Under the purposeful leadership of Mr. T. S. Khanna, the Master's motorcade crossed the Canadian border and arrived in Hamilton, Ontario, on October 22. Kirpal Singh stayed at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McTier in Hamilton, and gave two talks at the Connaught Hotel and one talk at the Y.M.C.A. These talks met with a tremendous response from the audience; many people came to the Master with further questions about the Science of the Soul, and it was in Hamilton that one of the deeply significant incidents of the Tour took place.

A young schoolboy, having overheard his parents discussing the Master's visit, informed his school friends that a great Saint was in the neighborhood. This resulted in excited crowds of children constantly arriving at the Master's house, from early morning until late afternoon, in order to have a glimpse of this Holy Man from India. The Master asked that several bushels of apples be brought, and he went into the garden and spoke with the children, giving each child parshad in the form of an apple. By the evening many baskets of apples had been emptied, and the fourth group of children was sitting patiently outside the house. Someone asked the Master if the children could have a meditation sitting.

The Master asked the children, about sixty in number, if they wanted to see the Light within. The children enthusiastically replied in the affirmative. This fourth group was the most fortunate of all. Not only did these children get the "blessed food"—in the form of an apple, but they were also connected with the inner Light. During the meditation sitting all the children, with the exception of five or six who would not sit still, experienced the Light of God. Seven saw the Radiant Form of Jesus, and others saw the forms of other Masters. During this beautiful and touching scene, a little child of four years of age was seen to have difficulty in keeping his eyes closed. At last he finally pushed his little fists into his eyes! Even then he peeped out now and again.

The news of the children's meditation sitting spread like wildfire. A young woman with her baby in her arms, breathless with the exertion of running, came to the Master and asked him to give the infant his blessing. A reporter and news cameraman were quickly on the scene, and a picture of Kirpal Singh and the children appeared in the next day's newspapers, together with a lengthy report on the event. During the same day a radio interview was held at the Master's house. Tape recordings were made of the Master's message, and this was re-broadcast on other networks. After his final discourse in Hamilton, Kirpal Singh left for Toronto.

Thus there were little children who wished consciously to develop the ability of entering higher worlds of being under the guidance of a living Master-Saint. This state of affairs, when sufficiently widespread and recognized as such, will constitute yet another factor in the proof of a spiritual science of reality. The new humanity will choose illumined men and women as their appointed leaders. The destiny of nations will lie in the hands of those who possess the highest spiritual endowments and the widest vision of global service. The children, who will control the internal and external activities of future nations, must be educated into the paths of right knowledge, right thinking, right actions and right human relationships. All mankind will then obtain the necessities of life. Privilege and persecution will cease to exist. A new vision of the spiritual realities of life will result from this reorientation of the young, and then, in truth, "the lion will lie down with the lamb!"

After his final discourse in Hamilton, Kirpal Singh left for Toronto where he was received by the Honorable Earl Rowe, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario, at Government House. The Master told the Lieutenant-Governor about his work with the World Fellowship of Religions and the success which had crowned his endeavors for the W.F.R. in the West. The Lieutenant-Governor expressed great appreciation for the work of the World Fellowship of Religions and congratulated Kirpal Singh on the wonderful results attending the tremendous task which he had undertaken. A press conference was later held which was also attended by T.V. officials who recorded a message from Kirpal Singh for re-transmission. The Master was received at the City Hall by Mr. Norris, the City Clerk, who was officiating in the absence of the Mayor. Kirpal Singh was presented with a medallion and an inscribed book by the City Clerk.

Three public talks on the Science of the Soul, attended by large numbers of people, were given in Toronto. Meditation sittings were given every morning, and these evoked wide interest; many people applied for initiation into the supreme Science of the Masters. A moving scene took place in St. Joseph's Hospital, Toronto, where, in spite of the very tight schedule, Kirpal Singh visited Mr. James Straw, a sick devotee. James Straw had awaited the Master's arrival for many years, but had suddenly been taken ill prior to Kirpal Singh's visit. Now, with tears of joy and happiness, he saw his beloved Sat Guru enter his ward and stand by his bedside. Overcome with this deep emotion of love, Mr. Straw listened in silence as Kirpal Singh gave him words of encouragement and solace. After the Master had left him he began to progress rapidly back to good health.

