything were shaken off their faith, so one by one they stood up and questioned the Master on Aristotle, Plato and on Christian Science, but it did not take Him, who knows all, long to satisfy everyone of them, one by one.
    13th. Tuesday - This morning all those intellectual giants who had so ardently questioned the Lord last night came up for meditation to find out if there was such a thing as a first-hand experience - all had experience so were convincingly satisfied, some even saw the Master, the Master’s Master and Master with Jesus Christ.
    In the evening Master explained the difference between a man who has the knowledge of the truth through books and a man who gets it by coming in contact with the Truth himself and learning it through practical knowledge. After that He explained the difference between the various Yogas and why the natural yoga which the Masters teach is the best of all other Yogas to reach the soul back to his true home.
    14th. - 31 men and women were initiated this morning, a Bishop and three doctors included, all had experience, one saw the Master in all light and by His side stood Christ. Six others saw the radiant form of the Master. In the afternoon left Philadelphia for Washington, D.C.
    Reached late in the evening and found the living room of the house where Master is going to stay - 1516 Spring Place, NW full of people awaiting the much-loved Lord with yearning hearts. Master greeted all with great love and gave a short talk before retiring for the night.
    15th. - Left Washington at ten in the morning by Eastern Airlines for Tampa. At Tampa Airport Dr. Love, Meta Graham, Lola Beverly and many others met the Master.
    Master drove to St. Petersburg, Florida, in Dr. Love’s car. The great love which all these people have for the Master was very touching.
    On the way to St. Petersburg Dr. Love asked lots of questions regarding the Ashram in India. When the Master said it was a small Ashram with no temples or Church built in it, she said ‘But Master shouldn’t you have a big Ashram?’ The way the Master turned his head and looked at her in frank surprise was worth seeing. He said, ‘Ashrams - I am not here to build Ashrams. I am here to build up MAN and make him as perfect as his Father.’ He shook His head and said, ‘I am not interested in Ashrams.’ Of course they are going to have an Ashram on a mountain nearby in due course.
    In the evening He gave a wonderful talk to a gathering of about 150 or more. He explained how God is defined by the Masters. He said, ‘Can we see God?’ If so, with what eyes? - then He said, ‘We do not know God, if we did we would naturally love Him and if we loved Him we could do nothing else but love all humanity, all Godmen, all holy scriptures and all temples. But we cannot see him until we have realized ourselves.’
    16th. - Meditation was given to mostly all non-initiates and all had inner experience. In the evening He gave a talk on the inner man and the higher values of life.
    17th. - In today’s meditation one saw the Master in radiant form and Christ was with Him and eight others saw the Master’s radiant form. Jean Adrian saw Kabir, the Master and the Master’s Master talking to each other. Kabir looked at Jean and said that the present Master was a true Master and He was working through him. After the meditation Master went to Meta Graham’s house for she had made a request to have her house blessed by His presence. In he evening He gave a talk on man-body which is the temple of God, how the Inner Eye can be opened and how you can enter the Kingdom of God.
    After the talk a film of Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji was shown and a few others of the Master’s tour.
    18th. - In the morning meditation, given to 30 initiates and non-initiates, Jean Adrian saw Kabir, Guru Nanak, the Master and a few other Masters who stood before the repetition of the five names. This evening a talk was given on the true religion, a true Master and a learned Man and on Surat Shabd Yoga as compared to other yogas, then some films were shown.
    19th. - Monday - Initiation was given to 12 men this morning, four men came from Daytona Beach. Eight of them saw the Master within and forms of other Masters.
    During the day Master gave interviews and in the evening a farewell talk to all initiates.
    20th. - Left for Washington by air at 9 a.m. Many people came to see him off including Jean Adrian, Meta Graham, Dr. Love, Lola Bevely and many others. Reached Washington, D.C., at 2.25 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Khanna with a small crowd waited at the airport and when Master reached 1516 Spring Place, 61 others were awaiting his arrival anxiously.
    In the evening Master came down to the living room for all initiates were gathered there. No talk but lots of questions were put to the Master and answers were given by Him.

Southwick, Sussex, England
October 9, 1955.

    The last report of the tour was sent up to 20th September, 1955, so to continue from there, Maharaj Ji, the Esteemed and Beloved Master of all, sends his blessings and divine love to you and to all His loved ones. Every day brings Him nearer to you. On the 2nd October the American tour was finished and He left that day for England. On the 15th He will leave England for Germany and so by the beginning of November, He will be amidst you all - that indeed will be the blessed day for India, though some might know it or not, but it will be so.
