It's Nature and Technique



Long and dreary has been the struggle of the mind but all in vain,
All potent art Thou and can do aught, then why this delay?
Wandering up and down in the wheel of life, I have never had a success,
O Munificent Lord, have mercy, free the spirit and concentrate it all,
The arch enemy of the mind is but a waste, O sow in it the seeds of love,
Enamored of false delights, it knows not true happiness,
Hankering after the pleasures of the world, it has never tasted
  the sweetness of the Word,
What should I do? How should I try to set it right?
For it does not take to the Word of the Master,
This mind is a curious medley and has no interest in the Shabd:
How can it save itself from the vicious cycle of births and deaths,
When it does not practice the Word given by the Master?
It shall keep tossing in the world and remain in the clutches of Yama
  (the God of Death).
Forgetful of the Word of the Master, it shall suffer terribly,
O Master! immanent in every heart, why dost Thou not lead me out?
When there is none else whom I can call mine own,
O take me to the Heaven above,
Have mercy on me now, and take me to Thy Heavenly House as Thou may.

Entangled in evil thoughts, I am an utter stranger in a strange land,
Reform me this time and I shall lovingly think of Thee all the time.
I feel repentant and sad as I know not how to contact my Beloved,
He lives in the High Heavens while I am a creature of the earth
  and miserable without Him.
O Satguru! attend to my tale of woe and take me out of the domain of Death;
In sheer helplessness I cry unto Thee, O hear,
Thou, the Gracious and the Merciful to all but this unfortunate wretch.
How may I tell Thee of my pain? for I am lying on a bed of thorns,
Thou, O beloved! hast encouraged me to fly to the heavens with the wings of love,
Thy Grace has enabled me to meet my Beloved, and to escape from all toils
  and miseries.
O Master! just listen to my prayer, I bow unto Thee again and again:
Drive the evil out of me and grant me proximity to Thy lotus feet;
Ferry me safely ashore for my barque is in the midst of an eddying whirl,
None save Thee is my own, save me as Thine own, O Master !
With all my ills I am yet Thine, and Thou art Donor beyond all limitations.
I am in great pain, sorrow and affliction, rescue me at Thy pleasure,
I worship Thee with all mv heart and soul, and make a sacrifice of all unto Thee.
Now I have a powerful sheet anchor though I know not Thy worth,
Thou hast explained the mystery of the inner Sound Current
  but the devil of the mind listens to It not.
Wandering in the ups and downs of life, it runs after name and fame;
How may I turn its direction without Thy loving Grace, O Master?
O Lord of my spirit: listen to my prayer, pull the mind out from its rut.

I ask of the Master but one gift: make me recognize the mystic Word,
All my life have I wandered with the mind, O free me from
  the bondage of Karmas,
Let my Consciousness recede within and hear the ceaseless Sound,
  and the mind grow still.
Thus can I escape from all ills and reach the eternal place
  of Sat Shabd (the true mystic Word).
Grant unto me the intoxication of the Word so that I may remain absorbed in It.
Then harm and dishonor shall not affect me, for I shall always
  be lost in Thy sweet memory.
Let me not be swept off by the time stream, but grant
  the sheet anchor of the Word.
My mind has now grown humble, O Master! let it lose itself in Thy lotus feet.

O Master! take me to Thy abode:
I am a useless fellow, always entangled in doubts and delusions,
O Thou the Merciful! take me to Thy Abode,
I have no count of the sins I have commited, and my mind does not catch the Word,
What should I do? My strength fails me and my mind finds no rest.
O Satguru! take pity on me, for I remain miserable all the time,
Neither the consciousness recedes within nor the mind gets stilled,
  and I cannot appreciate the greatness of the Word.
I have taken to the Path of the Masters, a High Road to Spirituality,
Why then O Master dost Thou take no hold of me?
This noble Path of the Masters shall suffer a great set-back
  if I succeed not in my endeavors.
I cry from my egoistic reason, and do not resign myself to Thy Will,
I beg of Thee again and again, O give me the gift of Thy Word.
O Master, Word personified as Thou art, I come to Thee for relief.

How can I liberate myself from the wiles of the mind?
This is the problem of my soul.
It has cast a deadly spell of worldly pleasures, and I am thus separated
  from my Real Home,
Enmeshed in the ten senses, I find myself in a vicious circle,
Having been expelled from the tenth portal, I am wandering
  through the nine gates.
Caught in the web of worldly pleasure, I find no Way out of the bondage,
Besides the Master I see nobody capable enough to lead me
  out of the wilderness,
I am all afraid of Yama (the Lord of Death), who else can free me of this fear?
I have degraded myself to the life of beasts as I have never loved the Master,
As a branch fallen off the tree, I am cast away from the Real Home,
I beg the Master to get my mind to love His lotus feet.
Purify my heart with Thy Satsang; for there it will separate itself
  from the body and contact the Mystic Sound,
And then will it drink Amrit (nectar) from the fount of immortality,
And then will pains and miseries disappear and the soul will have no fear.
Then will I contact the Sound principle (Word or Shabd ) and gain the love
  of my Swami (Lord),
O Lord! make me thine own: I have come, for I seek shelter at Thy feet. 6
                                                                                                 SWAMI SHIV DAYAL SINGH

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