The Third World Tour

Part V

With Master in Latin America

(recordings from this part of the tour when available will be located  here)



    The Master left Miami International Airport at 6 p.m. on Dec. 10, 1972, arriving at Mexico City at 9:30 p.m. He was greeted at the airport by a large, loving, very respectful and well-behaved crowd of initiates and seekers, who were overjoyed to see their Beloved in the flesh. Many of them followed Him to the Continental Hilton Hotel, where He stayed during the four days here. All of the Master's meetings, including meditations and public talks, were held at this hotel.
    Among the many many people who came to see the Master during His visit to Mexico City were the leader of the Jewish community, who discussed many issues with Him; two separate television teams, who took movies to be shown later; His Latin American group leaders, many of whom were present; and all the local initiates and seekers, who enjoyed the opportunity to speak face to face with the Master.
    The beautiful stay in Mexico culminated on Dec. 13, when 107 dear ones were Initiated into the mysteries of the Holy Word.
    The following day, Dec. 14, after a meditation sitting and farewell talk at the Hotel, preparations were made for departure, with Master leaving Mexico at 2:30 p.m.


    After a stopover and change of plane at Guatemala City, Master and His party arrived in Panama at 8:30 p.m. where they were greeted by the local Representative and other leaders, who had arranged a bus specially for the large number of devotees traveling with the Master (including 35 from Mexico and six from South America, who had joined Master in Miami). Everyone was taken to the El Panama Hotel, where meditation, talks, and darshan sessions were held throughout the stay here.
    The Master also spoke at the Newspaper Building Auditorium, Panama City, and gave a talk in Hindi at Colon, where a large number of Indians were assembled.
    While Master was here, arrangements were made for a Spanish-speaking Satsang to be established, making a total of four Satsangs in this area.
    On Dec. 17, at 9 a.m., Master graciously gave Naam to 45 persons, at the same time giving a meditation sitting to those already initiated.
    On Dec. 18, at 11:20 a.m., He left Panama for Quito, Ecuador, His first stop in South America proper.


    Master arrived in Quito at 1 p.m. on Dec. 18, to a wildly enthusiastic greeting from about 500 satsangis at the airport, many of whom were weeping for joy. Master was taken to the Colon Hotel, where excellent accommodations had been provided for Him. All of the meetings of all types were held right at the Hotel, which was very convenient for Him and for the dear ones.
Among the initiates who came to see Him on this, His first South American stop, were a busload of devotees from Cuenca, who had hired a bus and driven all night to arrive on time, and then turned the bus over for the convenience of the 35 initiates who had flown in on the same plane with the Master; six initiates from Guayaquil; five from Lima, Peru; and a delegation from Cochabamba, Bolivia, including the Bolivian Representative. Due to the extreme distance involved, it was not possible for the Brazilian Satsangis to come; but they got together and sent one dear one from Sao Paulo to represent them at Master's Feet. There were also seven satsangis from Colombia, where Master was going next; but they could not wait until He got there.
    During His stay here, Master had many interviews, including one with a leading Spiritualist of the area; magazine reporters; and local initiates, including those from Quito and those from outlying areas.
    On Dec. 20 at 12 noon, Master visited the site of a new Ashram at Cumbaya, near Quito, where a building is already under construction. He said, as He had previously on a number of similar occasions, that it is very easy to start something but very difficult to maintain it.
    On the same day, Dec. 20, at 4 p.m., Initiation was scheduled. Such a very large number of people applied, however, that it was not possible to process them all in time. So the Master initiated 192 persons at this time; and the following day, Dec. 21, 73 more were initiated. That same day He left Quito for Bogota, Colombia.


    The Master reached Bogota at 4:15 p.m. on the 21st, and was met by several hundred eager satsangis at the airport, many of whom were weeping. He was lodged at the home of Dr. Alberto Garcia, a well-known surgeon, and his dear wife, Ruth de Garcia. When Master arrived there, only Senora de Garcia and two of the four children in the family were initiated; but by the time Master left South America, Dr. Garcia and the other two children had also asked for and received Naam, making a total of six out of a family of six. The family very graciously accommodated the Master and His party, and the home was available for private interviews; and a Catholic school two blocks away opened their auditorium for the Master's use in the mornings, and meditations were held there. Evening talks were held at a theater in downtown Bogota, which was obtained due to the efforts of both of the local group leaders.
    Before leaving Bogota, Master graciously gave Naam to 112 dear ones. Then He left for Cali, Colombia, on Dec. 24.