On October 27, Kirpal Singh was present at the marriage of two disciples, Edna Robinson and Stanley Shinerock. Although it is the custom in India for the Master to be present at the wedding of disciples in order to bless the ceremony, this was the first occasion of its kind in the West. Showing great courtesy and consideration, the Reverend John Morgan of the Unitarian Church came to the Master's suite in order to perform the ceremony. Miss Robinson asked if the Master could perform the ceremony, and, with great understanding, Reverend Morgan agreed that this could be done as long as he signed the marriage certificate and read out one important part of the ceremony.

However, Kirpal Singh would not hear of this. "I have not come to change anyone's religion, customs, or any other outer form of rites or rituals," he said. "I have come in order to make man worthy of his own religion." The Master insisted that the ceremony be performed in the usual way. He stood by the side of the minister throughout the marriage service and handed the wedding ring to the groom. He garlanded the happy couple with garlands of sweet-smelling flowers in the traditional Indian way. Then he spoke of a truly dedicated married life. "Marriage is no bar to spirituality if it is conducted according to the scriptures," he said. "In fact, it can actually be a helping factor if lived as human beings and not as animals. The great Masters from the beginning of creation—with the exception of three or four—led a householder's life. Marriage is a sacrament and not a contract. It is taking up a companion in life for weal or woe during one's earthly sojourn, and for both companions to know God, the highest aim of human life. One duty may be of begetting children."

Kirpal Singh arrived in Detroit, Michigan, on October 28, and was welcomed by Mrs. Olga Donenberg, his Chicago representative. A press conference was held in the afternoon, and the Master and his mission were fully reported in the following day's newspapers. In the evening, Kirpal Singh gave a public talk in the Fine Arts Museum. The talk was sponsored by the local branch of the Self Realization Fellowship and was attended by over seven hundred people. The Master spoke on the essential spiritual nature of man and the quickest and easiest way back to God. "No one," he said, "can achieve realization of this great Truth without the help and guidance of a competent Master of spirituality. Nothing can be learned without a Master. The first teacher of man is his parents, then his teachers in school, lecturers in college, and so forth. How, then, can the great mystery of the Beyond be solved without proper guidance and help from someone who has already solved this mystery?"

Before ending his discourse, Kirpal Singh commented on the necessity of a unity of purpose between all religions. "There is," he said, "no need to merge into another religion. Remain in whatever religion you belong to. God is One, and all souls are of the same essence of God; therefore we should realize this unity and try to understand each other's religion, becoming One in his Holy Name. If we would only achieve this understanding, this would be our greatest safeguard against any future wars."

On the following day, Kirpal Singh left for Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he stayed one night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. March. That evening he gave a discourse at the Fountain Street Church. At this meeting it soon became apparent that the ever-increasing audience was going to overcrowd the hall. Recognizing this fact, the minister suggested that all should move to the main hall, which was much larger. The audience good-naturedly agreed to this and the Master addressed nearly one thousand people on the mystery of life and the method whereby one could escape the cycle of birth and death. After the meeting, many questions were asked, and these were answered by Kirpal Singh in his usual patient and loving manner. The minister of the church, enthralled by the Master's discourse, went later to the Master's residence in order to receive further knowledge of the Science of the Soul.

On his arrival in Chicago on October 30, Kirpal Singh was welcomed by many disciples, some coming from California, Texas, Florida, New York, Canada, and other distant places. After the initial press conference, a very heavy schedule was begun. Among the eminent personalities who called on Kirpal Singh in order to discuss religious and spiritual matters were the following: Dr. Wendell Berwick, Director of a leading Protestant organization; Le Roy Goebel, Representative of the American Association of the United Nations; Judge Cusack of the Chicago Courts; Mr. Maitani, Indian Advisor to U.N.O.; Dr. Seijer of Temple Sholom; representatives of the Coptic Church, and many others.

