It's Nature and Technique



With folded hands I pray: hear, O Ocean of Mercy!
Grant me the gifts of compassion, humility, knowledge and happiness,
  in the company of the saints.
Kabir with thoughts fixed on Thy lotus feet prays,
0 Guru! tell me about the True Path of the saints.

What should I ask of Thee? for I feel greatly ashamed,
I commit sins of which Thou art a veritable witness: how then can ! please Thee?
While I have all the faults in me, Thou art all goodness,
If I may forget Thee, I pray that Thou mayest not forget.

0 Lord! May I never forget Thee even in the midst of millions,
You can have many like me, but for me there is none beside Thee,
If I were to forget Thee, where should I get shelter?
I cannot give my heart to others--Siva, Virancha orNarda.

With all my faults, do not get angry with me, the Master doth forgive
  the lapses of his servant;
Forgetful Kabir is all tainted vile,
But the Master has a loving heart.

I am steeped in sins, sins without number,
It is for Thee to forgive me or to kill me,
Forgive, forgive and again forgive, O Forgiver Divine,
An ever erring child I am, but I depend on the Father's Grace.
Thou art the abode of infinite virtues with no vice whatever,
But when I search my own self, I find myself full of all ills.
There is not a single virtue in me, listen O Master Divine !
It is through the Power of Thy Word that I am honored everywhere.
I am all false, while the Lord is Sterling Truth,
Full of sins as I am, O save me if Thou wilt.

Born with a thistle in my flesh, full of all evils I am,
Thou art the great Donor and Savior, O save me right.
O save me right for I am caught in a great whirlpool,
And shall be carried away by the strong current if Thou dost not take hold of me.

For other sinners Thou art a well of refreshing waters,
  but I am an ocean of sins,
I only depend on the Word of the Master, hear O Merciful One,
I know not what love is, nor have I any other virtue,
I wonder, how will I have the love of my Beloved?
If I meet the Master, I shall cry out my anguish,
With my head on His feet, I shall speak out my mind.
Permeating all, Thou art immanent in every form,
If I have to leave Thee off, who else will ferry me across?

The ocean of life is too deep to be measured and sketched,
With thy mercy, O merciful One, I may get a footing.
Full of all evil, I have nothing to boast of and am hard of heart,
But Perfect as my Master is, He can land me ashore.
O my Perfect Master! take a firm hold of me,
And lead me to the goal with no break on the way.
Grant me the gift of devotion, O my Munificent One!
I wish for naught, save a ceaseless service unto Thee.
Master! Thou art generous and merciful,
I am drowning in mid-stream, take me over to the shore.

How can the love between Thee and me sever!
As the leaf of the lotus abides in the water, so dost Thou in Thy servant;
As the night-bird chakor gazes at the moon all the night o'er,
So do I my Lord, thy servant;
From the beginning of time until the ending of time,
  there is love between Thee and me,
How can such love be extinguished?
Kabir therefore says: As the river plunges into the ocean,
  so doth my heart in Thee.

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