    Eighty-six initiates flew from Bogota to Cali with the Master, filling the entire plane except for about 10 seats. The Master and His party were greeted at the airport by another huge enthusiastic crowd, who could not contain themselves in their ecstatic joy to be at last in the presence of the Blessed One. The Master was taken to the Tetecuy Hotel, where He was to stay; and the local Satsangis had, in their thoughtfulness, provided cars for all the initiates who were accompanying Him.
On the way to the hotel, the caravan was forced to stop due to a car accident on the side of the road. It developed that the car belonged to a dear initiated lady, who, with her children, had been hurrying to see the Master when the car overturned, throwing her and her children out of the car. Although the car was totally destroyed, the dear ones received only a few cuts and bruises; and all the mother wanted was the Master's blessing. So the family was picked up in various cars of the caravan, and the mother was taken directly to the Master, who received her in His room and consoled her. She said that she knew all the time there would be no real injury, because the Master was protecting her.
    The talks in Cali were given twice a day, at noon and in the evening, at the Consejo Municipal Building. It was a
difficult time to make arrangements, due to the Christmas season and also the Sugar Festival, a Colombian holiday, which were taking place at this time; nevertheless, thanks to the hard work and devotion of the local Representatives and leaders, excellent arrangements were made, and the dear ones derived great benefit.
    A meeting of the Colombian group leaders was held in Master's room, at which He stated that in the future, the workers in South America should work hard in Master's Cause, because thousands of people in South America would be coming up. At this meeting also, the Master announced the appointment of Dr. German Duque of Popayan as Co-Representative in Colombia, to work with the present Representative, Señor J. Ricardo Nunez.
    On Christmas Day, Master gave a beautiful Christmas talk, which was much appreciated by all.
    On Dec. 26, the Master gave Naam to 126 grateful dear ones at Cali.
    On Dec. 27, at 8 a.m., Master gave His farewell message to the Colombians and the whole Western world  at the Consejo Municipal Building; then He went to the airport and flew to Caracas, Venezuela, His last stop in the Western Hemisphere.


    There are no initiates in Caracas; this was a stop for rest and to change planes. However, about a dozen dear ones accompanied Master here, and three dear souls from the island of Grenada in the West Indies—two initiates and one seeker desiring initiation—seized the opportunity to have His darshan at last. Master was here only a short time; but during that time He gave Initiation to the seeker from Grenada (who thus became the last of the 2,146 persons initiated in the Western Hemisphere) and gave a special meditation sitting to those dear ones who had accompanied Him so far that must surely rank as one of their most memorable experiences ever. Also while here, Master placed a long distance telephone call to California to say a last goodbye to dear Reno and Ann Sirrine, who had had to leave Him in Mexico City, after accompanying Him throughout.
    On the evening of Dec. 28, after saying goodbye to all the dear ones with him, including Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Khanna, who had accompanied Him since the beginning in Washington, and Dr. German Duque, who had accompanied him throughout all of Latin America beginning in Miami, He and His party of three [B. S. Gyani, S. R. Bhalla, and Harcharan Singh] left the Western Hemisphere and flew non-stop to Rome, en route to Delhi.


    The stop in Rome was originally conceived as a rest stop for the Master, to break up His long flight home. But He, knowing the longing hearts of His sheep waiting to be picked up, gave directions otherwise, and consequently two public talks (both to packed halls) were given, and 41 persons were initiated into the secrets of Naam. Satsangis traveled from all over Europe—Germany, France, Austria, England, Greece, Malta, and Northern Italy—just to have a final few hours with Him.
The Master's final arrival back in Delhi was delayed about 16 hours; but the thousands and thousands of dear ones at Sawan Ashram waited patiently until, at long last, He arrived home, at 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 2. The Master's third world tour was over.

(This completes the published report of the 1972 World Tour.)

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