    21st Sept. Maharaj Ji gave no meditation sittings this morning and spent the day sorting out and sending replies to the letters, which had accumulated since his absence from Washington, D.C.
    In the evening there was no formal talk, but the initiates in Washington gathered together in the living room of 1516 Spring Place NW where Master was staying, and waited impatiently for Him to put in appearance. When He came, it can only be said He had come, for no word can express the joy and uplifting of the spirits when you are in front of Him - it can only be experienced. After He had seated Himself all surrounded Him. Everyone as usual wanted to sit the closest to Him. In whichever face you looked you saw love pouring out. If there is any Kingdom of God then it must be like this with He sitting with all His loved ones around Him and everyone feeling like an overjoyed King. "For did not the Lord look at Him, saying He was the only one He loved?" So each and everyone feels and gets all that he wants and more when in His presence. What must be the state of those who are constantly with his true Self in the inner world?
    22nd Sept. Again the Master spent most of His time with finishing up the pile of letters and with giving interviews. In the evening he gave and explanatory talk on the Hymn of Kabir.
    23rd Sept. In the morning meditation today an old man, who has been in search for a long time, came from Nashville. He had a wonderful experience and saw the Master in light. In the evening talk Master took Guru Nanak’s hymn and explained each and every word so beautifully that it left a lasting impression on all the hearers.
    24th Sept. Many came for morning meditation and all had experience. This evening the Master was invited by the head of the Theosophical Society to give a talk at their place. Master explained the two vidyas - Para and Apara, and gave a talk in detail on them.
    25th Sept. A fairly big hall was reserved for the Master at the Unitarian Church, 16th Harvard Street N.W. to address the ‘comparative religions class’ from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. He gave a talk on ‘How to realise God’. He said it was impossible to grasp the Truth, which we call God by the organs of the sense or by intellect. God, He said, can only be realised after you realised yourself and that can only be done by coming above this illusive body in all consciousness through opening of the inner eye and getting contact with the beyond. It was of course the most beautiful talk ever heard. What else when he Master speaks? The church goers had never heard the like before and so were deeply impressed.
    Though the Director in charge was overjoyed to have had the good fortune of hearing the Master, but he went on apologising for not foreseeing that such a large crowd would come to hear the Master for the hall was packed. Some were squeezed in shoulder to shoulder and many even had to stand in the lobby to hear him.
    After the talk the Director expressed his thanks and wanted to know if the Master had some literature on the subject. He was given ‘Man Know Thyself’. He took several more copies. He said many members of the class are in search of the Truth. They come from various countries and he would like to give a copy to each one.
    In the evening Maharaj Ji gave a talk on the social religions and the inner aspect of religions, which when brought down to the basic facts, is one to all mankind, matters not if they come from East or West. This talk He gave from the pulpit of the Clarendon Methodist Church, 6th and North Irving Streets, Arlington, Virginia. The Church, realising the honour the Master was going to bestow on them by speaking there, has given out beautiful printed bulletins announcing the date and time of the Master’s talk and on the cover they had printed ‘A rare Chance to hear a Rare Man’ and they gave His name as ‘Singh Ji Maharaj from India’. It is a big church with a very big hall but it did not seem so very big as all the seats were taken, for the minister had a full hall for a change. After the talk the Master was led to another room where lots of people were waiting him, so He had a talk with them there for an hour and answered many searching questions which even ministers of the churches could not reply to from the Bible, but for Master it was like child’s play and it did not take him long to answer and satisfy them one by one.
    26th Sept. In the morning initiation was given to four. All had good experience. One saw the Master in radiant form. Today is a sad day for all His loved ones. When they gathered in the living room all were trying hard not to let the tears come out. Then the Master came and many could not control themselves, so burst out crying, by the time the Master finished His farewell talk all had handkerchiefs out and were blowing their noses - even the Master had tears in the eyes for it was hard for him to see the suffering of the oncoming loneliness which was showing so plainly on everyone’s face. While closing the eyes Mr. Emil saw Master Sawan Singh hugging the Master and saying that He had done excellent work in the U.S.A.
