The Light of Kirpal

That Music Goes On Until The World Is Ended
March 15, 1971

When you say we should contact the Sound Principle--does that mean
Bhajan especially or in general Naam, either Light or Sound.

    Sound is more attractive, you see; that is the Music of the Spheres. The Sound engages your attention quicker. Light is also attractive but Sound is more attractive. The outer music attracts you but inner music is more effective. Engage your attention in sweet remembrance mentally,
not verbally, because you can do fully only one thing at a time. When you sweetly remember somebody, nobody else can come in. So sweet remembrance means loving remembrance. Loving remembrance does not allow anyone else to enter into that area, does it? You have to divert your attention, that's all. So attention is attracted more by music. The outer music leads you to the very verge of matter, gives you some concentration but does not take you beyond matter, physical matter. Inner Music starts when you rise above physical matter, that's the difference. That inner music is always going on but we are not in tune with it, because we're choosing to have the life of senses. Unless we rise above senses, that music is not audible. It is going on all 24 hours of the day and night, never ceasing, and will continue on until world is ended.

When you say the world is ended, does that mean reference to each individual or shall the world come to an end actually?

    The world will end only when God withdraws. There are only two phases of God-into-Expression Power. By His Will, when He was One and wished to be Many there was vibration. Vibration resulted in two things: Light and Sound. So when that God-into-Expression-Power is withdrawn the world will end. That music goes on until the end of the world. It's just like the rolling of a paper and then unrolling--opening it and spreading it out. When the paper is rolled up the world is ended. Then it unrolls and the world is there. It is all His will.

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