The Third World Tour

Part III

The American Tour Begins

(recordings from this part of the tour are available here,
and will be added to as they are found/made available)

    The Master left London for the United States at Heathrow Airport on Sept. 19, 1972. A large number of devotees came to the airport to say goodbye. Many were in tears. The Representative from West Germany, who traveled with the Master throughout Europe, also took leave as she was going home. Six initiates flew with him on the same flight.


    The plane reached Dulles Airport in Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., at about 3 p.m. on the 19th. Mr. T. S. Khanna and Mr. Reno Sirrine, the Master's American Co-Representatives, received the Master warmly with garlands and escorted him to the waiting crowd, where Yogi Bhajan and his party were singing devotional hymns. Almost a thousand dear ones who had come from all over the United States and Canada were waiting to have a glimpse of Him. For the vast majority, it was the first time they had ever seen Him.
    Immediately on arrival at the residence of Mr. Khanna, where He stayed for the first thirteen days of His stay in America, people started coming in to have darshan and talk with the Master. He very lovingly met with each one who came, and asked about their welfare— both spiritual and mundane. That evening, the Master addressed a very large gathering of about a thousand persons, packed in to the big Vienna Community Center, Vienna, Va., and told them that He was happy to be here once again. He reminded them that, side by side with their worldly responsibilities, they must be fully devoted to their meditations and be very strict to find out their shortcomings to be removed gradually. He said further that God is love, and the way back to Him is also through love, and emphasized that each one should inculcate the good habit of loving all as has been advocated by the Masters who came in the past. He concluded by saying that He had come to the U.S. as part of the Divine Plan, and He would be very glad to meet each one individually before He left.
    The following morning, Sept. 20, the first meditation sitting of the American tour was held in the American Legion Hall, Fairfax, Va., which was full to capacity. The Master gave complete instructions for meditating properly, and out of about 850 persons sitting, all but three had experiences of one degree or another.
    Immediately after the sitting, all of the group leaders present met with the Master in an adjoining hall. Welcoming the Master, Mr. Reno Sirrine thanked the Master for the wonderful demonstration of His power that had just been experienced by everyone. He and Mr. T. S. Khanna invited suggestions from the group leaders regarding arrangements for the tour, so that the maximum number of persons could benefit. It was agreed that there would be no changes in the previously published schedule throughout the United States and Canada, as it would involve too many difficulties. This was adhered to generally; an exception was made for Yale University, New Haven, Conn., which extended an official invitation to the Master for Oct. 12, which was accepted.
    The Master gave a brief talk in which He emphasized that, while His last tour had been largely for social and political bodies, this tour was meant to strengthen the initiates: to cement the foundations of love between one another and to give a boost to their meditations. He said that group leaders, who are required to shoulder much responsibility in their areas, should consider themselves fortunate for this rare opportunity, and put in more efforts with love, devotion and humility. He said that they should remain respectful toward the point of view of others, and in cases where His advice was needed, He would be glad to give it. He advised that the leaders should not only read the holy books, but should digest the teachings and live up to them.
    Mrs. Khanna requested the Master to cut two big cakes which she had had prepared (baked by Mrs. Helen McDan-iel) and distribute them as parshad, which He did, to the joy of all present.
    That afternoon the Master again gave darshan and answered questions at the American Legion Hall, and that evening He gave a discourse at the American University, Washington, D. C., which was attended by many students as well as the initiates. The large lecture hall at the University was full to capacity, and many people sat on the floor in front and in the aisles, and others stood in the rear, as all the seats were taken. The Master spoke for an hour and a half, and then answered a number of questions.
    Those first thirteen days in America were a really magic time for the dear ones, many of whom had come from a great distance and undergone considerable difficulty in order to be there. The Master was very pleased to see His dear children, and gave abundantly of Himself for their sake. Morning meditations at 9, and afternoon darshan sessions at 4, were held daily at the American Legion Hall in Fairfax; evening lectures were given at George Mason University, Fairfax; George Washington University, Howard University, and the All Souls' Unitarian Church, Washington; and Oakton High School, Oakton, Va. In addition, Master saw many dear ones individually and in small groups, sometimes after the talks, sometimes at Mr. Khanna's house, where indeed He was up to 1 a.m. most nights, dealing with the difficulties of His children.*
    The Master was interviewed on television on the morning of Sept. 22 for about twenty minutes. He was asked how peace in the world could be brought about, and replied that it was possible if we rise above "isms" and if the kings, presidents, and governments rise above their countries and have sympathy with all mankind. The program was in color, and the sight of the Master sitting on the dais as the camera moved in was beautiful indeed, and appreciated by the initiates watching in their motel rooms or at the American Legion Hall.


