His Holiness Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj left New York on the evening of January 29, 1964, and arrived at Frankfurt, Germany, the next morning. Frau Fitting, the Master's representative in Germany, and disciples from many German cities were at the airport to greet their Sat Guru. It was a brief but joyous occasion, and after two hours had elapsed, the Master and his party, accompanied by Frau Fitting and some of the devotees, departed for Munich. In spite of arctic-like conditions in Munich, the devotees in that city battled through high gales and snowstorms in order to see their Master for one brief hour. He spoke to these faithful disciples for a short time, and then bade Frau Fitting and these devotees a loving farewell, and departed for India.

Delhi Airport on January 31 was pulsating with an atmosphere of tension and excitement. Worried officials and harassed security guards endeavored to control a throng of ten thousand people, who had been gathering at the airport since the previous evening. At 5 a.m. the Master's plane landed, and a special car was driven up to the exit steps of the plane. Pan American officials requested Kirpal Singh to enter the car straight away. It was intended that the Master be taken through the airport in secret without going through the Customs clearing room and with the minimum of fuss, but the authorities had not bargained with the watchful eyes of the observant devotees.

When the Master's party was being escorted through the special Customs clearance room, the restless crowd suddenly spied the Master leaving the airport direct from the other side. With one accord they shouted with joy, overturned the crush-barrier, and rushed from the airport to greet him. In the excitement many people experienced minor mishaps, spectacles fell from noses and were crushed underfoot, but nothing now mattered. The children were re-united with their beloved Father.

Arriving at Sawan Ashram, the Master was greeted by thousands of rejoicing people. Devotees came from Pakistan, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Pondicherry, Kashmir, and all parts of India. The Ashram was literally packed to capacity with teeming humanity. Without pausing to rest, the Master sat upon the raised platform for four hours before his dear ones, who were sitting on the ground and weeping with joy at this happy reunion. Thereafter, Kirpal Singh was welcomed back to Delhi by His Holiness Muni Sushil Kumar, the eminent Jain leader and sponsor of the World Fellowship of Religions. After a day of general rejoicing, a great Satsang was held in the evening.

Many religious leaders and civic heads began to arrive at Sawan Ashram on the following day. Pir Fazal Shah Ji, a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, arrived from Pakistan, and Pir Sahib Nizami of Durgah Khowaja Nizam-ud-Din-Aulia, Delhi, both representing the Islamic Faith. A press conference was held on February 2, and reporters were given details of the World Tour. The Ashram had turned into a hive of industry, and everyone —men, women and children—was preparing for the auspicious occasion of the Master's forthcoming birthday. All went about their allotted tasks singing the praises of the Lord. Old and young alike were so thankful that their Maharaj Ji had returned after his long tour.

Many came for the Master's darshan, or holy sight, and parshad, or blessed food, was distributed to the devotees. Langar, or the free kitchen, was put into operation in order to feed the multitude. It was a wonderful scene, with flowers and fruits being distributed from hundreds of baskets. The Ashram was immersed in an atmosphere of love and joy. In spite of the very cold weather, people worked in the open air, some bringing food and others cooking and serving. All were occupied in loving service to their Master and their fellow beings.

Nobody in the Ashram and in its environs slept on the night of February 5. At 3 a.m. on the blessed day of February 6, the Master's birthday, a congregation of many thousands of people stood before his bungalow, singing the holy hymn:

"Beloved Friend, please do come out, so that I may have your Darshan!"

Kirpal Singh came out into the garden and stood with the congregation for fifteen minutes. He asked them to partake of parshad and told them that he would see them again very shortly. A Birthday cake was brought out and cut for distribution among the devotees. Within a few hours, at 7 a.m., the Birthday celebrations commenced, and the congregation sat in Bhajan; and thereafter, devotional songs were sung to the Lord. Then the poets read their poetical offerings of extreme love for the Sat Guru.

Sadhus, Swamis and holy men of different religions were present, and many gave speeches in praise of the Master. Kirpal Singh and Muni Sushil Kumar both addressed the congregation for one hour.

At 1:30 p.m. the great Satsang came to an end. Kirpal Singh blessed the Langar, or free kitchen, and about forty thousand people received parshad and were served with a meal. Moving amongst his devotees as they sat partaking of their meal, the Master freely bestowed his darshan upon all. Many related their troubles and sorrows to him, and he gave them wise counsel and spiritual consolation.