    27th Sept. Left Washington by Eastern Air Lines at 7:15 a.m. Nearly all initiates in Washington came to see Him off. Seeing their tears Master in all seeming innocence says "This is a pathetic scene." What else could it be? He had, as if cut their hearts out with a blunt knife and was taking their hearts away with Him. The pain of the separation and the bewildering emptiness awaiting them after His departure was ‘pathetic’. Landed at Boston Airport at 1:30 p.m. where Baron Frary von Blomberg and Mrs. Hickie were waiting to receive Him. The Baron took the Master in car and the rest of the party followed in another car to Brunswick Hotel where a suite of rooms were taken for the Master and separate rooms for the party. A Paul Twitchell and Annie Trussel, new initiates, had accompanied the Master from Washington. At 3 p.m. a reception was given to the Master at the Baron’s House where several heads of important movements and many officials, consulates of Germany, Sweden and other countries, heads of business centres and many other important people were present. There were three representatives of leading papers, photographs were taken by press reporters. Here were over one hundred different groups formed in Boston all striving to realise the Truth, nearly fifty or more heads of these sort of groups were present with many other seekers after the Truth at the Metaphysical Club, 739 Boylston Street to hear the Master at 7:30 p.m. Master gave a lovely talk on Self Realisation. He also said that as each and every one of us are striving to reach the same goal, that is God, so because of that we should learn to sit together on a common ground and work for the cause of God by becoming one in His name. The President of the Club, Mos W. Lynde, introduced the Master in glowing terms.
    28th Sept. The Baron had made arrangements for the Master to be on the television, so this morning the Master appeared on the T.V. and looked beautiful. After coming back from the T.V. station Master gave initiation to the Baron and Mrs. Hickie in His room. The Baron saw strong light and Mrs. Hickie blue sky and yellow light and both of them heard the sound of bells. In the evening the Master gave a talk in a large hall in a hotel. Many heads of the spiritual groups came again to hear Him. Master said that there are many false masters in the world. The world is full of them, so beware of them. Then He told them how even He, himself as a seeker, was afraid of coming under the influence of an ‘Imposter’. He said He used to pray to God with tears to lead Him to ‘someone who was a REAL and TRUE MASTER’ and with eyes shining and His Beloved and Beautiful face glowing with pride for His Sawan, he said, ‘I was led to such a One!’ Then he told how Baba Sawan Singh Ji used to come to Him seven years before He actually came face to face with Him physically. Then He gave a brief talk on how you can come above the body consciousness. After the talk Mrs. Hickie took the Master to her room (where she gives lectures to her group) where nearly forty people were waiting to see the Master, so the next hour was spent by Maharaj Ji answering questions. He amazed everyone by His simpleness and guilelessness. Even without pausing to think He started giving answers to their questions and to their entire satisfaction. This really woke them up.
    29th Sept. In the morning 33 out of those who had questioned Him last night came up for meditation. All had experience except two who were doing breathing exercises. Six saw the Master within. In the afternoon Master visited the Editor of the Atlantic Monthly Magazine, a Mr. Edward Weeks, in his office. Master’s talk was so convincing that Mr. Weeks straightway wanted some material for publication in his magazine. He was given ‘Man Know Thyself’ and ‘Message of the Great Master and His Ashram’. This evening He gave a talk on The Higher Values of Life.