    That afternoon Master gave a talk at the Legion Hall at 7 p.m., and immediately afterward left by car for Bowling Green, Va., about eighty miles south of Washington, where Mr. and Mrs. Amar Nath Sharma, two very devoted initiates, had purchased a farm. They had requested Master to bless it with His presence for a night and a day, and He graciously agreed. He was followed by crowds and crowds of devotees—about 80 cars followed Him down that night, and many more arrived in the morning. The night was moonlit and beautiful, and the Master's presence sharpened and freshened its beauty even more. The dear ones slept anywhere they could— some in their cars, some camped out, the majority slept in the barn. Five or six girls from Kirpal Ashram took charge of the kitchen, and everyone that was there was greeted with tea and toast in the morning. The volunteers also worked all night preparing food for the main meal, which was served later— chapatis and five or six kinds of food. Master felt very much at home there, and moved among His children freely. The people felt they were in the loving lap of their Father and loved every minute of it.
    Master put everyone into meditation at 11 a.m., after which He gave a short talk and then talked individually with anyone who wanted to come and see Him.
    Then dinner was served with everyone sitting in rows, Indian style, and the food from the langar was served to all.
    No one wanted to leave; the love that was being radiated by the Master was so all-permeating. The Master graciously stayed until 2:30 p.m., at which time He had to leave. His car was surrounded by dear ones who seemed with their beseeching eyes to be requesting more time; but it was time to go. But the peace and love that were there was so intense that the Light will stay in everyone's memory all their lives.
    The following morning, Sept. 24, Sunday, the Master initiated 100 persons into the Mysteries of the Beyond. At the same time, He put the old initiates into meditation at the Legion Hall, and about 800 people sat for three hours.
    That afternoon the Master spoke at the Sylvan Theater, a beautiful outdoor amphitheater at the base of the Washington Monument. It was a beautiful setting for Him, and at the conclusion He conducted a series of private interviews on the stage. Many of the dear ones had their first opportunity to speak to the Master and were overjoyed.
    On Sept. 26, the Master gave a talk at the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare at 12 noon. This was specially for the workers there, and was done at their invitation.
    At the conclusion of the talk at George Washington University that same evening, a questioner said that observance of chastity was impossible. The Master said that there is nothing impossible; where there is a will there is a way. He said that chastity gives inner strength to the individual, and quoted Mahatma Gandhi as saying that had he known the value of chastity earlier, and observed it, he would have got immense benefit earlier. Another gentleman asked how long it takes to develop ojas, the special power that is the fruit of chastity. The Master said there was no hard and fast rule; the more you observe celibacy, the closer it is.
    The next morning, Sept. 27, after the morning meditation at the Legion Hall, the Master gave a brief talk on the outer aspect of His work in the West. He said that we are all brothers and sisters in God; no high or low. We are limbs of the same body. He said that up to now the work had been carried on by two corporations, managed by Mr. T. S. Khanna and Mr. Reno Sirrine. He said both are part of the same machinery, and if one of them is in pain or trouble, the other cannot remain happy. Then He said that both the dear ones had decided to work jointly under one corporation, which was very good. Then the Master asked both Mr. Sirrine and Mr. Khanna to speak on this subject, which they did, saying that they have love and respect for each other and will cooperate with each other for Master's Holy Cause. They mentioned that copies of a letter written by the Master on this subject, as well as copies of another letter written by both of them, would be available the next day.
    That evening the Master spoke at Howard University in Washington, D.C., where he was welcomed by Dr. Gandy, head of the School of Religion, and gave a discourse to a packed hall. After the talk, He was interviewed by a reporter for the Washington Post.
    On Saturday, Sept. 30, the Master gave Initiation for the second time in the Washington area, this time giving Naam to 24 dear ones, while simultaneously putting the old initiates in meditation nearby.
    The following day, Oct. 1, was the Master's last day in Virginia. In His farewell talk, He mentioned that the number of people who were seeing the Radiant Form of the Master within had doubled since the first sitting thirteen days earlier, which was proof of advancement. He then proceeded to give a beautiful talk, which, God willing, will be published in a future issue of SAT SANDESH.
    That afternoon there was no program scheduled, but many people came individually and in small groups to see Him one last time before He left. Many of them assembled on the lawn in front of the house, and Master came out and gave darshan.
Many dear ones were also present at the National Airport in Washington, as Master prepared to board the 9 p.m. flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, His next stop. Master consoled each of the dear ones individually before He left.