Four talks, attended by a large number of people, were given at the Master's hotel. Meditation sittings were given every morning, and initiation took place on the second morning. Kirpal Singh made a forty-minute television appearance to the American people, expounding the teachings of spirituality and the Path of the Masters. In one day, November 3, he gave four talks in different places: the Temple Sholom at North Lake Shore Drive; the Unitarian Church at Evanston; the Theosophical Society; and the Hotel Hamilton.

The Master spoke on spirituality and the W.F.R. in a broadcast on the Phil Lind Show on the radio, and at a reception given in his honor by the National Women Leaders. The same evening, November 4, he set forth the same basic themes at the Space Club of Chicago. The Master told the "outer-space" and "flying-saucer" enthusiasts that there were many dominions and realms below the supreme Dominion of the King of Kings. These dominions—"Mansions in the Father's House"—can be conveniently divided into the four Grand Divisions of the scheme of creation: a) the purely spiritual; b) the spirito-material; c) the materio-spiritual; and d) the material. The first Division is termed Sat Loka in Hinduism, Sach Khand in Sikhism, and Muqam-i-Haq in the terminology of the Islamic sages. This is the highest and truly spiritual realm, entirely devoid of all physical, astral and mental matter. It is unchanging and eternal; all joy and all bliss; all wisdom and all love: the Home of God. Here, in ineffable glory, dwell the perfected spiritual beings and the supreme Saints of all time.

The Lord of the lowest section of this wondrous region is Sat Purusha or the True Being. The Master stated that this Being radiates a light which is the equivalent of billions of suns. He is beyond the capacity of human language or intellect to describe. Sat Purusha directs and controls the creation and dissolution of the whole universe, but His region is immune from any such change. This Great Being derives His power from the Supreme One, the All Highest, Who is known to the Masters as Anami Purusha—the Nameless One.

The second Division is known as Brahmanda (the Egg of Brahm) so termed because of its elliptical shape. It embraces in their totality the two lowest Divisions, Anda and Pinda. The summit of this mighty Region is the Brahmanda itself; the middle section is known as Anda; and the lowest part is Pinda. Brahmanda is predominantly spiritual, but has a certain admixture of refined matter. The inhabitants of this spirito-material region are unutterably happy, but they are not immortal like the beings in the highest region. However, they do live in an infinitely vaster time-scale than do we beings of the Fourth Division. Brahmanda goes into dissolution at the end of each major cosmic life-cycle.

Brahmanda is the region of Brahm and Par-Brahm, who are also known as Kal and Maha-Kal, Brahm is the Being who is entrusted with the direction and control of the material creation and is an assistant of Par-Brahm. He is the Ruler of the Three Worlds: Brahmanda, Anda and Pinda, comprising the lower, impermanent divisions of creation. Par-Brahm resides in the upper and subtler section of Brahmanda, and Brahm resides in the lower, more material section. In the lower section of Brahmanda, mind is supreme; mind being itself composed of the subtilized form of matter with a certain admixture of spirit substance. Trikuti, the lower section of Brahmanda, is therefore known as the region of Universal Mind.

The Third Division, known as Anda, is the nearest Division to the physical world. Its central capital is termed Sahasra-dal-Kanwal, or the "Lotus of a thousand petals," and this capital is the power-house of the physical world. The time-scale in Anda is shorter than that in Brahmanda, but still much longer than in the physical world. The region of Anda, up to and including Trikuti, goes into dissolution at the end of a lesser cosmic life-cycle which lasts for many millions of years. The "heavens" of the social religions are located in Anda and in the lowest sections of Brahmanda. The Swargas of Hinduism, the Paradise of Islam, and the Heaven of Judaism and Christianity, these are all here and are very beautiful, but they are all subject to eventual dissolution.