    30th Sept. This morning 35 came for meditation. All had first hand wonderful experiences. At 9 a.m. Master and His party left for Endicott Junior College, where He was asked to give a talk to the girl students there. It was a beautiful sight 45 or more girls, sitting cross-legged or with legs folded under them, on the ground and many teachers of the College and many others sitting on chairs around them, and the Master. He was standing in front of them, looking down at each one of them and smiling, His wonderful smile which melts the icicles around dead hearts and brings them back to the warmth of life. He told them that they were the budding hopes of the future. On them, He said, depended the morality and greatness of Love which should come now to the world to uplift it from the immorality which is spreading like a fire and consuming all that is good and pure. He gave a beautiful talk on LOVE. Then He said, ‘I will tell you some ways which if practised and adopted will enable you to achieve wonderful progress in your educational attainments. The first is - be cautious like a crow, always on the watch, train your eyes and senses to be so sensitively alive that even before a bad thought or company is thrust upon you, you should sense it like crow who flies away to safety even before the hand is lifted to throw the stone at him - so should you be sub-consciously ever on your guard to fly away before any harm is done to you. The second is, be like a king-fisher, so trained that seemingly passing your time in all affairs of life, but always dexterously prepared to pick up all the good that comes in your way before it is too late and slips past you. Be as quick as the king-fisher who seems to be the laziest bird, but yet is so alert that the fish who comes to take a breath of air, does not get time to even open its mouth, before it is swallowed by the bird. The third is sleep like a dog. This remark brought spontaneous laughter from the girl students, and Master with a twinkle in His eye laughed softly with them. Then repeated ‘Yes, have sleep like a dog, always wide awake like him even in sleep, train your body to sleep and rest whilst you are wide-awake, so that you may get up and be active for any kind of work straightaway and not snore away your valuable time in quiet oblivion. Fourth is, you should be careful about your diet and take only that which is necessary for your system, for food is made for man to make the best use of it and remember always that man was not made for eating only. Whatever food is digested gives strength and the surplus, not digested, creates disease and makes you dull and lethargic. Fifth is to be of good character, have a clean and chaste life in word, deed and thought, for chastity is life and sexuality is death. Those qualifications will ensure success as a student. After the talk all the students brought out paper and pens for Master’s autographs. All seemed very excited and thrilled to see and hear a Living Master. After that the Master was taken to the Baron’s Summer House, 75 miles from Boston to escort the Master up to New Hampshire. At the Baron’s house more than a hundred came to pay their respects to the Master, the Governor of New Hampshire and the Ex-Governor and many heads of departments and churches and the topmost gentry of Boston were all present there. The Master spoke a few words to them and then the press people came and took a lot of photographs and a television man came too who took a movie film of the Master to be shown on the T.V. The Master could not stay very long there for He was to talk at the hall in Brunswick at 7.3 p.m. so left the Baron’s house at 6 p.m. In the evening He gave a talk on the temple of God which He said is the manbody itself, a true temple is not that which is built of stone and mortar, but a true temple is this in which God resides and you reside. Then he spoke of the Kingdom of God and of the opening of the inner eye. He said ‘You should learn to die whilst living, then only an you say your coming to this world in a human form has been of some value to you yourself.’
    1st October. 60 people came for meditation and all had wonderful experiences. In the afternoon Governor of East Germany came to see the Master and the representative of the Pope in U.S.A., a Roman Catholic Bishop came over too. The former wanted to know the programme of the Master in Germany. This evening the farewell talk which Master gave was too touching and cannot be put in words. It can only be experienced, but you all in India have been through it, so can understand, but for you all the thought that he will be back in five of six months was a thought of great consolation in itself. But for these poor people when Master said ‘Might be soon or might be in a few years, if God be willing I might come again to America’. This ‘might’ that He put in His promise of coming back to them dealt a mighty knock on their poor hearts and senses. Master’s followers from all over America had come by air or road to be with Him till the last minute of His stay in the States, and all were there at the meeting all with tears streaming down their cheeks. And what can be written of the Master tonight. He looked so beautiful that radiation of His greatness shone tonight like blinding light. So much love did he show as if he was taking everyone into his embrace and squeezing the very life out and leaving the body numb and forgotten. Mr. and Mrs. T.S. Khanna had also come from Washington. This was the only time when they could not accompany the Master on the tour and was due to not getting any further leave. Their love and devotion to the Master and the cause was really great. Mr. Khanna used to work from morning till late in the night, many used to get retired and go off home to sleep, but Khanna was always by the side of the Master and always smiling. His faith in the Master is great too. Many have insulted him and been very rude to him, but he with his usual smile used to just say ‘This is a test, but my Master is great and all love. He will not let any harm come near me.’ So it is, so it always will be for his Master is really Great. Here I take the liberty of thanking him from the people of India and all over the world for his great love and faith, and for his selfless devotion and the way he worked tirelessly by the side of the Master day by day and night by night, making the Master’s stay comfortable and taking most of the work off His hands.
    2nd October. 19 were initiated today. All had experience. One saw Christ, one saw Buddha and six saw the Master in radiant form. At 3 p.m. the Master and large number of followers left for the airport. Baron Von Blomberg also came to see Him off. At 5 p.m. Master’s plane (he flew in a Pan American Airways plane) took off. The last that was seen of the real America was the tears that flowed down for the love of God, and the last sounds were the sobs which came out of the true seekers’ hearts. May He be with them in this, their greatest plight in misery. But as once the Master said, ‘A Master is like a potter who moulds and turns and slaps down his hands on the clay, and then turns it round and round to bring it to shape, but always does He keep one hand under the pot he is making, so that it should not crack, so it is with them.’