Satsang was again held at 4:30 p.m. Many devotees spoke of their love and reverence for the Master. The poets related their love-sagas of praise to the Beloved. Many sadhus and sages gave discourses upon the Master of spirituality. Movies of the World Tour were shown until 10 p.m. Kirpal Singh released the following Birthday Message to his disciples throughout the world:

Dear Ones: May the Grace of God be with you all. We are seekers after Truth, and for that purpose we have joined various religions, which are our schools of thought. Truth is not the exclusive right of any particular creed, or place, or age. It is a man's birthright. Just as every man has the right to breathe the air and absorb the rays of the sun, we are all privileged to draw from the Unseen Source of Life, Strength, and Wisdom, which is within each of us. That infinite supply cannot be exhausted. Anyone belonging to any religion can delve it out from within, with the help of someone who is competent in spirituality—call him by any name you please. Take all that you require. Not only will it suffice for you, but through it you will become instrumental in helping your fellows.

Your smile will inspire another to smile. Your strength will impel another to be strong. A noble soul always draws forth the noble quality in others. God is love, and our souls are also love, and it is through love alone that we can know God. Love knows true renunciation, service, and sacrifice for the good of others, without any consideration of self. A true man is one who is truthful, lives a life of continence, radiates love for all others for the sake of God residing in them, and knows "giving," "giving," and always "giving." We never lose anything when we give. When you give love, do you find that you have less love in your hearts? On the contrary, you are conscious of an ever greater power of loving; but no one can be convinced of these things till he has applied them in a practical way. An ounce of practice is worth tons of theories.

It is a practical age, therefore it is for us to make our idealism more practical. Believe in God, Who is Spirit; God is Love—the principle of all things—Who is in me and I am in Him; Who resides in every heart. We should therefore love all mankind and all creation. If one cannot love those whom one sees, how can one love God whom one does not see? There is a Religion which is above all religions of rituals, dogmas, and doctrines. That Religion is Truth. Religion truly means, "re," or back, and "ligio," which comes from "ligore," to bind. That is, to bind the soul back to Truth or God. You have to be born into the Truth. All Masters who come from time to time speak of the same Truth. We are all lovers of Truth. This is the True Religion, and it is upon this basis that the whole world can sit together, and the East and West could be united.

The purpose before me is to bring together all children of God—now forming part of various religions—to understand each other and find a way back to God. I am glad that I have found a great response to this Message of Love, with the Grace of my Master—the Man-in-God. My hearty thanks and best wishes go to all who have been helpers in this Noble Cause of humanity.

Kirpal Singh

The next day, an initiation sitting was given to five hundred adults and two hundred children, and the entire day was given over to Naam-initiation. On the day after this, Baron W. F. von Blomberg arrived at the Ashram, and a further press conference was held. Muni Sushil Kumar informed public dignitaries and newspapers that the Master had returned to India.

Arrangements had been made for a great ceremony where Kirpal Singh would be honored before the public by fifty-two religious organizations. The ceremony—known as Sant Samagam, "grand convention of the Saints"— took place on February 9 in the vast Ghandi grounds in the center of Delhi. A huge stage had been built for the two hundred dignitaries who were to sit with the Master. His Holiness Sant Kirpal Singh Ji sat at the center of the stage in the seat of honor prepared for him. His Holiness Muni Sushil Kumar Ji and Baron W. F. von Blomberg also sat with the Master, and about them were seated representatives of many religious organizations, including members of the Christian, Islamic, Sufi, Sikh and Hindu Faiths.

Swami Chida Akash Ji Maharaj gave the opening address of welcome, and then Darshan Singh, the Master's son, read a poem of devotion which moved the audience deeply. The audience, estimated at sixty thousand in number, was filled with immense joy at the Master's return to India. Baron von Blomberg narrated the historic events relating to the Master's tour and informed the Indian people that a new era of spiritual awakening is ahead, when the gospel of love and truth will prevail in the child humanity under the protective guidance of the Living Master. As each leader came forward to honor the Sat Guru, the great congregation responded with expressions of praise and exultation. Each religious head preluded his speech with a prayer of his own faith, and then all the different prayers were said collectively in one symphony. Sushil Kumar Ji gave an inspiring speech, and Kirpal Singh spoke of the tremendous reception accorded his mission throughout the world.

Kirpal Singh received many invitations from religious and civic leaders to visit cities and towns throughout India. Prime Minister Nehru invited the Master to confer with him on the World Tour upon the following Wednesday, February 12. The Master had returned to India.