The fourth and lowest Division of Creation is known as Pinda, This comprises the entirety of our physical universe: all the planets, sun, stars, systems, galaxies, and cosmic schemes known and unknown to modern astronomy. Matter in our physical universe is in its coarsest, most dense form, with very limited admixture of spirit substance, just enough to vivify matter and maintain life. Here, then, is the cosmology of the Master-Saints, going far beyond the wildest dreams and imaginings of those who look into the physical skies for man's salvation. A Master-Saint will lead the true disciple through the whole ascending degrees of creation until the soul is completely liberated from birth and death, returning triumphant to the True Home of the Father.

The next day, at a meeting sponsored by Dr. Peri at the Northwestern University, Sant Kirpal Singh brought the notice of the assembled students to their spiritual responsibilities. "You are the future," he told them. "You are the world that is to be. Your each and every action will produce its own reaction, and that reaction will create the society of tomorrow. Take the first step towards a better world by moving out of your self-contained circle. Take this step with eyes open, with an open mind, and with sincere love for all people. In your hands lies the responsibility of the bringing forth of the Kingdom of God on earth!"

Later the same day a reception was given for Kirpal Singh by the President and owners of Hotels and Restaurants in the U.S.A. Two further talks were given at the Psychic Science Church and the Community Center Foundation. The Master left for Western Springs, Illinois, on November 7. In Western Springs, Kirpal Singh was greeted by Gianamata Nikunja, a devoted and loving disciple. During the day of the Master's stay at her residence, Gianamata Nikunja and her husband ministered to the needs of about fifty visitors.

Gianamata Nikunja had awaited this meeting with the Master for a long time. Since childhood she had been more interested in spiritual matters than mundane affairs. At the age of eight she had a vision in which she saw a bearded man. Years later, she saw a photograph of the man and discovered, after subsequent inquiries, that it was Ahazulama, a spiritual leader from Tibet. Ahazulama taught simple and direct spiritual truths, affirming that it was love which would prove the greatest weapon against evil. He promised initiation into the inner planes, but only after the aspirant had served a long probationary period and was ready for it. Gianamata Nikunja became an ardent disciple of Ahazulama and worked for his cause for many years. Although she received no practical inner experience for a long time, she had great faith in her Guru (spiritual teacher) and later became a guru herself in the U.S.A. After her Guru had left the physical body, Gianamata contacted many of his disciples and herself became a Guru to many thousands of people of all nationalities throughout the world.

Although contented in this work, her way of life was again changed when Ahazulama appeared to her in a vision in early 1961. He informed her that she should prepare herself for the greatest event in her life. Very soon, he told her, a great Master of spirituality would be visiting America, and she should accept this Master as her Guru after she had contacted him. The vision troubled her. How would she know and recognize this Master? Within two weeks of the vision she received a letter from Mr. T. S. Khanna, in which he informed her that the greatest Master of the age would be visiting the U.S.A. in the near future. At her request, Mr. Khanna sent her literature on the Great Master—Kirpal Singh. She found that there was little difference between Kirpal Singh's teachings and the teachings of her own Guru, except that Ahazulama had given only the theoretical teachings, and Kirpal Singh gave both the theoretical and the practical knowledge of the beyond. Gianamata was thus initiated into the Science of the Soul.

In 1962, in deep meditation, she saw Baba Sawan Singh Ji, the Master of Kirpal Singh, in his Radiant Form. She did not know what this Master looked like at the time, it was only later that she verified who it was by seeing a portrait of him. The form became more and more luminous as she watched it, and, eventually, the Great Master spoke to her: "You have contacted my Beloved Son, with whom and by whom I am very pleased." When she asked who he meant, he replied, "Kirpal Singh!" Gianamata Nikunja subsequently dedicated her home to the service of her Sat Guru, and many of her own disciples were initiated into the Science of the Soul.

Kirpal Singh left Western Springs for Galesburg, Illinois, on November 8, and gave a talk at Davenport, Iowa, forty miles from Galesburg, that same evening. After the Master's discourse six people came forward and stated that they desired initiation from the Master. It was explained that there would be no time for this as the Master would be leaving for Louisville, Kentucky, early the next morning. Kirpal Singh saw the disappointed expressions on the faces of these aspirants, and, once again, agreed to sacrifice his comfort and time. He initiated the six people from 9:30 p.m. until midnight that very night.