    3rd October. Reached London at 10 a.m. where Joseph Busby, Mrs. Eleanor Upton and many others came to receive the Master at the airport. From the airport Master went straight to Sussex to Mrs. Upton’s house where He is putting up for His stay in England. In the evening some of Mr. Busby’s group came up to see the Master. Joseph Busby is the Editor of the widely known paper, ‘The Voice’.
    4th October. In the morning initiation was given to Joseph Busby, Eleanor Upton and the wife of Sumpuren Chib. Three people from Birmingham came up and sat for meditation too. Mr. Busby has fixed two times for interviews, one at 3:30 p.m. and the other at 7:30 p.m. Both the times Master gave talks on the Inner Path and explained the positive and negative powers and their workings.
    5th October. This morning some people from the press came to interview the Master and took some photographs. Then Master spent some time sorting letters. At 3 p.m. a Bishop came to see the Master and a few others. He answered many questions and explained the difference between an ecstasy feeling and actually seeing, and how prayer is done and how effective it is when we can pray in the right way - that is why even the Masters who are conscious coworkers pray to God for the good of the people under His will. Then He explained how bad can be the psychic influence and how different is the first-hand experience of the beyond and what are the conscious contacts. He gave another talk at 8 p.m. on the Love of God and love of man and threw light on the outer aspects of social religions and the ultimate goal of them being God. Various searching questions were answered by the Master.

Berlin-Wilmersdorf (Germany)
18 October 1955.

    The last report of Maharaj Ji’s tour was sent on the 6th Oct. 1955, giving you news up to the 5th but as will be seen from the above address He is today in Germany, but to go back to Sussex, England, where He was staying at 8, Walting Road, Southwick.
    6th. This morning at the meditation Mrs. Upton had a wonderful experience, she saw the Master and His Master, Baba Sawan Singh together and both, she said, were looking at each other and laughing. At 3:30 p.m. He gave a talk in the sitting room, on Karma Philosophy. In the evening at 7:30 p.m. the Master gave another talk on the work of the Masters and the Values of Life.
    7th. The whole of the morning and afternoon Master spent opening letters and writing replies to them. 3 p.m. this afternoon Joseph Busby invited a selected group of people to hear the Master, He gave them a talk on the ‘Kingdom of God’ and the ‘Inner Man’ and the true life which should be realised and lived. The evening talk at 7.30 p.m. was given as to how an initiated person ends his birth and death on this earth, after that various searching, important and intricate questions were put to the Master, which only a MASTER could answer, and he did, to their entire satisfaction.
    8th Oct. The morning was spent by the Master with the correspondence and giving interviews. At 3 p.m. a talk was given on all Holy Scriptures. Master said that all searchers of the Truth and all realised souls have put down in these Holy books that the highest aim of Life is to see God. If all have said that, then there is no doubt that this must be and is the highest of all aims. But to achieve this first and foremost thing is to meet a Master of this great science - a man who has realised himself and realised God. He explained the use of the past Masters as well as the present ones. The scriptures left by the past masters contain the experiences they had with themselves and with God. Reading these books creates an interest in man for spirituality and so they are great helping factors. But the need of the present Master is more important, for without a living Master you cannot learn the art of transcending the body. He is the only one who can give you a first hand experience. There are Masters and Masters, most of them can tell you only how to perform certain rituals and ceremonies and how to say your prayers, they can only give you what they have been able to master through the outward observations but the Kingdom of God cannot be reached by these sort of observations and ceremonies, for that lies within you. The teaching of the Master of the science of the soul starts when He brings His disciple up and above the body consciousness and by opening of the inner eye and the inner ear to see the light of God and to hear the sound of God. He connects him with the lowest link of Light and the Voice of God through which the lost soul finds his way back to the true home of his Father. He is a true Master who from the very first day initiates you to the beyond and then step by step helps you and guides you up and does not leave you till he has taken you to the true home.
    9th Oct. - Sixteen men and women were initiated by the Gracious Master this morning and all had experience, two saw the Master and His Master, one asked Maharaj Ji why he looked so very happy when he saw Him inside? Maharaj Ji looked surprised, He said, ‘Need you ask why? Well, did not you see me standing with my Master? - that is why.’ At 2 p.m. the Master left for London, which is 53 miles from Sussex and gave a talk, a very impressive one, at a Mr. Ahluwalia’s house, these three hymns were explained: 1. Jag piari kahe ko sowey, 2. Soch samajh abhimani, 3. Hansni chhano doodh aur pani.