    The Master and His party reached Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina, at about 10 p.m. on Oct. 1, 1972, and was greeted by several hundred dear ones at the airport, many of whom had driven down from Washington the day before. The Master met them all and was then driven to the home of Mr. Charles Fulcher, the local group leader, where He stayed during the four days at Charlotte.
    Meditations were held each morning, darshan sessions each afternoon, and public lectures each evening at Southpark Auditorium and the Myers Park Baptist Church.
    On the afternoon of Oct. 3 many of the initiates who were traveling with the Master assembled outside His house and sang devotional hymns and sat in meditation. The Master was busy attending to foreign correspondence, but when He saw them gathered there, He left His work and came out to be with them, much to their great delight. The Master answered a few questions and spoke on love. He said that love is innate; that everyone loves and wants to be loved. If we develop love for the Master, He will love us in a much greater degree. In reality, the Master teaches us how to love, just as a mother teaches her son. The love should be from the innermost depth of the heart. The Master then told a beautiful story from His own life: Once the Great Master Baba Sawan Singh (His Master) went to Dharamshala, a hill station in India, for about three months. Everyone was anxiously waiting for His return, when He decided to stay another three months! No one could help. Then He (Kirpal Singh) wrote a short letter to His Master, saying, "we hoped to see our Master with the arrival of Basant (spring). It is now Bas-ant (end of spring), and you have not come . . ." There was such a loving entreaty in the letter that the Great Master embraced the letter, cancelled His program, and returned.
    On Oct. 4, the Master was invited to speak at the University of North Carolina, and gave a talk to the students and others from 12 to 1 p.m. in a very big hall filled to capacity. He spoke on the inevitability of death and the necessity of universal love.
    That afternoon at 5, the dear ones again assembled in large numbers outside of the house where Master was staying. The account of this beautiful session has been published separately.
    The following morning, Oct. 5, the Master gave Naam to 22 persons at His residence at 9 a.m. Earlier He had put the initiates in meditation at Southpark Auditorium. That afternoon at 2 He gave a farewell message to the dear ones, and stressed the importance of attending their local Satsangs, as when more than one sit in His remembrance, He is there. He also urged them to keep their bodies clean, and be regular in their meditations. A little later He left for the airport, where a special room was reserved for Him and His children so that they could sit together. At 6 p.m. His plane left for Philadelphia.


    The Master arrived at 7 p.m. and was greeted at the airport by Mr. David Diamond, the Philadelphia group leader, and many other dear ones who were eagerly awaiting His coming. After giving everyone there a very sweet darshan, He was driven to the Warwick Hotel, where His entire program had been set up for the two days stay. Later that night, at Master's apartment in the Hotel, about eighty persons gathered for darshan and were fed a delicious meal prepared by the Philadelphia satsangi ladies with great devotion and love.
    The usual schedule of morning meditation, afternoon darshan, and evening public talk was maintained, all in the Warwick Hotel Ballroom. The large crowds listened to the talks with rapt attention. The Master radiated beauty and joy and peace, and all got benefit.
    On the morning of Oct. 7, 26 persons were initiated by the Master in His apartment in the Hotel.
    He left Philadelphia about 5 p.m. by car, and the hotel lobby and the street for half a block away were lined with people anxious for His darshan. He left the hotel so sweetly and slowly, stopping to speak with some, smiling at others. As He got in the car and was driven away, the majority of satsangis raced for their own cars, to get to New York as quickly as possible and not miss a second of Master's presence.