    10th Oct. - The Master’s power is great, though outwardly was not a single man in England initiated by him to spread His message to the people in England, but just by reading about Him through the ‘Voice’, people have started coming in to see Him from hundreds of miles and for initiation, so Master has been busy giving interviews to those who have travelled far to see Him. This afternoon at 3 p.m. the Master gave a beautiful talk on LOVE. He said it is written in the Bible and in all other holy books too, to ‘love thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind’, this He said could only arise when you can receive a spark of love radiated to you from somebody who is a lover of God, here Master explained that a true lover of God is he who has seen God and through love realized Him and loved Him so completely that he became one with Him - God is, He said, Love, the soul is also love but a God-man is love personified being in contact with God, so to be able to love God one has to love a God-man first, with all his heart, mind and soul, this is the only and the nearest approach to God a man can have on this planet, if you become One with I, the God-man, then it is as if you had become one with God, as St. Paul said, ‘It is I, not now I, but Christ lives in me.’ When you become one with God-man then naturally God reflects in you. For the love of God we love all holy scriptures as these contain the words of wisdom given out by the God-men, certain places they visited or lived in became holy and we started worshipping them, we build temples in remembrances of them, for these temples, because of Their love of God, became the Holy Temples of God; these temples places and books are in memory of the past Masters and hold the works of Them, should have our love and respect for always, but it is of no use to be just blind fanatics and worship the valuable works of the realised souls, which are in book form, bowing in front of them but not reading them, so that you could know something of that which is the truth and then after careful study of the scriptures to adopt the ways of them who wrote them. As all holy scriptures as you cannot take a step back to God without the help of those who know the way back, so go in search of that One who had traversed His way back to God and knows how to lead you there too. But today, unfortunately, we have placed these very holy books and places before that on whose remembrances they were made, they were set up in sweet remembrance of the Lord, but today we have completely forgotten Him and lay more value on the stone, mortar, bricks and paper made by the hand of the man, these were made to remember Him but to Him we have forgotten, God does not reside in the temples etc. made by the hand of man, He resides in the body, the true temple of God. ‘What is better of the two’, the Master asked, ‘a lot of stone, mortar and bricks piled together, which we call a temple, or a God-man in whom God is apparent?’ A Mohammedan saint tells us that all temples of the Hindus and Muslims are the same and a God-man in whom God is of course effulgent is better of the two. Master explained in detail how love is like a fire which consumes all else and only the Beloved remains who with outstretched arms is waiting for you to take you in His arms and make you One with Him. The main idea behind all religious ceremonies etc. was to create love in man but they are performing them as gymnastics to bring them nearer to money than God. These sort of ceremonies will lead you nowhere in your search of God.
    A Rev. Stubbs, a minister of a Parish, eighty miles from Sussex, drove down with his wife and his daughter to hear the Master and many other seekers of the truth came over too. One was the representative of the President of the Vegetarian Movement of the World (the next World Conference of this movement is going to be held in Bombay in 1956). Another was a representative of Swami Shiva Nanda, these two had a long interview with the Master, who explained to them how God can be realised without any imagination, presuppositions or visualization, through the most natural Sahaj Yoga. One of them asked the Master what is the philosophy of Karma and how the effects of Karma can be evaded? Master explained that Karmas can only be evaded if one becomes selfless and that can only be with the help of a Master who alone is competent to wind up the whole Karmic accounts of the past and teach you how to become selfless by becoming conscious co-worker with the Divine Plan. He further explained how Masters are made, they are not self made, but are selected as such by God, they are commissioned by God. On further questioning He explained the different functions of the Masters of the Positive and Negative Powers. Showed them the different working of spiritualism and spirituality, and why spiritualism should be discarded. At 8 p.m. a talk was given on various Yogas and the Master told the audience why Sahaj Yoga is most effective and the most suited for the present age. Upon being asked He took up the subject of the different functions of the masters of the Positive and Negative Power - He gave a talk in detail giving out the difference of the two powers. He said just as a King appoints two high officials and gives them the rank of a viceroy and commander-in-chief, both derive power from the King and are under the King and both represent him, but both have different ways of issuing orders of the King, the viceroy says, ‘In the name of the king, I order ...’ but the commander-in-chief has an entirely different way, he says, ‘I order, that ...’, so it is with the Masters or the Positive Power, the realised soul can see God working through them in all consciousness, so their way of working is not only seeing in all consciousness, and then working but making others, whoever come to them, see like they do and step by step making them more and more conscious till they are one with all-consciousness. But Master of the Negative Power, though at heart are conscious of deriving power from God, but their functions of working are different, viz. they come to punish the wicked and uphold the righteous and keep the world agoing, they assert in that way. The Master further explained that their way of working does in its own way a lot of good to the world at large, but they would not let the people go out of their pale. Then He explained how those initiated to the beyond by the Masters of the Positive Power rise above all Karma and darkness into freedom and light, just like, He said, if you have a passport from a civil officer, the military officers in charge will not stop you to go out of the area, so it is with a Master, when he initiates, through that initiation He gives that passport by which no one on the way can question you or stop you on your way back to God.
    11th Oct. Initiation was given today to 15 people, including Rev. Stubbs and his family, and a Bishop from London, all had first hand experience. In the afternoon at 3 p.m. talk, questions of various nature were put to the Master by the Bishop and others as to what is the fate of those who are initiated, and those not initiated, will those who are initiated ever come back like the non-initiates and many other questions were answered and in so beautiful and simple way that every one felt more than satisfied. A question on which Master dwelt at length was ‘What is an Immaculate Conception?’ The Master here gave Jesus Christ, Nam Dev, Rama, Krishna and a few others as good examples who, He said, ‘is not generally the law of nature, but we will not enter into that at this time. If one can be born that way others can also be born in the same way as has been claimed body the followers of certain Masters.’ An immaculate conception may be taken as that when devout and righteous parents live a chaste life for as long as the child is in womb, not only in deed but in thought too, for thoughts of parents effect the child, when in the womb, more than deeds done passionlessly. Such fortunate children when born have a pure, clear and well balanced mind. Here Master referred to His younger days that when a child was born, He and His brothers and sisters never could fathom out where from had the baby come, but they used to be easily satisfied when told that the midwife had left the baby as a present. He said, ‘even up to my own marriage day I never knew what actually marriage meant.’ Today people have and are taking up marriage as a machinery of enjoyment, whereas this marriage, in the true sense, is a holy and sacred mission in life where two souls unite together to help each other to realise the higher self and make this marriage bind them together in truth and ‘Yes’, he said, ‘one of the duties of the parents is also to beget children.’ So if married life is lived as is written in the Holy Scriptures, such a married life is no bar to spirituality. Another question was put, ‘How are Masters made and how they can be recognised?’ Maharaj Ji said that all Masters are commissioned by God for His great work on this earth, to recognise a Master is not difficult they being conscious co-workers are naturally not after worldly show, as they see that God works through them they are truly very humble, they live very simple life and on their own earnings. Though they look like ordinary people they are Kings of all Kings within, as Shamas Tabriz says, ‘Do not look to the outer appearance, how we look , what we wear, look within us, see what great riches we have got, what great beings we are!’ the seekers after truth are led to His door by God and the Master usually never refuses any of them who are in search in all sincerity. Just like a washerman who generally accepts all the dirty clothes, knowing it is his profession to wash away all dirt and bring out the whiteness of the linen similarly masters look at the souls within, as it is their profession to liberate the soul from the bondage of the mind and matter, they too generally never refuse to wash away all the sins for they can see, like a washerman, that the soul is something different to what it appears to be, so they start their washing on it too, till they have brought it to its true colour. ‘The Masters are all along conscious of God,’ Maharaj Ji said, ‘working or sleeping, they are always conscious of God.’ Another man asked ‘Who made God?’ - Master very beautifully put a question to that man, ‘Can a child ever know how his father was born himself?’ He said the wisest thing to do if you want to save yourself is to get out of the house which is being consumed by fire, if when in a burning house you start questioning and investigation as to the cause of the fire, the result will be you with the house will be consumed in that fire even before getting any enlightenment as to your Whats and Hows. So, He said, ‘get out of the burning house and then inquire.’ To the question as to why we do not remember our past lives and how we can know about it, the Master explained that is was possible only when we can come up to the causal body, there have been instances, He said, where many children have remembered their past lives. Someone else asked he Master if there was a possibility of One World Religion - He said, because of not really seeing the truth and having different temperaments it is very nearly impossible that the world can ever have one religion, but it is not only possible, it is a surety that we can have it, only by the opening of the inner eye and seeing the truth with your own eyes we can see we are one in His name. The world is today struggling hard to shake off the delusion it is going in and is trying hard to awaken itself to the truth and men are coming up feeling the necessity of unity. To the statement made by one that the world is awaiting the coming of Messiah - Master said, ‘Awaiting? But did not Christ say that he will never leave the world even to the end of the world?’ Then Master explained that Christ was no particular body, it was that which was working in him that made Jesus a ‘Christ’ and is still in this world, it appears at different poles to give enlightenment to the world. To ‘Christ came as a World Saviour’, Master said, all Masters come as World Saviours not as saviours of one religion or the other or this country or the other, but they come to save the souls of all the world race. To the question "Can a woman ever become a Saint?" Master said, this is the science of the soul and souls have no sex, they can come up to realize God just as Indemati, etc., did in India. But woman, He said being less externalized go up quicker in the beginning whereas men having many irons in the fire have a difficult time in the beginning to concentrate but later on it is easier for them than woman. At 8 p.m. meeting, a follower of Yogananda put a question to the Master by which Master had to give a talk on various Yogas and explained why Surat Shabd Yoga is the best and easiest for this age. To the question as to why is it that new people are drawn like iron to the magnet - from hundreds of miles and yet some people living nearby are not even interested. Master said this thing can be explained away easily, say that there is a hen and a duck’s egg is placed under her with lots of other eggs of hen, when the eggs are hatched and the chickens one day go near the pond of water, naturally seeing the water the duck plunges into it. Seeing this the chickens cry out in alarm saying you will drown, so it is when the seekers of the truth are shown a glimpse of the truth they leave everything else and plunge headlong into it, whilst the family and friends mostly seekers of the worldly pleasure cry out in sympathy. Moreover, pieces of iron besmeared with mud are not drawn by a magnet, these are drawn only when the mud is, or to be more appropriate, the dust and rust is cleansed away.
    12th Oct. - At 3 p.m. a talk was given and light thrown on many intricate questions. 8 p.m. more questions on the Holy Ghost, God, on ethical life, on cosmic rays and what happens to the initiate when they transcend and go up to higher plane. Master gave a beautiful talk on all these questions and clarified their doubts to their satisfaction, but Master also said that intellectual inferences, feelings and emotions are dangerous things for they are seldom right, so as seeing is considered above all, every seeker of truth should see for himself if he wants to succeed in reaching God, rather than depend on another person’s version. ‘Blessed are they whose eyes are opened by a Master.’
    13th Oct. - All day Master attended to the correspondence. In the evening He gave a farewell talk to a large gathering, mostly all initiates were present. He told them, that the priceless treasure of experience they had on initiation should be safeguarded and increased day by day till they had reached back to God, He said Chastity of not only deed but through thought and word should be kept and love for all, all anger for the ills done to you should be forgotten and forgiven, for ill feelings against people keep our soul from going upward and our attentions is expanded. If love and goodwill toward everyone and chastity of thought was adopted then they would be great helping factors to the progress on the way up and regular devotion of time and self discipline will ensure progress. He told them that those who have the commandments and keep up to them, they are really and truly the true ones who really love the Master, these are the ones whom the Father also loves. They have the Master’s love and He manifests Himself to them so becomes their companion forever consciously. He asked each of them to live up to what they have been told and carry the message far and wide so that the seekers after Truth should again be regenerated with hope that spirituality or the Kingdom of God can be contacted within. It is no mere rigmarole but hard and true facts. Maharaj Ji said that the awakening of the search is coming up, it can be seen in the forms of conferences and religious congresses, but they do not know where to turn to, so it was the duty of all to help others to bring them nearer the Path of the Masters for until life was enthused into them there can be no cementing them to this high task they have taken up for one common cause. Mr. Busby and Mrs. Upton as Editor and Manageress of the widely known spiritual paper ‘Voice’ have done great work in their own way; but the time has come when the Master’s work in its true form should be made known to the true seekers all over the world so He asked Mr. Busby and Mrs. Upton specially to do their best for all humanity. Then He looked at the faces around Him so full of sorrow at the idea of bidding their Lord farewell and said that the Master Power never leaves the initiate it will always be with them, will never leave them.
    14th Oct. - Correspondence attended to nearly the whole day. Master had no talks this evening.