    The Master's first night in New York was spent, as a gesture of deep love, at the house of a dear Satsangi family in Weehawken, N.J., just across the Hudson River from the city. The following morning He arrived at the Hilton Hotel, where He was to stay the rest of the time, at 9 a.m. and was immediately driven to the Hunter College Playhouse where He gave a brief talk followed by a meditation sitting from 10 to 11 a.m. Afterward He gave many interviews.
    The public talks in New York were all given in this same Playhouse, which was a very large hall and absolutely full. Every seat was taken and many people were standing since there was no place to sit. Meditations were also held there, and the afternoon darshans were held in the hotel. At one of these latter sessions, the Master spoke beautifully on darshan, substantially as follows:

    The word DARSHAN—what it stands for is when nothing remains between you and Him. When Masters come into the world, hundreds come to look at Him. Not everyone benefits. Eyes are the windows of the soul. If nothing remains between you and Him, you may have the full benefit. So that is why Christ said, "Eat me and drink me." It is not his flesh and blood but His radiation. Whole attention should be on the eyes of the Master, not on the body. The more attention you have, the more benefit can be derived. Receptivity is necessary. If you are fully receptive, you will forget your body. By sitting before the Master in this way, with full attention, many sins are washed away. This is what is meant by DARSHAN, not just looking at the Master.
    If you sit by a burning fire, you have warmth. If nothing remains between you and Him, you will have the full benefit of the radiation. That is why Christ said, "I am the Bread of Life that has come down from Heaven. Whosoever partaketh of me shall have everlasting life." This eating comes from being receptive. You understand what Darshan is? Full devotion—where even a thought does not strike you. These words are in the scriptures. This is the most effective way of cleansing the mind. DARSHAN has a very deep meaning: when two become one. This is the fate of those who have true devotion. This will not come with mere acting or posing, but when there is no outside world.
    On the morning of Oct. 11, the Master initiated 86 persons into the inner science, and gave them a contact with the Inner Light and Sound Current.
    The Master left New York by car at 11 a.m. Oct. 12, arriving at New Haven, Conn., at 1 p.m. There He had been invited by Yale University to give a talk. He spoke beautifully and powerfully on education, stressing the need for an aim in life and the importance and necessity of experiencing higher consciousness.


    The Master left New Haven by car and arrived in Boston on Oct. 12 at 8 p.m. and blessed the city and the people with His unending love.
    During His three days here, He stayed in Brookline at the home of His Representative, Mrs. Mildred Prendergast. Morning meditations were held at the Beacon Street Motor Hotel, just a few minutes' walk away. The afternoon heart to heart talks were given in the Brook-line Motor Hotel, just across the street. The evening public talks were given at Lowell Lecture Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, and were very well attended.
    A child care center was set up and worked beautifully, much to the great appreciation of the parents. It was located in the Brookline Motor Hotel, and the mothers were on a rotating schedule for the care of their children. Thus, the children were well taken care of during the Master's talks and were gathered in one place for the blessings of the Master.
    Master spoke, as He had so often elsewhere, of the main purpose of life being to know yourself, and of how it can be done: through meditation, rising above body consciousness, and self-introspection, with the help of a living Master. He encouraged the dear ones to "hurry up!" saying, "Your breaths are numbered: wrong use of your breath will shorten your life. Whatever you pray from your heart, think in your brain, and speak through the mouth is a true prayer and will be granted by the Grace of God. Pray, 'I want nothing of this world or the world hereafter, just lead me to the Word made flesh so that He may make me such as He.' Pray, 'Let me become the humble slave of Your Servant till my last breath is taken.' This is the prayer of the truly devoted."
    On Oct. 14 the Master was interviewed by Jay Richard Turner of the Siddhartha Foundation, Waltham, Mass., for a program called On the Path to Higher Consciousness over Radio Station WBUR. This was an in-depth interview, with the Master giving a very detailed exposition of the inner science, and closing with meditation instructions at the interviewer's request. Other persons who came to see the Master included Dr. Michio Kushi, well known macrobiotic teacher; the Editor of East-West magazine; and the Baron Frary von Blomberg, Co-President of the World Fellowship of Religions, who discussed many topics with Him and sought His guidance.
    On Sunday morning, Oct. 15, the Master gave Naam to 63 blessed souls at the Brookline Motor Hotel. What a blessing for Boston!


    The Master left by car for Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, New Hampshire, at 9 p.m. on the 15th, immediately after the evening lecture at Harvard University. A few devotees accompanied Him, the great majority arriving the next day when the official program began.
    Sant Bani Ashram consists of about 200 acres of mostly forest land in the foothills of the White Mountains. It was founded as an ashram by the Master Himself during His previous visit in October 1963, just nine years earlier. Many changes had taken place in the meantime as the work there had grown enormously, including the construction of a large Satsang Hall and several other buildings. In preparation for His coming, the dear ones there had made with their own hands and great devotion a house for the Master to live in. It was to this house, by the side of a pond, that Master was taken, outside of which were a large group of local initiates waiting with great joy to see Him. He sat with them so lovingly in the living room of His house, and reminisced about His previous visit and other past events. The weather was cold, but as He said smilingly, "Love knows no cold."
    The next morning people began arriving from all over. The Satsang Hall and the main guest house, together with all other houses on the ashram, had been pressed into service in order to accommodate the devotees; in addition, two large tents had been constructed specially for the visit. With the loving cooperation of the local initiates, who worked very hard both before and during the visit, a langar (free kitchen) was set up, and with His grace, two meals a day were served throughout His stay. The atmosphere there is quiet and congenial for meditation; as the Oriental proverb says, "Mungle in the jungle." ("Bliss in the forest.") Many people wanted to be there in Master's company, and about 500 persons were fed and accommodated during His stay. Many others from the local area attended the public talks and came to see the Master.
    At 9 a.m., Oct. 16, the Master put all the initiates present (many still had not arrived) into meditation, after giving a short talk in which He commented on the radical change that had taken place at the Ashram since He had been there last. He mentioned that then there were only a few people and only one main building, and that there had been a rapid improvement. He urged the dear ones present to utilize the five days they had here for meditation, and told them not to gossip or waste time in frivolous activities.
    Some of the public talks were held outdoors, by the pond, next to the Master's house, and others were held in the Satsang Hall, which however was not nearly large enough to hold the dear ones who had flocked there. In order to accommodate as many people as possible, it was necessary for the dear ones to sit on the floor with their knees drawn up in front of them; in this way, about 700 people were squeezed in. But this was not enough; and overflow space was provided in the main guest house, with Master's talk piped in on a speaker. (The Master graciously came down after the talk and gave darshan to those dear ones.) About 100 more were accommodated this way, but this was still not enough. So some dear ones remained outside the hall during the talk, and heard Him over a loudspeaker set up outside. But when Master looked out the window and saw them outside, He instructed everyone inside to squeeze up still tighter so that their brothers and sisters could come in. Everyone had thought they were squeezed as tight as they possibly could be; but somehow room was made for all the others.
    On some occasions, however, people were left standing outside; they just could not be squeezed in. Once, after all efforts had been made, Master said about those outside so compassionately, "God bless them—part of my attention will be outside with them."
    When weather permitted, and despite the cold wind that blew continually, the Great Master held Satsang outdoors. Here everyone could sit in one place and enjoy His bliss.
    A number of darshans were held in the Master's house; here of course only a few could get in, but it was the effort of the organizers to insure that everyone present was given a chance to sit in the Master's living room with Him at least once during His stay. Some of these sessions were very profound, others light-hearted and jolly. At one session a group leader inquired how to save himself from group leader disease. The Master replied very strongly that he must remember he is working for God. He told him that if he had a shield of humility, then nobody will harm him. He added that he should never take credit for any work he did, but be aware that he was simply a pipeline.
    On another occasion, a very old retired Christian minister was present, the grandfather of an initiate; the Master treated him with great respect, and engaged him in conversation for some time. The gentleman said, "I feel peace in your presence, Sir, but I can't call you Master." The Master smiled at him and asked, "What is your age, sir, if I may ask?" The gentleman replied that he was 87. The Master said, "All right, just take me as your younger brother."
    The satsangis from Clinton, Maine, who operate Kirpal Goat Farm there, met with the Master for the purpose of establishing a branch of Manav Kendra at their farm. The Master advised them to think over the issue calmly, and said that it is not difficult to start things but very difficult to maintain them. He later gave His approval to the idea.
    At one of the afternoon meetings held outdoors, the entire student body and faculty of Horizon's Edge School, a nearby private school, came to hear the Master. He addressed the discourse to them, and afterward spoke with them in His house, where He joked with them and gave them parshad. He told them to be devoted and obedient to their teachers, since only one-third comes through reading, etc.; the rest comes through receptivity. He also advised them to read biographies of great men.
    On Tuesday, Oct. 17, the Master paid a visit to the Sant Bani Press in Tilton, N.H., where SAT SANDESH and some of His books are printed. He thus graciously blessed the place, much to the joy of the Press staff.
    On the evening of Oct. 19, the Master spoke before an absolutely packed hall on the importance and nature of Masters, an extraordinary talk which, God willing, will be included in a future issue of SAT SANDESH. The atmosphere of love and joy that had been building all week long reached a peak in this memorable Satsang, which will live in the memory of all who heard it.*
    On Friday morning, Oct. 20, the Master gave initiation to 53 persons and connected them with the Sound and Light within.
    That afternoon, after a very sweet farewell darshan outdoors, the Master left by car to take His unfathomable love to Kirpal Ashram in Vermont.


    This ashram, the oldest in the Western world, is situated 12 miles from Montpelier, Vt., in the town of Calais. The Ashram building is situated in a thick jungle, approachable by road, on the bank of a small stream. It is a very calm and quiet place. A few devotees reside there and there is a daily program for meditation and Satsang, as there is at Sant Bani. Some people do visit the Ashram and spend a few days in solitude and derive benefit from its radiated and charged atmosphere.
    The Master was provided with a very simple bed made out of wooden logs. Instead of chairs, big wooden logs were found in the rooms for sitting accommodations. The rooms were lit by candlelight, and heating arrangement was of olden times: burning wood in stoves. Many dear ones were given accommodations in the Ashram itself; others were placed in a house nearby; in addition, a very big tent was pitched in the open field to provide sleeping space. Food, prepared by the organizers in a most loving manner, was served to all. It was very cold; but the Master's children did not mind, as long as they could be with Him.
    The following morning, Oct. 21, many more people arrived. The Master put the people in meditation in the tent and then gave a short talk.
    At 1 p.m. the Master left for Burlington, forty miles away, where He had been invited by the University of Vermont to be the guest of the Dept. of Religion for two days. Immediately on arrival at the University, the Master was received and welcomed by them; following which, He gave a short talk. He was then taken to the East O'Lake Hotel, where He stayed for the duration of the time in Vermont.
    The Master gave a series of lectures in various halls of the University, which were exceptionally well attended by the students: The halls were so filled that the initiates present were asked to give the students first chance at the front seats, etc., so that they would have an opportunity to see and hear Him at close quarters. In addition to the lectures, the Master saw many students and others, in small groups and individually, at His hotel room. At one of these sessions, two priests, who had read the book Naam or Word, came to see Him. They had greatly appreciated the book, and asked the Master searching questions on the nature of inner experience. Among the others present at this time, a student said that his parents refused to give him permission to get initiated. The Master said that he should be more obedient and loving, and they would come round. But the boy said that no matter what he did, they remained adamantly opposed. Finally, the Master looked him right in the eye and said, "Look here— it is a question between you and God, not you and your parents."
    The Religion faculty, accompanied by many students, also visited Master in His hotel room, and asked many questions. One of them wanted to know if the American disciples were having difficulty in their meditation. The Master said that he should ask them and find out.
    He also told them that His work was purely spiritual, and cultural and social problems would take care of themselves if the spiritual work was done first. He also explained to them the reasons behind the vegetarian diet. One of the professors commented on how much they appreciated the Master's presence, and invited Him to visit the University again. The climax of the two days in Vermont came on Oct. 22, when the Master initiated 74 persons, the great majority University students, into the science of Surat Shabd Yoga. It was announced that Satsang would be held regularly at the University.


    The Master left Burlington on Oct. 23 at 9 a.m. by car, and arrived at Montreal, the largest city in Canada, and one of the largest in North America, at 12 noon, after a brief stop at the U.S.-Can-ada border for customs formalities. On arrival, He was taken to the Windsor Hotel, where many loving souls were waiting to greet the Master.
    During His two days in Montreal (His first visit there), the Master gave darshan, meditation sittings, and public talks at the Conference Room of the Hotel, and also spoke at the Sir George Williams University, at the invitation of Professor Rossner, head of the Dept. of Religion. There was also a press conference at the Hotel, which was attended by the initiates as well as the press. Dr. Roger Foisy, the local group leader, introduced the Master to the reporters.
    At one session, the Master was asked about blood transfusions. He said, "If it keeps a man alive so he can know God, then it is all right. But the transfusion of another's blood can change your whole way of thinking." Reno Sirrine said, "Master, can you spare a transfusion?" Master answered, "Why do you want my blood? I am giving you my life."
    Another questioner asked, "By following Master, we leave our previous religion, more or less, and this affects our family and hurts them because we are not following their tradition." The Master replied, "The customs that are now prevailing are man-made, not God-made or Master-made. Don't criticize others, love others, be friendly and loving. Be polite, but know the Truth within. The basic teachings are the same everywhere. Right interpretation can only be given by one who sees."
    Another question was, "Can all initiates make it to Sach Khand in one lifetime?" The Master said, "Not in one day do you become a Ph.D.; not in one day do you become a wrestler. If you have full devotion and develop the way you have been put on, it is up to you how long it will take. It is all on the Way. Those with background go straight up."
    Another dear one asked, "It is very easy to develop love for Master when you are in His physical presence, but what do we do when you are not here?" The Master said, "Develop receptivity. Send in your diary. Give more time to your meditation. My Master told me to give at least five to six hours, the more the better."
    Another question: "Are you in a state of Samadhi now?" Master said, "When you have a Ph.D. you don't use the knowledge every minute, but you still have the degree." Again: "Do you meditate to maintain Samadhi?" "When you have a Ph.D., do you repeat your ABC'S? When a man is in the world, he must use his outgoing faculties, but that does not mean he can't leave it at any time."
    On the morning of Oct. 24, 59 persons were given Naam. Later that day He told the initiates of Montreal, old and new, to be sweet, loving, to speak in any language but speak of love.
    At 6 p.m. on the 24th an interview with the Master was recorded for a Montreal radio station. The Master gave very complete answers to the interviewer's questioning, telling him that His main purpose was to revive the unity that already exists, and to help us solve the mystery of man—who we are, what we are; that the Master is the Word made flesh, and there have always been Masters, sometimes more than one at a time; that if any earnest seeker prays to God from his heart, He will make arrangements to lead him to the Master of the time; that the stage of all consciousness cannot be described or explained; and that an internal demonstration can most decidedly be given.
    The Master and His party left Montreal the following morning, Oct. 25, by plane, for Toronto, arriving there at 10:30 a.m.


    At the Toronto airport many persons were waiting to see the Master, including Stanley and Edna Shinerock, His group leaders there, who had lived with the Master in India for six years. They had been separated from His physical form since June 1970, and extended a very warm welcome to Him and felt so joyful and grateful for His visit. They took the Master to Mont Sondan Hotel, where He stayed the one night in Toronto. Then the Master went to Manor Road United Church where many people were waiting to have a glimpse of Him. He put them in meditation and gave a brief talk. Later in the afternoon He saw a large number of people at His hotel.
    The public talk that night was at the Theosophical Society at 8 p.m. When the Master arrived, the hall was absolutely full and many people had either to sit in the corridors or passages or had to stand along the sides. It was announced that the very first Satsang in Master's name in the Western world was held at this very place about 22 years ago, by Mr. T. S. Khanna, and only four or five people came to hear Master's message of love. How Master's work has grown in the meantime!
    The following morning,  the Master initiated 24 persons into the Mysteries of the Beyond. At 3 p.m. He left for Chicago by plane.

(The next installment will conclude the North American portion of the tour, following the Master through the Middle West, West, and South.)

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